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Consider Aloho as a foil to Ogeyi.?

Consider Aloho as a foil to Ogeyi.?

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Answers (1)

1 year ago
she is the friend that accommodates Aloho in Jabu.

· she is a Christian lady and always act wisely.

· She is protective. This is illustrated in how she would not want anything evil to happen to Aloho, even when she is proving adamant to her advice. Let’s consider this:
“…she has been going from one hospital to the other for abortion and I don’t want her to die … (she begins to sob)

· She is a brave character. This is shown in her confession at the police station to ACP Yakubu and Inaku. Also she refuses to go anywhere in order to testify against Chief Haladu Ade-amaka and his cohorts in court.

· She a careful and well behaved character. This is illustrated in the fact that she has been in Jabu before Aloho and has seen what ladies in Jabu do for connection and money but refuses to conform to this wayward living. She is the direct contrast of Aloho.

· She is also economical, not extravagant. This is shown in how she wisely manages her income and little resources.

· She is a friend indeed. This is shown in how she stands by Aloho even in her plight. See what Aloho has to say about her:

“…(she holds her hands) you have been so wonderful to me and I shall pray for you. Just keep being what you have been… a good girl and God will bless you. I will always pray for you…I was seeking shelter, you gave me a house; hungry, you fed me; anxious, you calm my fear; imprisoned, you visited me.”
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