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how to seperat oil andwater?

how to seperat oil andwater?

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Answers (2)

2 days ago
How will you separate oil and water from their mixture?Oil, being lighter thanwater, will float on it. Two distinct layers are formed and slowlyoilis allowed to flow into another container and is separated from water. Separating funnel can also be used to separate the two.
2 days ago
Oil and water are two different type of liquid. We can not mix water and oil with each other. These liquids are immiscible in nature. So, They can be separated by distillation mainly.

Distillation is a widely used method for separating oil from water To separate a mixture of liquids, the liquid can be heated to force components, which have different boiling points, into the gas phase. The gas is then condensed back into liquid form and collected. Repeating the process on the collected liquid to improve the purity of the product is called double distillation. Although the term is most commonly applied to liquids, the reverse process can be used to separate gases by liquefying components using changes in temperature and/or pressure. Distillation is used for many commercial processes, such as production of gasoline, distilled water, alcohol, kerosene, and many other liquids.
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