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Ehen so why did they off my system, i still got 12mins more....?

Ehen so why did they off my system, i still got 12mins more....?

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Answers (4)

1 week ago
First of all are you sure your time was correct and well check? if yes,
then maybe there was a problem in the system you use, but i still doubt that maybe your time was already off and you did not know.
1 week ago
See ehn.. They did same in my center.. Generally, not as if its only about you...
They do that sometimes, especially when they know they are running out of time... and they want the next set to come in..
it may not be 12mins to them, it may be 5 mins or 2mins to them sef, so they feel like they should do that for otgers to come in, and its not like your work won't be submitted.. Depends on when you started after they said START... Like in my own, my time was remaining two mins, some people's own were remaining about 10mins when they put it off, and asked us to go for the other set to come in ...
  • Olamilekan: It was not only me Oo,others still had like 20mins
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  • Oluoma: Hmmm.. Maybe your system developed a problem..that should be the reason, they couldn't have been the ones who put it off..
    Buh the most important thing is that it submitted..
    Were you done or almost done?
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