JAMB Candidates for 15th April - Get in here

This is a thread for JAMB UTME Candidates who will be taking the ongoing JAMB exam on Monday, 15th April, 2019. You can share and discuss relevant ideas that will help one another towards achieving success in this year's UTME.

We will be creating a "Live Updates" post for you early tomorrow morning so you can report any issues you experience while heading out for your exam or during the examination.

JAMB Candidates for 15th April - Get in here

Please make sure you are at your various exam centres, at least 30 mins before the time given on your slip.

Also ensure you take the necessary items to the examination hall like copies of your exam slip and a pencil incase you need one. Please also CLICK HERE to see a list of items you should not take to the exam hall..

After your exam, do not fail to come back to myschool.com.ng to share your experiences as we will be launching another thread for you guys to share your experiences.


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Comments (81)

1 year ago
Please if you're writing tomorrow and you are offering maths, physics, chemistry and English language.

Please don't waste time on maths and physics.
cos I did mine on Saturday and I spent most of the time on maths and physics, so I had little time left for English and chemistry but I did finish English but I didn't finish chemistry, I was on question 16 when the time elapsed.
1 year ago
am writing tomorrow by 7:00 pls u guys should pray for me am writing English, math,economics, commerce
1 year ago
Writing tomorrow at 9:00
I pray we all pass successfully
God be with us
1 year ago
Finally tomorow am writing by 9 am
Lord i pray those that have written and we that are about to write success and to gain admission in Jesus mighty name father help us and come and write the exam for us we have sufer alot but it will end this year by ur grace
1 year ago
please if you already wrote govt, lit in eng, crs jamb kindly drop your WhatsApp number let chat

If you are also writing tomorrow around 7am drop your WhatsApp number
1 year ago
Jamb has been sending messages to some people now, they are changing centers,and the exam date.
Who is writing at Vanila in Ayobo?
1 year ago
wish all of you that will be writing tomorrow lots of success... Go and conquer Jamb in Jesus name... We all will make it this year... No more re-writing of Jamb in Jesus name... Amen.
1 year ago
pls early set comment ur experience
Abby Micah
1 year ago
Physics students learn strokes law of viscosity...
1 year ago
are dy no 7 am set any more ?

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Those writing account should keep calm.Because it's just going to be a walkover for u. You might be asked the oldest form of business and it's sole proprietorship... For economics please when you are being given a graph study it well before answering the question. And don't be too fast when u re nexting your question because u may make a mistake.. Wish you all best of luck....