Highlight the death of jesus christ?

Highlight the death of jesus christ?

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4 months ago
Matthew 26:57-67 - In the Jewish trials , Jewish leaders sought grounds to kill Jesus, but could not find valid proof even with the help of many false witnesses. Finally they convicted Him of blasphemy because He claimed to be the Christ. But it was easy to prove that He claimed to be the Christ. The question was: Was the claim true or false? The Jews never even considered that. They just ignored all the evidence that he was the Christ and convicted Him of making a blasphemous claim!
Matthew 27:3-5 - Judas admitted He had betrayed an innocent person, and hanged himself.
Luke 23:1-11 - Jesus was taken before the Roman governor Pilate , where the Jews accused Jesus of teaching people not to pay tribute to Caesar, despite the fact that they knew He had really taught just the opposite (Matt. 22:15-21).
Luke 23:8-11 - Pilate sent Jesus to Herod , who mocked Him and sent Him back to Pilate. Pilate (vv 13-16) then told the people that neither he nor Herod found any fault in Jesus worthy of death.
Matthew 27:15-26 - Pilate repeatedly stated that Jesus was innocent and tried to release Him, but the Jews refused. Pilate's wife sent him a message saying she knew Jesus was innocent. But the Jews said they and their children would bear responsibility for His death, so Pilate called for Jesus to be crucified.
Matthew 27:27-54 - Read Matthew's account of the actual crucifixion.
John 18:31-34 adds that Jesus' side was pierced with a spear to guarantee He was dead.
So no one ever proved Jesus was guilty of any wrongdoing. His betrayer, two of His judges (Pilate and Herod), and even a wife of one of the judges all declared Him to be innocent. Yet He was crucified as a criminal.
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