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who is the antagonist of sweet sixteen?

who is the antagonist of sweet sixteen?

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Answers (4)

1 week ago
The antagonist is a person or group of persons who are in direct conflict with the main character (Protagonist) in a story, The protagonist usually undergoes some significant internal change in a story, but not always. However, because the protagonist has been in conflict with the antagonist, his or her character grows.
So, from this, the Antagonists in this novel are Rebecca, the biology teacher and Bunmi..
In page 40, Rebecca had spoken against Aliya's religion which annoyed her.
In pg 46, The biology teacher had body shamed Aliya because of her size
In pg 46 too, we'll see how Bunmi, the senior girl in ss3 always mocked Aliya's size...
So, from these, we'll see tgat Aliya is the protagonist, and Rebecca, the biology teacher and Bunmi are the antagonists.
Okonkwo precious
1 week ago
1 week ago
  • Smart: Iduma, study the question ccarefully before you answer.
    It says antagonist and not protagonist.
    Na so person take dey fail exam
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