Explain pokuwa's mother role in woman in her prime?

Explain pokuwa's mother role in woman in her prime?

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Answers (4)

6 years ago
pokuwaa's mother help her in may way it also lead to the development of the plot, she helps her collecting medicine from the tano gods, she also help her to do some domestic work like fetching wat, etc, also she also help to console her that she will have child. the major role of pokuwaa mother is to let her daughter to have offspring in life.
6 years ago
Pokuwa's mum z a replica of a gud mum wu wants d gud of ha daughter.she nags n insists dt ha daughter gvs ha a grandchild.she z superstitious nd she z encouragin as she always encourage pokuwaa to sacrifice to Tano evry Fofie.she is nt patient nd ha impatience led ha 2 forcin pokuwaa to divorcin ha 2 husbands b4 marryin d 3rd Kwadwo fordwuo wu has a family sumwer else.she wud v forced pokuwa 2 divorce him bt bcos of ha luv 4 im.She wants children by al means wic maks ha continue sacrificin even afta pokuwa has sever ties wit sacrifice.she is very happy wen she learnt abt d pregnancy nd ascribes the glory 2 Tano bt was rebuked by Pokuwa dt d pregnancy z a gift of God Almighty
6 years ago
pokuwa mum played a crucial role...she actd like a middle man betwen pokuwa and d gods...she was desprately in need of a grandchild and xo pasuaded pokuwa to perform some ritualz and also made her divource her first two husbands
6 years ago
she is a kind mother though she is d one that make pokuwa to divoice her first two hunsbands
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