What is the account of Fofo?

What is the account of Fofo?

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Faceless is a satirical narrative that criticizes families
and a society who allows their young ones to be pulled
into the life of streetism.
The narrative revolves round the life of a fourteen year
old Fofo, who is forced to take into the street after the
failure of her parents to cater for her needs. Her sister,
Baby T is pushed into prostitution which leads to her
untimely death. Whereas Fofo is almost raped by
Poison, the street Lord at the beginning of the story.
After the mysterious death of her elder sister, Baby T,
Fofo demands for justice from the government.
Through stings of events, she comes across Kabria, a
mother of three and a member of MUTE. MUTE is a
non governmental. Organisation primarily invested in
documentation and information building. Kabria with
the rest of the members of MUTE and the presenter of
Harvest FM; Slyo Po embarks on investigative
journalism and research work to unveil the causes of
street life for children and more importantly, to unravel
the mystery surrounding the death of Baby T, a street
Faceless is set in modern day Accra Ghana and it aims
to enlighten its readers on the phenomenon of a street
child. They are denied basic rights, they are exploited
physically, mentally and s*xually. Many end up
becoming hardened criminals like Poison or petty ones
like Fofo and Ordaley. Worse still, some have
irreversible experiences like death as in the cases of
Baby .
The society also becomes a victim of the phenomenon
as young talents are wasted, criminalized and made
torturers of innocents - as it happens in the case of
Fofo trying to rob Kabria. Some of the parents and
guardians of these children are left to be plagued by
their guilt.
The novel opens our eyes to some of the courses of
streetism among young ones. One of which are;
parental irresponsibility - a prime example is Maa Tsuru.
She can be said to be the architects of her children
misfortunes. Other causes are poverty, faulty beliefs,
ignorance, absentee fathers and irresponsibility.
To pass her message across, Amma Darko uses
narrative techniques which has proven effective. One
of which is the third person omniscient point of view.
By separating herself from the characters, we are able
to be aware of the thoughts of different characters,
principal characters and past events; as well as their
diverse motivations.
For example, it is the narrator who tells of all that
happens to Maa Tsuru before the beginning of the
book, as well as inform us about some of the current
actions and reactions of characters like Maami Brini,
Kpakpo, Onko and so on.
This novels calls on its reader to be socially
responsible. This is the act of being sensitive and
responsive to the need of one's immediate society. It
involves voluntary service to the community as seen in
the activities of MUTE and Harvest FM in the story.
It calls on the government to do something (proffer
solutions) as more children are taken to the streets
It also call on families to emulate the family of Kabria
(Amma Darko shows us what a family should look like)
as it is intact and cohesive. The children are happy and
well care for.
Amma Darko's Faceless is a voice to the voiceless.
Every one has a role to play in the society.
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