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JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

We expect the release of 2019 UTME results to begin any moment soon. If you want to know if the 2019 JAMB Result for your day or schedule has been released, this is the right thread to check. LATEST UPDATE: JAMB has released 1,792,719 Results, while withholding 34,120 Results over Exam Malpractice. The JAMB Registrar of also made also stated that 15,145 results were withheld for further clarification.

This thread will help us monitor the release status of various results for different days. Obviously, JAMB will not announce every time they release a batch of results, so this will be the best avenue to know when the results  have been released.

JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

Below are dates for each of the days and the status of the results;

11th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
12th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
13th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
15th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
16th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
17th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
18th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT


Results filtering in suggests that for candidates to successfully check their result, they can follow the steps below;

1. Get a phone with the number you used to register.

2. Open text message, and send an SMS with the word "RESULT" to 55019

3. You will get a response with your 2019 JAMB Results.


So please, feel free to let us know if your result has been released by JAMB, and WHAT DAY YOU WROTE.

All candidates are advised to check the comment section of this thread regularly to know when their results have been released.

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Comments (873)

1 month ago
I've text, but no. response
1 month ago
pls o what's d next step for those dat have seen their results there is no time..
1 month ago
This years performance is good. So far i have not seen any one < 200. Have you?
  • Martins: make I hear.. those with below 200 would hardly share their score nah, dats y u re not seeing any here..
    bt in my area those dat score below 200 plenty like water..
    or have u not heard in d news dat about 70℅ of d released result were below 200...
    Like 1    Dislike 0   1 month ago
  • scholar 101: in my school only three got below 200 and everybody else passed
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 month ago
1 month ago
I checked mine yesterday,they said,result withheld.do i still have fate at all.am so desperate now
1 month ago
Hi.. I'm yet to see my result. Been checking since saturday. I use airtel and they are not even deducting any money. Is there a way to check online? I'm really worried.
1 month ago
juSt check mine now with mtn
257 lasu all the way public administration team
1 month ago
Please is there sonething wring with airtel network? We've been trying to check my sisters result since yesterday. No deduction. No reply. I checked mine with mtn. Scored 242.
1 month ago
Good evening.
As it is now, JAMB finally releases the 2018/2019 results and it is time to prepare for the POST-JAMB of your respective schools.
Personally, the results I've been seeing are not encouraging at all but I can't say outrightly that the delay in the release might have caused manipulations to the results.

Anyway, congrats to those who had 200 and above. If you're a University of Ibadan 2019/2020 aspirant, drop your whatsapp numbers for me to add you to a whatsapp group. If you can't post it here, send it to my dm.

Thank you. Have a blessed week ahead.
Chikamso kingsley
1 month ago
I got 265 and i applied for law. What is my chances guyz
1 month ago
pls who else got this message?
Afolabi Eniola
1 month ago
pls has anyone who wrote on d 16th seen his or her result
Abdulazeez habibu
1 month ago
It is obvious that jamb hasn't gave me my actual scores especially in biology and english! 234 is not my result! I knew what i wrote! 61 is not my biology. I expected 90+ in bio and 80+ instead of 68 english and 58 chemistry they gave me. This delayance they did was nothing but commotion. But still i thank GOD. Please any body with similar case?
1 month ago
1 month ago
I just checked mine I got 253 glory be to God
1 month ago
av trit sending d msg several times..no response yet

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