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Students Tied to Cross And Whipped For Lateness to School

The barbaric act of tying students to the "cross" is gradually creeping in as a norm. In Ogun state, some students were reportedly tied to the cross and flogged with horsewhip for lateness to school.

According to report, three teachers including the headteacher caught in the act were arrested by a police officer who stumbled across the incident.

Students Tied to Cross And Whipped For Lateness to School

Abimbola Oyeyemi, Ogun State police spokesman promised to follow up the case.

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Comments (5)

7 months ago
its good that they were caught. such act is in-human. these type of barbaric act shouldn't exist @all
7 months ago
The Name of the school is Metorite Secondary school... The way the management of the school act is so babaric. it is located along Mopol junction via Ayetoro Road Ogun state. I saw the act while heading out, got my view in the bus i was... I think the federal government should locate this school and shun this act or else it is going toi be a dungeon for students who came to learn. Please push this message forward
7 months ago
this is unfair
Yunus Abideen
7 months ago
that's school is trash

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