do alvan ikoku college of education offer mass communication?

do alvan ikoku college of education offer mass communication?

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Answers (2)

1 year ago
They don't offer such course.
The List of Courses Offered in Alvan Ikoku College of Education includes
Agricultural Education
Biology / Chemistry
Biology Education
Business Education
Chemistry / Physics
Christian Religious Studies / Social Studies
Christian Religious Studies / Yoruba
Christian Religious Studies/ Geography
Christian Religious Studies/ Hausa
Christian Religious Studies/ Political Science
Computer Education
Computer Education / Chemistry
Computer Education / Economics
Computer Education / Geography
Computer Education / Physics
Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
Computer Science Education / Mathematics
Economics / Geography
Economics / History
Economics / Political Science
Economics / Social Studies
Education , Igbo and Linguistics
Education and Accountancy
Education and Chemistry
Education and Economics
Education and English Language
Education and French
Education and Geography
Education and History
Education and Integrated Science
Education and Mathematics
Education and Music
Education and Physics
Education and Political Science
Education and Religious Studies
Education and Social Studies
Education Fine and Applied Arts
English (Double Major)
English / Hausa
English / Igbo
Fine & Applied Art / Yoruba
French / Hausa
French / Yoruba
Geography / Fine Art
Geography / History
Geography / Integrated Science
Geography / Mathematics
Geography / Physics
Geography / Social Studies
Guidance and Counselling
Hausa / Igbo
Hausa / Music
Hausa / Social Studies
Health Education
History / Political Science
History / Social Studies
Home Economics (Double Major)
Home Economics Education
Igbo / Music
Igbo / Yoruba
Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
Islamic Studies / Christian Religious Knowledge
Mathematics / Physics
Music / Yoruba
Physical and Health Education
Physical Education and Recreation
Political Science / Social Studies
Primary Education
Social Studies / Yoruba
1 year ago
No. Alvan ikoku college of education does not offer mass comm not even their degree programme.
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