You are dissatisfied with some practices in your school. Write a letter to your friend...

You are dissatisfied with some practices in your school. Write a letter to your friend in another school discussing at least three practices and the improvement you desire?

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Answers (2)

Babs Fatunwa Senior Secondary
P.O Box 226,
27th May, 2018.
Dear Kingsley,

I read your last letter with a great delight. It is
indeed delightful to know that schools do share some similarities which may be positive ones or negative as it is in our case. In my own school too, there are some practices which have made my
school to be notorious and which I would want to express my disapproval about. Just as you were
disgusted about such practices in your school, I want to express dissatisfaction with some similar practices in my school.
The first nauseating practice is incessant
fighting bordering on thuggery among students. It is a common practice even within my school compound to see two students fighting each other
and other students would gather around them
hailing and thus causing mayhem. In most cases, the fighters are inseparable and they would fight until one draws blood on the other. This intolerable habit at times is taken too far when the students in my school engage some unscrupulous ones from a nearby sister school. The in-house
fighting practice is thereby exhibited outside in what has become thuggery for which my school has now become known. My school does not organise inter-house sport competitions because similar ones ended in violent thuggery.
Bullying as a practice common among students
in my school has also become so prevalent that it
has become a source of worry for peace-loving
students like me. There is no day passing without
one or two cases of bullying being reported to the
school authorities. Junior students and those who have diminutive stature are at the great risk of
being bullied and harassed within the school
premises. They are extorted and forced to part
with their money and belongings. In some cases,
such extortions border on robbing the younger
ones. Within the school premises, the junior students have become an endangered species as
they are picked up for bullying by the senior
students who are supposed to protect them.
Similar to this, gambling, as a practice, is common
among the students. This cuts across all the classes
in the school as there are playrs in junior classes as well as in the senior classes.
Another worrisome practice in my school is the
lackadaisical attitude of teachers to their duties. All
the practices I told you about earlier on are the
results of the poor attitude of our teachers. They
are negligent of their duties as many of them turn
their faces from students' misbehaviours instead of correcting them. Their attitude to their main job of
coming to teach in the class is not different. They sit
down in their staffrooms during their lesson
periods waiting for students to come and call them. There is an urgent need for improvement
because the school cannot make progress until
there is a change. Kingsley, I am not happy that my
school is notorious for all these objectionable
practices of fighting, thuggery, gambling and
unproductive attitude of teachers. I seriously desire an improvement with which the school can
move forward. How are you and your studies? I hope you are
trying to cope with all the challenges that are
coming your way. I trust you. Don't ever try join in
those practices you discussed in your last letter
but be one of t the agents of change and
improvement as I am trying to be here. I know that we are going to succeed in the end. Yours sincerely, Christopher.
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