Paul n Silas were sent on a mission by the A. Apostles B. Holy spirit...

Paul n Silas were sent on a mission by the
A. Apostles
B. Holy spirit
C. The church
D. Jerusalem Council?

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Answers (1)

4 months ago
Answer-B.holy spirit

Paul and Silas could praise God because they were filled with faith and with the Holy Spirit (Acts 11:24 ).
“Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see.” ( Hebrews 11:1 ) Paul and Silas were SURE that God had not forgotten them. They were CERTAIN that God would not allow anything that was not BEST for them.
And they were filled with the Holy Spirit. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is joy (Galatians 5:22 ). Please notice that I did not say “happiness.” Joy is different than happiness. Happiness comes when things are good around you - like when you get a birthday present, or you hit a home run. Joy comes when things are right on the inside - it is the inner gladness and peace you have because you believe in Jesus. Joy doesn’t change when our circumstances change. Joy is deep down inside of us. Out of their joy, given by the Holy Spirit, Paul and Silas praised the Lord.
Application: We should praise God in good times and in bad (James 5:13 ). Praising God is proclaiming His greatness. His greatness never changes - even when our circumstances do. When you are in a difficult situation and you don’t feel like praising God, that is the PERFECT time to do it! As we are about to see,
our praise invites God’s power into our lives (Psalm 50:23, 2 Chronicles 20 ).
Teacher Note: Psalm 22:3 says that God comes to stay where His people praise Him. “Yet You are enthroned as the Holy One; You are the praise of Israel.”
Say: Notice that it was while the two men were singing praises, that the ground started to move. God shook the earth on behalf of those He wanted to save! Rock walls tumbled and metal scraped against metal. Chains fell to the ground, and heavy doors swung open. Paul and Silas could have easily run into the darkness of the night and escape. Here’s how we know that these two men were listening to the Holy Spirit: they did not run away. The Holy Spirit let them know that God did not cause this amazing earthquake to set them free - God sent the earthquake to set the jailer free! Paul and Silas had been chained up physically, but the jailer was chained up spiritually .
The jailer was trapped by his own sin. Paul says that the people who don’t know about Jesus, or don’t believe in Jesus, are slaves to sin. Teacher: Call up an ADULT volunteer. Wrap the chain around his wrist, and around your own wrist, holding the ends so he can’t get loose. It’s like they are
chained to sin. Wherever their sinful nature wants to take them, they must go. Tug on the chain to lead your volunteer a few steps in each direction. They are not able to resist sin’s temptation. But when the person puts his trust in Jesus, the chain that kept him linked to sin is broken! Drop the chain. He no longer has to sin. And even better than NOT being chained to sin, that person is now linked to Jesus. He abides in Jesus. Now he goes where Jesus leads. Jesus is the perfect guide; He is the Way.
That night, Paul and Silas had the amazing privilege of explaining to the jail keeper how to be saved from his sin. The jail keeper and his entire family trusted Jesus, and they were set free from the chains of sin. Amazingly, God turned the entire situation around for good! Paul and Silas were blessed to be a part of God’s plan.
Application: How do you react to hard times, or unfair treatment? Do those around you hear you complain like everybody else? Or do they hear you pray and praise God?
Even though Paul and Silas were treated most unfairly, because of the joy of the Holy Spirit inside them, they praised God instead. Paul and Silas weren’t singing in church, they were singing in the darkest place. As a result, the other people in that dark place heard their praise; they heard the truth about the mighty, living God. Later, Paul wrote:
Anyone can complain. Only those who are filled with the Holy Spirit can give God thanks and praise when times are difficult. When you do this, in the darkest places, you will shine like a bright star in the darkest night. Others will see you and be drawn to the One you praise. Don’t forget, your praise invites God’s earth-quaking power into every situation!
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