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JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

We expect the release of 2019 UTME results to begin any moment soon. If you want to know if the 2019 JAMB Result for your day or schedule has been released, this is the right thread to check. LATEST UPDATE: JAMB has released 1,792,719 Results, while withholding 34,120 Results over Exam Malpractice. The JAMB Registrar of also made also stated that 15,145 results were withheld for further clarification.

This thread will help us monitor the release status of various results for different days. Obviously, JAMB will not announce every time they release a batch of results, so this will be the best avenue to know when the results  have been released.

JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

Below are dates for each of the days and the status of the results;

11th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
12th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
13th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
15th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
16th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
17th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
18th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT


Results filtering in suggests that for candidates to successfully check their result, they can follow the steps below;

1. Get a phone with the number you used to register.

2. Open text message, and send an SMS with the word "RESULT" to 55019

3. You will get a response with your 2019 JAMB Results.


So please, feel free to let us know if your result has been released by JAMB, and WHAT DAY YOU WROTE.

All candidates are advised to check the comment section of this thread regularly to know when their results have been released.

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Comments (876)

2 months ago
we ask Allah in his Mercy to grant us this result with a golden look. bcos every our success, achievement is coming from him. Allah yasa muji alheri, muga alheri.πŸŽŠπŸŽ‡πŸŽ
2 months ago
None of jamb result has been released yet.
I've checked their portal a million times today and yet nothing.
I think we all have to keep waitiing with full expectation for tomorrow.
Samuel Oguru Ozuem
2 months ago
Hello everyone i wrone on the 13th April,2019 and my result is out my dad just checked and scored 348.
2 months ago
Jamb do quick oo We re tried of waiting oo
2 months ago
From last year experience, jamb released the results after the conclusion of the whole exams. I think it is gonna be the same way this year.
2 months ago
i believe we are all students and are supposed to apply logic to situations like this. the result will come after the conclusion of the exams. reason is you start seeing results online maybe a low score from one you think should probably score high, you get discouraged or you see a high score from someone you think you are better than, you become overconfident or you start seeing rumours or negative comments from those who didnt do well in the exams and you start feeling somehow. i am talking about those about to take their own exam. so you see why the result will be out after the exam is over?
2 months ago
Is it true that jamb results will come out on wednesday next week!?
2 months ago
I can't wait for dis damn results......I feel so tensed over here!!!
2 months ago
I can't wait to see my result coz am tensed already
Lan Ray
2 months ago
till friday or saturday. dats when the results will be out
2 months ago
Don't panic guys . Let relax God is in our side
1 month ago
Result for those that took their exam on 11 is out... comfirmed
1 month ago
I think this slow motion in releasing results this year might not be unconnected with the fact Jamb said that as many as 30% of all that took the exam used "machinery" and they are trying to fish them out. See here: https://myschool.ng/news/2019-utme-over-50-professional-exam-writers-arrested-jamb
Maybe after discovering and canceling such results, before they release any. this implies after all the exams are concluded I think.
1 month ago
The issue with this upgrading of results poo is that it has made many candidate to feel relax and don't read, thinking after they get their low results, they can pay nd upgrade it. Everything is just a scam. Don't fall into their hand
There is nothing like upgrading of result oh...
Gabriel Jemimah
1 month ago
What will happen to those who the sytem recognized their thumb print but couldnt find their names in the register?

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