A sample of Essay on microscope?

A sample of Essay on microscope?

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this is a sample

The word microscope comes from two Greek words, micro meaning small and scope meaning to see. Microscope are instruments used to enhance our vision to see things that are to small to see with the naked eye. The first
forms of microscopes were lenses used by an English scientist named Roger Bacon who wrote about using them to magnify things.

The first actual microscope was made and used by a Dutch naturalist named Anton van Leeuwenhoek that magnified about 200 times. In about 1674
he said that he had seen little animals.

This invention of the microscope was also
the invention of microbiology. The microscope has
come a long way since Bacon and Leeuwenhoek. There are many different types of microscopes the ones Bacon and Leewunwenhoek had
were light microscopes that use lenses and
light to see whatever they are trying to see.
The first compound light microscope was
made by Hans and Zacharias Janssen in 1590 this microscope had two separate lenses, but it was not very powerful. Since then many people have made improvements on the microscope,
even our old friend from integrated science H the
astronomer Johannes Kepler had a few
thoughts on a better design. The light microscope is mainly used in the fields of biology and medicine.
Also since then new ideas for different microscopes have come along. In 1932 the phase-contrast microscope was
invented by Frits Zernike to help biologist examine living material without having to stain which sometimes killed the material. In the 1800s the first polarizing microscopes were developed to study crystals. Another microscope that is very
useful, not that the others arent, is the
stereomicroscope that show things in three dimensions. These microscopes are used to study things like fleas that are too small for the eye but too large for medical microscopes.
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