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Optomo and dentistry which is better and what is their aggregate cut of mark in...

Optomo and dentistry which is better and what is their aggregate cut of mark in uniben?

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Answers (2)

3 weeks ago
If you are asking because you have difficulty deciding which vocation to enter; then I’d suggest NOT doing either, at least, not till you’ve had some life experience and seen more of the what the world can offer.
Whilst both options are in healthcare, there is a HUGE difference between the two - both in the area of focus, and the scope within the field itself. Dentistry can take you from the simple cleans and checks, all the way to quite major surgery of the jaws and lower face - and by major, think, skin peeled off the face and gloves covered in blood major.
Optometry is, well, a bit limited but clean; and there is a lot of satisfaction, especially in Third World countries in identifying, treating and managing eyesight issues in children. You’ll work with other health professionals - i.e. Nurses and doctors - in the delivery of care.
As a dentist, this was one of my days in the past week:
I suspect an optometrists day would be - eye check, eye check, eye check, administered eye drops, diagnosed problem with child's eyes and prescribed treatment, organized eyeglasses for a number of patients, eye check, eye check, reviewed patients on managed care, etc.
But to me dentistry is better than Optometry.

Last year uniben departmental cut-off mark for Optometry was 59 while that of dentistry was 68.
  • Jolly: thanks a lot..but is there any possibility for dentist to do at most 2 year program to switch into any other breach of medicine ..like normal surgeon
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 weeks ago
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