JAMB - Prohibited Items Candidates Should Avoid Taking to UTME

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has listed items which it said remained prohibited for the over 1.8 million candidates taking the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

The board has warned that candidates who breach the directive would be disallowed from taking the UTME. Candidates are hereby required to properly examine the list and take note of the prohibited items, in order to avoid complications during the UTME exercise. 

JAMB - Prohibited Items Candidates Should Avoid Taking to UTME

Below is the complete list of Prohibited Items listed by JAMB

  1. Watches
  2. Pen/Biro
  3. Mobile Phones or Similar Electronic Devices
  4. Spy Reading Glasses Which Should be Scrutinized
  5. Calculators or Similar Electronic Devices
  6. USB, CD, Hard Disk, and or Simllar Storage Devices
  7. Books and Any Reading/Writing Material
  8. Cameras
  9. Recorders
  10. Microphones
  11. Ear Pieces
  12. Ink/Pen Readers
  13. Smart Lenses
  14. Smart Rings/Jewellry
  15. Smart Buttons
  16. Bluetooth Devices
  17. Key Holders
  18. ATM Cards
  19. Erasers

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Comments (89)

1 year ago
So as a science student ,what will i use in solving b4 clicking the answers? like jamb dey madddd gan oh
1 year ago
will they now give us biro???
What of pencil
1 year ago
even pen 2...this z wickedness
In preparation i've started practicing my calculation with pencil and without calculator
1 year ago
so we are to go with our exam slip only
1 year ago
That's good no giraffe
1 year ago
what if i cant see without eye glass
1 year ago
Please when will Jamb Reprinting start?
K.C lingard
1 year ago
As a Science student if i want to find the Log of a number,Cos,Tan,Permutation,Cosine,Base of a number,e.t.c. What will i do because i know the calculator in the system does not have these special keys.I guess they want us to fail!!
  • Psycho: what they will give are standard angles, permutation is simply multiplication and division, logarithms to bases will be standard too
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
These guys are crazy... no pen/pencil? what about me that uses reading glass? habba we science students don hear am! how we go use calculate ni?
1 year ago
So all the items listed are prohibited abi, imagine even jewelry sef, am feeling helpful today, so I'll help JAMB to elaborate their list....
No plaiting of fancy hairstyles for girls
No wearing of makeup(even white powder)
No fancy haircut for boys
No wearing of expensive dresses and shoes (in fact, wear your school uniform with brown shoes and white socks)
No keeping of long nails, make sure you cut your nails very short
No wearing of face cap, head warmer, head tie or hijab, wear your school berets
All candidates that didn't adhere to these instructions will be disqualified for the exams,thank You
Lol...What exactly is a smart ring ๐Ÿ˜‚
1 year ago
U'l be giving a sheet and pencil to work with
1 year ago
Am I supposed to take only my exam slip and pencil to the centre or we will have to summit some other things

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Am I supposed to take only my exam slip and pencil to the centre or we will have to summit some other things