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write out ten pioneer of health education in Nigeria and state what they have contributed...

write out ten pioneer of health education in Nigeria and state what they have contributed in developing health education?

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Answers (2)

1 month ago
1. James Harding Ekperingin: He is the father of physical education in Nigeria.

2. Isaac Akioye: He took over from Harding and expanded the study of Physical education.

3. Professor Dr. Emiola Lasun: He carried out a research in the history and administration of sports and physical education in Nigeria. It must be noted that he made an article on foundation of physical and health education research in the federal republic of Nigeria.

4. Professor (Mrs.) Philomena Bolaji Ikulayo: She is someone who moves all around physical education and sports generally. She made a research of the fundamentals of recreation.

5.Professor M.O Ajisafe: He was a professor of curriculum and instructions in physical education. He made important contributions in terms of curriculum for undergraduate programme in so many universities & colleges. In July 1974 he was the secretary to the group that was called by the federal government to formulate the physical education syllabus of the university primary education (U.P.E).

6. Missionaries: We can say that the first pioneers of physical education were the missionaries. They established educational institutions which included physical education. The arrival of missionaries brought some sports games to the country.

7. Federal Government: In 1956, the Federal Government introduced the first indigenous sports program for schools. The Ministry of Education has made many reviews to this program since then.
8. University: The University of Nigeria, in 1960, developed a new level of physical education. The university education was actively accompanied by physical education of a new model and level.
9. Private Schools: The emergence of private schools increased the number of options for physical education. These schools provided their own training programs with different levels.

10. General Globalization: This phenomenon also made great contributions to the development of physical education in Nigeria. Today you can find a large number of sports tips and exercises for health online.
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