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JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

We expect the release of 2019 UTME results to begin any moment soon. If you want to know if the 2019 JAMB Result for your day or schedule has been released, this is the right thread to check. LATEST UPDATE: JAMB has released 1,792,719 Results, while withholding 34,120 Results over Exam Malpractice. The JAMB Registrar of also made also stated that 15,145 results were withheld for further clarification.

This thread will help us monitor the release status of various results for different days. Obviously, JAMB will not announce every time they release a batch of results, so this will be the best avenue to know when the results  have been released.

JAMB Results for 2019 UTME - Monitoring Thread

Below are dates for each of the days and the status of the results;

11th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
12th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
13th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
15th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
16th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
17th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT
18th April Results - RESULTS ARE OUT


Results filtering in suggests that for candidates to successfully check their result, they can follow the steps below;

1. Get a phone with the number you used to register.

2. Open text message, and send an SMS with the word "RESULT" to 55019

3. You will get a response with your 2019 JAMB Results.


So please, feel free to let us know if your result has been released by JAMB, and WHAT DAY YOU WROTE.

All candidates are advised to check the comment section of this thread regularly to know when their results have been released.

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Comments (876)

2 months ago
Is d result out?
Diamond Ekpo
2 months ago
God will help us.....amen
2 months ago
Jamb should talk to us nah...if they don't want to release result they should tell us instead of keeping us on hold...they don turn aliya of kpc..keep parents clueless...their own na ksc..Keep Students Clueless...Nawa oo
2 months ago
They should report this centre BETHEL Baptist high school KUJAMA Kaduna state,their system is bad, no network,imaging their system shut down when we had lots of time to finish EXAMINATION and it submitted all candidates exam,we complained to invigilators but they paid us daft ears and said it's not their business while laughing, the candidates next to me did only two subjects and still did not finish,i did just 3 subjects. We wrote on the 12 April ... please if there's any way we can report this issue,please let's do.jamb refused to reply my mail
  • merry edith: If you can go back to the center tomorrow, collect everybody that have the same issue with you social media handle. Settle on a hastag and make enough noise on social media. Everywhere on social media. You can go to nairaland too and create a thread for students like you. Make noise. Jamb would sit up and answer you guys and hopefully there would be a supplementary exam and these faulty centers would be removed. Again, make noise. Attract attention
    Like 2    Dislike 0   2 months ago
2 months ago
Everything in nigeria doesn't work
To release result again its taking ages
I give up on this poohole country
2 months ago
i am tired o.
  • Werewolf: Let's wait for 2pm 4pm and 7pm...if it passes that time... Then there is a problem
    Like 0    Dislike 0   2 months ago
  • Joanna: No need to hurry about the result,keep calm and cool,God is our strenght,jamb is still correcting and crosschecking issues,allow them to take their time,its for our best.
    Like 2    Dislike 0   2 months ago
2 months ago
who else noticed the changes in the examination total numbers?
English Language - 60
Other subjects - 40 X 3
Total questions = 180

Who else noticed these?
2 months ago
Who knows how unizik calculates their aggregate. I need the breakdown please.
2 months ago
am yet to write on Thursday...seems like we r the set to write jamb these year.. . God please favour us and remove every obstacles on our way to success.... Amen
  • gudy: I feel goosebumps all over me nw......pls when is JAMB going to release our results na
    Like 0    Dislike 0   2 months ago
2 months ago
Hmm! Still waiting!!
2 months ago
Plz ooo can some1 ask jamb to release de result
Am tired of checking Jamb. Org.ng it just showing 2018 UTME
Pls na i cant eat nd drink well becuz of de result
God plz ooo help us all
2 months ago
if nigeria still conducted the elections jamb will post the results brethren
2 months ago
5:12 no results yet.......issok
2 months ago
all of u should calm down, pray, watch ,listen and be patient the result will surely be out in no distant time.
2 months ago
@ONYECHE In my opinion, i think hunger has many definition and dimension.The hunger never hold you wela, when it does, you go leave jamb result fire d food and drink squarely.

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