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basicity of an acid?

basicity of an acid?

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Answers (2)

Dolly P
2 days ago
Basicity of an acid is the number of replaceable hydrogen ions (H+) present in the molecule of an acid.

Acids can be;
-Monobasic(i.e. with only one replaceable H+) e.g HNO3, HCl, etc

-Dibasic (i.e. with two replaceable H+) e.g H2SO4, etc.

-Tribasic (i.e with three replaceable H+) e.g H3PO4, etc.
Basicity of an acid : The basicity of an acid is the number of replaceable hydrogen atoms
present in a molecule of the acid. ... The acids containing two or three replaceable hydrogen
atoms in their molecules are called dibasic acids or tribasic acids and their basicities are 2 or 3.
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