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please what is on his blindness poem by John Milton all about?

please what is on his blindness poem by John Milton all about?

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Answers (2)

mizta smart
3 months ago
Stanza 1
The poet starts the poem with
‘When’ thus he introduces his idea
in the very beginning. According to
him, he often thinks that half of his
life or sight or intelligence has been
spent in serving humanity, but now
he has lost his eyesight and so his
other half-life is dark now and wide
i.e. challenging as well.
The one talent (of writing) which
he had, is useless now because
without eyesight he cannot write.
Thus it is just a load from the God
that has been bestowed on him.
The poet laments over the loss of
his eyesight and wonders what this
talent means for him now as
without eyesight he cannot use it.
Stanza 2
In these lines, the lament of poets
turns into desire and wonder. He
says that he desired to serve his
Maker but because of this blindness
he cannot do so. He wonders if God
still wants to serve Him in spite of
the fact that his sight is gone. The
poet says that this f**lish thought
often haunts him.
Stanza 3
In these lines, the poet says that
when such f**lish thoughts come
into his mind, the patience at once
comes to reply that the work of
man does not please God, but the
‘who best bear his mild yoke’ i.e.the
one who remains patient and
content with what he has is most
liked by Him.
God has a huge Kingdom and there
are thousands of angels who
remain in motion to carry God’s
order. They never take rest. The
poet compares them with those
who have the talent and use it to
serve God.
On the other hand, there are some
other angels also who serve Him
just by standing and waiting before
God. According to him, their service
is equally valuable to God as that of
the first category of angels.
The poet compares himself with
the later Angels who just keep
patience. Thus, in the end, the poet
is quite satisfied as he is also
serving God just by keeping
3 months ago
"On His Blindness" refers to the struggles John Milton had after he lost his sight. The speaker of the poem feels he's lost his purpose, that he cannot work as well for God anymore, and he asks God for guidance as to what he should do. At the end of the poem, he gets the response he's been looking for, that God is happiest when people are obedient and do as best as they can.

Detail explanation.
In "On His Blindness," Milton writes of his experience of blindness. He asks if God wants him to keep working, in spite of the fact that his job caused him to lose his sight. A personified Patience tells him that God rewards even those who stand and wait to be of service.

Milton went blind working for the English Republic. His service to the government often required that he stay up late reading and writing. This caused him to lose his sight.

The poem takes the form of a Petrarchan sonnet. Petrarchan sonnets traditionally focus on love and romance, but Milton subverts this in order to explore his relationship with God.

Milton fears that his blindness will prevent him from doing God's work. Patience tells him that even his idleness is useful to God if he continues to have faith.
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