the stability of Nobel gases is due to what?

the stability of Nobel gases is due to what?

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Answers (2)

1 year ago
nobel gases are stable bcause of their complete octet state i.e. the have a complete shell and do not need to combine or join other elements to reach their octet state.
1 year ago
because they have duplet or octet electron configuration.
The Noble Gas elements are stable and unreactive (inert) because the outer valence shells are complete with eight electrons, s 2p6
Neon - Ne 1s 2 2s 22p 6
Argon - Ar 1s 2 2s 22p 63s 23p 6
Krypton - Kr [Ar]3d 104s 2 4p6
With the outer s and p orbitals filled and the rule of octet satisfied the Noble Gas elements do not seek to gain or lose electrons through the process of bonding..
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