WAEC Throws Light On Exam Remarking, Withheld And Outstanding Result

WAEC Throws Light On Exam Remarking, Withheld And Outstanding Result

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has provided steps candidates who are not satisfied with the outcome of their result can apply for their answer scripts to be remarked.

WAEC made this known while responding to questions on twitter.

According to WAEC the process to get your script remarked is to first notify the school where you took the examination.

The school will then forward an application on your behalf to the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

This application must be received 60 days after the release of the results and will attract a fee.

The council further gave clarification as to what "Outstanding Result" and With Held Results" means.

"Outstanding Result" simply means pending result. This means that there may be errors from the affected candidate either during registration or the examination that are being corrected. The results that fall in this category have a high chance of being released.

"Withheld or held Results" on the other hand signifies that the affected candidate violated the rules & regulations guiding the conduct of the examination.

The fate of the results that fall in this category will be decided during the National Executive Council meeting that will be held in November this year. However, such results may or may not be released.

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Tolulope Special
4 months ago
First in history of waec,God is in charge
4 months ago
Guys i just paid for my Direct Entry Pin and i got it instantly, also paid for my Original result printing. DE is 5500, Result print is 1000. So easy and straight forward
Jay Rae
4 months ago
4 months ago
funny cause last year, results were held and waec claimed to release em Nov but some held result were released weeks after
4 months ago
4 months ago
Pls my school. My younger sister's subjects were all held.

I would like more light to be thrown on the possibility of its release. Thanks
Ugwu Odinakachukwu
4 months ago
Dis buffon still using ald scam method of upgrading nonsense. In he living alone in the hole of abyss? Upgrade ur scam profile idiot!!!
4 months ago
Hi guys

Please my result is saying their is no result for this candidate in this specified year

Please what can I do?
4 months ago
Waec didn't release this year's results for all borno state public schools, but I don't know WHY????

please commend on it.
4 months ago
Ondo states public school like hasn't been released !
4 months ago
in my school skme have seen their own result but many are withheld. why?
4 months ago
waec held most kf our results plz what can cause it or did kwara government own wae money
Michael saleh
4 months ago
If someone have D7 in physics should be allow to study medical laboratory science in state university of Kaduna....
4 months ago
Hi!plsl have anybody printed OOU Examination pass?
Abo Daniel
4 months ago
@ umar Bukar same issue here, I took mine at salvation sec school in Maiduguri and all papers held

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