September Admission 2019/2020 into Accra Institute of Techonology, Ghana - Undergraduate Programs 4

Questions Set on 15th April JAMB UTME

Here is a thread for candidates who participated in the exam today April 15th, 2019 to share some of the questions they came across during the examination. Please note that the purpose is to create a forum for deliberations and finding solutions to the questions since they can now be termed JAMB past questions.

If you can remember any questions you wish to share, maybe because you would like to find out the correct answer to the question and put your mind at rest, please share here.

Questions Set on 15th April JAMB UTME

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If you are having doubts about a particular question and it's correct answer or if you just want to help better prepare others who are yet to write (Remember, the questions won't be repeated, according to JAMB), please feel free to share it here also.

This thread is specifically to share actual questions that came out today15th April. Don't go around posting list of several past questions you copied somewhere on the internet or the so called JAMB expo flying around social media.

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Please make sure the questions you post are credible and actually from today’s JAMB exam. Do not forget that the purpose for this is for Myschoolers to collectively learn.

If you can remember only 3 or 4 questions, that's enough. We appreciate.

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Comments (35)

3 months ago
So grateful to God for today's experience. The Exam was a bomb. English, Crs, and Lit was easy going Government was a bit Complicated. Am expecting the best. Sweet Sixteen (10) question. Tokunbo's full name, Mr Bello football club, was quite easy. Country known for loving fat women. Ans Mauritania.
1. When was Councilor portfolio created.
2. Nigeria had how many states in 1996
3.Organ that has a binding decision in UNO
How Old was FoFo? 14 years.
Streetism was displayed by? Ans. Odarley.
Crs. What do people say I am? Which came first?
Elijah, John the Baptist or the prophets.
Jesus behavior towards the law of Moses - Confrontational or Complimentary.
English. Stress on con-vo-CA-tion, ma-TRI-cu-la-tion.
  • Oyimiso: I thank God for a successful exam today...
    Physics wasn't that hard as I thought it would be. The questions were mainly from wave and capacitance, and I saw few past questions too
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  • IDONIJE: myschool should do something about Mr PAUL..

    As fast as possible. this isnt accept in a trusted site like myschool
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  • IDONIJE: myschool should do something about Mr PAUL..

    As fast as possible. this isnt accepted in a trusted site like myschool
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3 months ago
any economics account and mathematics candidate here please help with questions you did
  • Nathanhenny: Nobody offers account i dont know why o.. I'm writing accounts tomorrow by 7am
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  • Babatunde99: I did account on Saturday and it was okay... ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
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  • Babatunde99: Just make sure u read ur questions well... And try to learn about stock valuation using simple average method.... Be careful with the graphs u see in economics they may use same graph to ask two different questions that look alike.. All the best...
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  • Olijo: On Acct read Joint venture partnership Bank reconciliation statement Non profit making organization control account.... that's base on what I saw today
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  • Smart: Like seriously, accounts students are very few.....
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  • Dammie: Economis....mximum nd minimum prices....price discrimintion...
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  • Olabisi108: Mine z accounting concept n convention, trading profit & loss acct n accounting ratio
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3 months ago
I will take my time to help does in need of likely questions to expect.I wrote mine today.English govt econs maths I wrote some questions down immediately after the exam.if u care I just need two people to hala at me.I have like 22questions
  • Grace: Hello
    Pls can u send econs and maths
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  • Fonto: please send govt and econs
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  • joenathinoo: OK econs.*localization of industries is the?(get the answer yourself) *best means of central tendencies (?)*how do govt balance budget deficit(?)*main reason for population census(?)*main features of money(medium of exchange) I think*there was a diagram they ask us to identify it(it was an histogram diagram)
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  • joenathinoo: Maths addition of number base.something like 1k0112=193base ten.find k.x is directly proportional to square root of y and inversely as square of z........,inequalities also something like 1/3x +4
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  • joenathinoo: More if you care.aliyah question were little little thing we never pay attention to in the novel
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  • Owiggy Jnr: Pls thus is my number 08130229285 let talk on whatsapp
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3 months ago
I did my exams today. The exams was a blast
sweet sixteen
wat was aliya's post in school
who owns 3000 pairs of shoes
wat Mr Bello call Aliya
kpc means
3 months ago
Questions on sweet sixteen. 1. what's d meaning of K.p.c? 2. what's is d name aliya's father normally called her? 3.what did aliya want to donate for school? what's d name of lady that have plenty shoes?. where did bobo and his parents travel to? who give aliya a love letter.
  • Gideon2019: literature student go and read. literary appreciation, drama, poetry, prose. novel. othello, faceless, harvest of corruption, lonely days and native son.
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3 months ago
I know it's late and I don't know when you'll see this but I really need all the questions.. all 22 of them and if you can remember the topics they came out from ..please tell me.. thank you
3 months ago
I thank God for the Exam15th Candidate.

My Center was the Best Center, everything went soo Smooth, no delay nor System Misfailure, the center was Adequately Set.

Inbox me for Enough Question 07030508753

The Exam was Hot but God is Bigger than that.

Believe me,the English was sooo Simple.. HONESTLY. Just Read and Study the soo called Sweet Sixteen verywell,if you do that you will surely Smile.

Wish myself GoodLuck and wish you all Too.
3 months ago
Just make sure u read and digest what u read, d question is different
scholar 101
3 months ago
who owns three thousand shoes in sweet sixteen? it's urgent!!!!!!!!!!
scholar 101
3 months ago
what position was aliyah?
3 months ago
Hello Everyone. Someone Text me on WhatsApp,telling me he checked my Jamb Result. I asked him how he got my Number and told me that,he working in Jamb,he said he saw my Jamb Result but the Funniest part was that,he knows my Jamb Reg Number,he told me where I did my Jamb yesterday and told me my Sub Combos,thats what suprise me most about the man but can it be Possible. Please I need comments.

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