Which are the merit of pre-degree programme over nd programme?

Which are the merit of pre-degree programme over nd programme?

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8 months ago
Pre-degree program is a one year academic
calendar program organized by tertiary
institutions for the purpose of selecting
successful students into year one degree
program. The requirements are lower to that
of those seeking direct degree admission and
it is another door for admission for those
who couldn't get direct admission either due
to SSCE or Jamb palaver.
Some schools conduct light screening
before admitting students into the program
while others do not but only rely on the
SSCE result.
After critical evaluation, below are the pros
and cons of pre-degree program.
(1) It creates admission opportunity for those
who couldn't meet up with the requirements
of degree admission. The hurdles of getting
the required credits in senior school certificate
examination,and and getting the cut off of
Jamb and post-Ume has denied most
students admission, thereby truncating their
life's dream. But some have taken solace in
Pre-degree admission.
(2) It prepares the students for the degree
Yes! during this period the student adapts
fully to the school environment, understands
the secret to success in the institution, and
build good relationship with lecturers and
co-students. Also most of the courses taught
during this program are repeated during the
year one session, which gives them an
advantage over the newly admitted year one
mhz vee
8 months ago
To advert jamb palava pre-degree is more suitable than a national diploma program
8 months ago
pre-degree is good o but it depends if you will get the admission
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