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in short summarize 1samuel chapter 2 verse 12 to 36?

in short summarize 1samuel chapter 2 verse 12 to 36?

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Answers (1)

In 1 Samuel
Chapter 2, Samuel’s mother, Hannah, praises the Lord for
allowing her to have Samuel and dedicate him to the temple. She
warns the people to not be arrogant for God weighs their actions.
He can make the rich poor and the poor rich. She says that He
can also bring up a lowly man and cast down a man who is too
full of himself. God will also destroy His enemies and exalt those
who believe in Him.
Eli Cares for
Samuel has been
given into the care
of Eli, a priest, and
the child serves
the Lord, even
though Eli’s own
sons do not. When
there is a sacrifice that Eli has to preside over, Samuel
accompanies him as a servant. While the flesh of the sacrificed
animal is burning, it is Samuel’s job to take a fork and pull out
some of the meat to give to the priest to eat. This is done with the
sacrifices of all the Israelites.
Rules for Sacrifice
The priest’s servant also tells the men who bring sacrifices to
donate flesh to the priest to roast. The priest will only accept raw
meat and not meat that has been boiled. If the person making
the sacrifice tells the servant to burn up the fat first and then
take whatever he wanted, the servant would insist that the meat
be given right then or it would be taken forcefully.
Samuel as a Child
Samuel continues to serve the Lord as a child. He sees his
parents at least once a year when they bring the yearly sacrifice to
Shiloh and every year his mother brings him a new coat. Eli the
priest blesses both Hannah and her husband, Elkanah, and thanks
them for letting Samuel serve at the temple. He prays that they
have another child to replace him. Indeed, Hannah and Elkanah
have five more children.
Samuel continues to serve at the temple and Eli grows old. He
knows that his sons are fornicating outside of the temple and
rebukes them. But Samuel continues to find favor with God and as
well as men.
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