The five prayer of a muslim?

The five prayer of a muslim?

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1 month ago
Prayer is one of Islam's Five Pillars, the guiding tenets that all observant Muslims must follow:

Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca, Islam's most holy site, that all Muslims must make at least once in their lifetime.
Sawm: Ritual fasting observed during Ramadan.
Shahadah: Reciting the Islamic profession of faith, called the Kalimah ("There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger").
Salat: Daily prayers, properly observed.
Zakat: Giving to charity and aiding the poor.
Muslims demonstrate their faithfulness by actively honoring the Five Pillars of Islam in their everyday lives. Daily prayer is the most visible means of doing so.

How Do Muslims Pray?
As with other faiths, Muslims must observe specific rituals as part of their daily prayers. Before praying, Muslims must be clear of mind and of body. Islamic teaching requires Muslims to engage in ritualistic washing (wudu) of the hands, feet, arms, and legs, called Wudhu, before praying. Worshippers must also be dressed modestly in clean clothing.
Once the Wudhu has been completed, it's time to find a place to pray. Many Muslims pray at mosques, where they can share their faith with others. But any quiet place, even a corner of an office or home, can be used for prayer. The only stipulation is that the prayers must be said while facing in the direction of Mecca, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
1 month ago
Five daily prayers
Fajr (dawn)
Dhuhr (midday)
Asr (afternoon)
Maghrib (sunset)
Isha (night)
Salah, ritual Islamic prayer , prescribed five times daily: Fajr
– the dawn prayer. ... Maghrib – the sunset prayer . It is
three Rakat Salah.
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