Let us solve all your calculations and show you the steps for easy understanding

Let us solve all your calculations and show you the steps for easy understanding

A platform that solves and simplifies all calculations and provides a step by step guide on how the calculation was solved right up till the final answer.

For many students across all levels, solving calculations is always a nightmare. They struggle to grasp mathematical concepts in class and still get stuck easily when attempting to solve problems on their own. It even gets more serious for engineering or science students whose courses involve rigorous calculations. To worsen the case, there are very limited places these students could turn to for help.

The desire to solve these challenges led Idoko Nicholas Chinazom, a 21 year old first-class graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, to build “The Nickzom Empire” as a one-stop platform for solving calculations. It employs a watered-down approach and explains every step involved in solving calculations across several subjects and disciplines.

The Nickzom Empire (https://www.nickzom.org) consists of four different platforms which are:

- Nickzom Calculator
- Nickzom Society
- Nickzom Freelance
- Nickzom Developer

Nickzom Calculator (https://www.nickzom.org/calculator) is a web, mobile and desktop platform that solves calculation problems and display the steps
of the solution right to the final answer.

Now imagine you have a calculation to solve and you do not know how to go about it or you have read your textbook and seen how the problem was solved but you cannot seem to solve any of the problem. It is because of situations like this that Nickzom Calculator is here. All you need to do is to go to our website or download our desktop or mobile app, click on the
title of the topic, navigate to the page where you can input your parameters, enter your parameters and hit enter. Nickzom Calculator would immediately display the steps on how the problem was solved till the final answer with appropriate explanations at each point.

Nickzom Calculator covers calculation problems ranging from Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Switches (Conversions).

The Mathematics section can solve over 28 topics major calculation problems. For Example: surd, statistics, compound and simple interest, permutation and combination, longitude and latitude, binomial series, algebraic identities, sine, cosine and tangent rule, linear, quadratic, simultaneous and polynomial equations, indices, logarithm, factorial, arithmetic and geometric progression, complex numbers, matrices,
mensuration, partial fraction, pre-algebra, prime numbers, Pythagoras theorem, vectors and so much more.

The Physics section can solve over 20 major topics calculation problems. For Example: elasticity, electric field, electrolysis, electromagnetic field, energy quantization, equilibrium, gas laws, gravitational field, heat energy, machines, magnetic field, motion, pressure, projectile, radioactivity, simple A.C. circuit, vector resultant, waves, wave-particle behavior, work, energy and power.

The Engineering section can solve over 10 major topics calculation problems. For Example: basic electrical, basic electronics, calculus, economics, Laplace transform, linear algebra, linear programming, mechanics, microwave analysis and ordinary differential equation.

The Switches (Conversion) section can solve conversion techniques in 3 major areas such as base conversions, coordinate conversions and temperature unit conversions.

If you have any problem that you want Nickzom Calculator to solve for you that is not already in our platform. Please contact us or fill the form by
clicking on the “Let us help you solve that maths” banner.

Nickzom Society (https://www.nickzom.org/society) platform allows secondary and tertiary students to post and answer assignments. It also has an instant messaging feature that enables users to communicate amongst each other.

Nickzom Freelance (https://www.nickzom.org/freelance) platform provides a feature for one to order for a web, mobile or desktop application to be developed for him or her at a reasonable price.

Nickzom Developer (https://www.nickzom.org/developer) platform is a web application primarily for developers who can write HTML and JavaScript program to develop an app that can solve calculation problems not available in Nickzom Calculator and get paid.

The Nickzom Empire is free and available to use by any and every one all around the globe.

Where Can I Download The Mobile Or Desktop App For Nickzom Calculator?
Visit https://www.nickzom.org/calculator/download.php

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A body of mass 50kg slides down freely on a frictionless plane which is inclined @ an angle of 30° to d horizontal.what force is pushing the body down the incline... A.542 B .200 C.245 D.50 E. 30

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