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Share Your Strategy To Beat 2019 JAMB UTME

All is now set for the commencement of the JAMB 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination as from April 11th, 2019. We expect by now all candidates must have prepared adequately for the exam and have come up with good strategies which will help them excel in the exam.

Apart from studying your books, practicing the JAMB CBT Software and/or the JAMB Mobile App, you equally need to come up with strategies that will help you score high in JAMB.

Share Your Strategy To Beat 2019 JAMB UTME

For example you need to know how best to manage your time so you can complete answering all four subjects before your time elapses.

This is a thread for you to share your strategy and let us know how you intend to conquer the 2019 UTME.

Other candidates may pick one or two beneficial ideas from your strategy and If your strategy is weak or not good enough, others would equally point it out and probably proffer a better one. This is to ensure all of you emerge with testimonies by the time the results are out .

- Are you doing anything special for the exam? 
- Is there a pattern that others can learn ? 
- Is there a technique you have learnt that can help in better answering JAMB questions? 
- Are there tips you want to share with other candidates?

Please share with us. All the best!

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Comments (68)

3 months ago
"This may help our children aspiring for higher education"

*4 Subjects in 120 Minutes ( 30 Minutes per Subject )*

*180 questions in 7200 seconds ( 40 seconds per question )*

1. Endeavor to attempt all the questions & still have AT LEAST 20 MINUTES left to crosscheck all the choices you have made if you are really planning for a TOP SCORE this year !

2. Even if you know the correct answers to all thet questions, you will still not be able to finish if you are not very Swift with your time

3. The CBT System expects you to spend *ATMOST* *40 seconds on a question.*

4. If you spend anything above 40 seconds on a question, you encroach into the time meant for another question. *Trouble begins*

5. The implication is that any extra second you spend on a question, your overall *time/question ratio* decreases. Meaning that you are having lesser time to solve each of the remaining questions as against your original plan.

6. If time is seriously against you, you might end up picking options randomly without having the time to read & solve the questions- *this is not good for any upcoming Champion !*


_You spend 30 Minutes in each of your 4 UTME Subjects, you finish exactly in 120 Minutes( 2 hours )_


_1. You spend just 15 Minutes on your Best subject ( you gain 15 Minutes )_

_2. You spend just 18 Minutes on your second Best Subject ( you gain 12 Minutes )_

_3. You spend 20 Minutes on your Toughest Subject ( You gain 10 Minutes )_

_4. You Spend 27 Minutes on Use Of English, taking time to read the CLOZE & Comprehension passages & the Oral questions ( you gain 3 Minutes )_

5. *You Spend 20 Minutes going back to solve & answer all the questions you weren't sure of the options you chose*

*Total Time Spent: 100 Minutes*

*Total Time left of 120 Minutes = 20 Minutes*

*You Spend the remaining 20 Minutes cross checking all your works !* . This is Very Important !

Since the 2019 UTME connects you to your SUPER FUTURE, I implore you to give it ALL your Best & emerge a Champion !. YES, YOU CAN !. 4 DAYS TO GO !

You have Worked very hard for days, Weeks, Months, often studying for several hours in a day & denying yourself some necessary comforts. IT'S YOUR TIME TO SUCCEED !

REFUSE to be held back by any Past Whatsoever !

REFUSE to be looked down on by anyone whosoever


You are Brilliant & Beautiful !

You will be celebrated !

You will rejoice in the end.
This is my strategy on how to pass this year UTME.
3 months ago
Thank you very much Sir. God Bless u sir.
3 months ago
While praying add this to your points "Lord give me the ability to see and pick the correct options among the odds"
Daniel Bayero
3 months ago
Among the four subject make sure you answer english last. first answer your best subject. And during the english make sure you answer the part of LEXIS STRUCTURE AND ORAL FORMS before answering the comprehension. This is to help you save time.
  • Berrie: Yur plans are good and perfect 4 u alone mahn i love it bt am different,we ar different,so the way u understand questions may not be same 4 me and every1 else i will implore us all to choose a strategy that suit each and everyone of us personalities. (VARIATION play here guys)
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  • johnzoic55: am depressed.... my girlfriend told me she need money for her jamb hair
    Like 3    Dislike 2   3 months ago
  • Dr.Kenson: for me, I will start with English,
    because, while answering it, it will burst my morale to deal with Biology, and I will carry that high spirit to deal with Physics and Chemistry.
    Like 3    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Berrie: Main gee @dr kenson
    Like 2    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Eseoghene: @johnzoic55 give her na if that one will make her pass the exam. Lol
    Like 3    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Qwin Faith: how much is it @johnzoic55
    Like 2    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • johnzoic55: @Qwin faith #5,000....I have never heard of it before dat girlfriends are also collecting money for jamb hair
    Like 3    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Qwin Faith: well there is always afirst time 4 every thing but bros if get d moni give am and if u no get well just pray 4 her 2 pass . dat is all i can do 2 help u
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  • jamiu: just stop beating around the bush, english was to be done last as i agree
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3 months ago
I'll just say "start from ur best sub" it will boost ur confidence level even in ur poorest sub and do not panick while answering..anyway ,Thats bull-poo without God help
  • Eseoghene: @Berrie. Is this your Ist jamb exam?
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Berrie: @Eseoghene bt we can discuss in private if u wish
    Like 1    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Eseoghene: @Berrie. You cant say it ?? Is it a thing to be ashamed of
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • ayomide: to me not a thing of a shame atleast dis my third jamb no be say i no pass o i pass but was not giving admission at unilag and unilorin so i add to go to polythenic thank god am an ND HOLDER of masscommunication With upper credit so it aint a shame at all. I still took jamb again to study english language having faith dat
    UNILAG OR LASU WILL answer my prayer dis time around.
    Like 3    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • mustapha: Wow!!
    What a gr8 hope@ ayomide
    And may your prayer be answered in jesus nsme
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3 months ago
Start with the subject you're good at....Succees
3 months ago
Please must the reprint have the jamb symbol in the background or it is fine for it to be plain white
  • Asuzu: out of my 4 subjects

    I'll go for English first, Economics second, Geography and Mathematics the last one. I'll probably have up to 1 hour for the last subject which is Mathematics and in real sense requires more time and concentration. with the 10 or 15mins I can crosscheck other subjects.
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  • Asuzu: @Adesua its OK tho.. but make sure the barcode is visible enough for scanning
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3 months ago
Generally, of course, we're all writing English; 50 questions and the comprehension which requires concentration and time. I'll advice y'all to go with English first. And another thing don't try to skip any question, no matter what, even if you don't know the rightful answer just mark and keep going then later you can come back to crosscheck.
Good luck!
3 months ago
Thank you sir for this strategy
3 months ago
Having studied the the past questions from 1978 till 2018, for my four subjects, I hope am ready ,coupled with my other study ~strategies.
and also combining myschool app and pass ng.
for instance, in pass ng alone,there are about hundred questions pertaining sweet sixteen while in myschool there about 75 questions about the novel.
having encountered such and many more thought provoking questions, I hope am ready by the grace of God.
it shall end in testimony.

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