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advantage of Islamic education in Nigeria?

advantage of Islamic education in Nigeria?

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Answers (3)

5 months ago
The advantages include the exposure of
our children to different cultures and
value-systems, communication with
people of diverse beliefs and
inclinations, relatively high standards of
education, availability of educational
facilities and fairly well opportunities to
enhance and develop creativity.
5 months ago
The objectives of Islamic education for a individual and society are as follows: The basic aim of Islamic education is to enable a Muslim to have basic information that how to pray, fast, etc and what are the basic information in order to live an honorable life.
2 months ago
Firstly, the religion curriculum begins with a discussion about cleanliness in body, dress and spirit. We teach students that as a Muslim they should observe and practice cleanliness not only in their appearance but also in their words and deeds. Through this window we teach them the requirements of religious cleanliness for prayer and otherwise. The objective is to clarify, relate and emphasize the principle of cleanliness and the value of spiritual purity in their progressive and comprehensive meanings as an ultimate goal in the Islamic lifestyle.

Secondly, the emphasis has been on the importance of having thoughtful and respectful characters. The ultimate goal in any Islamic school should be building up Muslim characters: respective and respected boys and girls who care for their inner beliefs and outer conducts. A respectful personality is unlikely to surrender to the humiliation of disgrace or to the temptation of a sin.

Thirdly, assistance should be provided for students to increase their awareness and vigilance with respect to the society they live in. In particular, higher-grade students should be guided to observe, think, compare, interact and criticize their environment. We want to equip them with an Islamic vision so that they would realize that they belong to the Islamic Ummah and Islamic civilization. They should be raised knowing that their parents and teachers await fulfillment of certain expectations by them. Such a vision, would secure them from the dangers on their ways ahead.

To strive toward materializing these core values in their deep and multi-layer meanings is the key in constructing a fruitful and effective Islamic school.

Instead of stressing a rigid face of Islamic laws and rituals, the method adopted here underscores the appealing message of Islamic moral code and ethical conduct. We see this as the main entrance to understanding Islam. Through numerous stories, movies, essays, homework and classroom discussions, students are urged and encouraged to put their faith in action. Indeed, one of the major themes in this curriculum, especially for the higher graders, is to increase their awareness towards the Islamic environment of their school and beyond. Many issues such as cleanliness at school, criteria for a healthy and Islamic friendship, how to correct each other’s mistakes, etc. are discussed and pointed out. A number of these subjects could constitute topics for students’ projects and extra-curricular activities.

A model Islamic school should be characterized by a cordial environment in which students would learn how to care about their Islamic manners and behavior. Muslims from different countries of origin have many things in common. Our children should understand and respect each other. They should care more about commonalities among Muslims than their differences. This attitude should find a vivid reflection in close and cordial relationship amongst students and teachers. Let us work hard to further strengthen in our students this sense of unity. Let us make s
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