Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6 - Prizes Worth N300,000 To Be Won!

Week 1 Winners: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6

We are pleased to announce the winners of Week 1 of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6. The winners were selected by the Myschool CBT Ranking System based on the number of CBT exams they completed, the scores obtained and the time spent on each CBT exam. 

We can confirm that all the winners of week 1, who appeared as the first 30 on the Myschool CBT Ranking, followed the rules of the game, and will, therefore, be rewarded according to the prizes stated on the competition instructions page. To see the list of week 1 winners, visit this link:

Week 1 Winners: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6

Remember that in each week of the competition, 30 winners will be selected. The top ten winners (1st - 10th) will be rewarded with cash prizes. 11th - 20th winners will receive free Activation Codes for either Myschool CBT Android App or Myschool CBT Computer Software (Which you can sell to anyone if you wish) + N1,000 Free MTN Airtime, courtesy while
21st - 30th winners will get  N1,000 Free MTN Airtime, courtesy

Week 2 has Begun

Week 2 of the competition is already on. If you haven't joined the competition yet, you can still do so now. Click here to read full details of the competition and how you can be part of it.

Prize Collection

Instructions to Cash Prize Winners

The cash prize winners (1st -10th) will be contacted by "Myschool Paul", via Private Messages (PM) on their Myschool Account Dashboard. Please respond as quickly as you can, so we can credit all winners with their cash before Friday. Make sure you check your PMs and follow the instructions given.

Instructions to Activation Code + Airtime Winners

Those that won free Activation codes for the Myschool CBT Mobile App or Myschool CBT Software are to send a Private Message to "Myschool Paul" and indicate their choice for either the Mobile app activation code or the Computer Software activation code. They will then get a response with activation code to be used to activate their chosen device. As for their airtime, they can follow the instructions for airtime winners below;

Instructions to Airtime Winners

The airtime for all winners is sponsored by On their website, you can buy airtime online from, and get 10% discount on MTN airtime for data, calls & bonus bundles. This means you can save up to N2000 daily, buying MTN airtime from them. All airtime winners are to proceed with the following steps;

  1. Visit AirtimePay Website at this link;
  2. Click on Packages, and select to "Buy Now", the N1,000 MTN airtime. Only MTN lines will be credited at this time.
  3. Select the network (MTN), and enter the MTN line to be credited, and click "Next".
  4. On the next page, enter Your Full Name as a combination of both your "Myschool Username" "Myschool". For example, assuming the username of an airtime winner on is "Eben", the full name to enter should be "Eben Myschool"
  5. Enter your email address, which should also match the email address used on your myschool profile.
  6. Then select "Bank Payment", and click "Buy Now". You will be provided bank information to make payment. Just ignore it, and send a PM to "Myschool", alerting us that your airtime request has been made on Airtime pay.
  7. Your provided line will be credited within an hour of checking your details.

Please note that only MTN numbers can be credited via airtimepay, so ensure you provide a valid number.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Thank You, Myschool

Week 1 was fun
It isn't easy competing with Mbrain

The guy's 🔥
suleiman abdullah
3 days ago
What's the difference between an affiliated and an independent institution?
3 days ago
payment received. thank you myschool
3 days ago
if you won an activation code, chat me up on telegram, if you want to sell it.
2 days ago
@myschool, can recharge card be exchanged for activation pin?
2 days ago
Please @myschool in the first week I had problems submitting my work when I finished the exams, I couldn't see my scores even when the alloted time was over. I don't if it's how the exam is or I have issues with my app.
  • Myschool: Thanks for writing in. Anytime you intend to end the exam, you can also click on "Quit" at the bottom of the questions....
    Like 0    Dislike 0   2 days ago

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