Want an Oh My God (OMG) Success in the UTME?

Want an Oh My God (OMG) Success in the UTME?

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." – Colin Powell

Success is the result of Preparation, Hard work and Learning from failure:

The effect of preparation shows that success is not an accident! Successful people succeed because they prepared!

Hard work is essential for success, but it takes smart hard work to get an OMG success!

Anyone who does not learn from failure is not likely to succeed. However, learning from failure requires effective feedback!

Imagine treating a patient for malaria instead of typhoid because the general test that showed that the patient had a high temperature! You need a level two test that identifies the fever as typhoid!

An average score in the UTME will never get an admission into special courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering etc. Yes, it may get a general admission but you need an "OMG success" to get the special admission; and this is how to get it!

Step 1:
Register an account.
Go to www.jamb2uni.com and register an account for Diagnostic Assessment. Click on Diagnostic Assessment and click on Register, provide the requested information and submit. You will need to provide your email address as username and choose a memorable password.

Step 2:
After registering, you will need to go to your email address to confirm the creation of account

Step 3:
Log into Diagnostic Assessment; login with your username and password.

Step 4:
Take the Test and submit.

The result will be sent to you by email.

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8 months ago
Louis Armstrong
8 months ago
You guys are the best...
Nikki law
8 months ago
Wawu wawu wawu wawu.my school ur d best
8 months ago
Is the test free?
8 months ago
dis site is shit not possible to regster
8 months ago
8 months ago
I've been trying since but it wasn't registering why nah?????
Nikki law
8 months ago
I also tried registering buh kept on saying internal error
8 months ago
Good one from #myschool
8 months ago
Myschool I couldn't register

It keeps saying errors
peter samson
8 months ago
the site is not creating new account for me..
beauty Gift
8 months ago
D site keep saying error. am tired oo
Dr druggist
8 months ago
I av problem on creating my password
8 months ago
Same here...

tried all possible ways even the plan b of registering with my fb account error after clicking on the subject I wanna treat

the site needs adjustment...(my own view)

So Erroneous!
8 months ago
I've tried but couldn't create an account

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