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Does FUTA uses waec result or not and if they use how are they calculating...

Does FUTA uses waec result or not and if they use how are they calculating it?

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Answers (2)

2 months ago
they calculate your aggregate based in your jamb and postutme performance.
Here is how to calculate your FUTA POST-UTME aggregate score
From your JAMB-UTME SCORE, divide your score by 4 and your POST-UTME score which is a total of 25 questions multiply by 4 to convert it to 100%. The aggregate score will be the addition of the two divided by 2.
If you get 320/400 in JAMB (like one of my friends did), 320/4=80%
and get 14/25 in FUTA's POST-UTME, 14*4 = 56%
The aggregate is the addition of the two which is in percentage divided by 2; (40 + 56 ) / 2 = 68%
This aggregate score is pretty good but might not earn you admission in courses like electrical
2 months ago
No. futa calculates their aggregate with just jamb and post utme score.
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