JAMB Adopts A New Policy That Eliminates Chances of Candidates Scoring Zero in UTME

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has disclosed that the policy of score standardisation has been adopted for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. According to JAMB with this policy, Candidates who register for the UTME cannot score zero, even if they are absent from the examination.

Similarly, candidates who did not attempt any question or who did not get any answer correctly were also captured under the policy and would be awarded a “common scale with uniform metric.”

JAMB Adopts A New Policy That Eliminates Chances of Candidates Scoring Zero in UTME

This means that all candidates, who are registered for a paper, will be awarded a score for that paper, and there would be no zero score.  Meanwhile, prospective UTME Candidates are advised to start preparations towards the exam using the JAMB CBT softwares and JAMB CBT apps

This new development was made known in a paper presented by JAMB's Registrar, Prof Is-haq Oloyede titled: ‘Social responsiveness in applying assessment technicality: The case of standardisation of a zero score in the UTME.’, and captured in the JAMB weekly bulletin.

The board said, “The adoption of the score standardisation is a technical procedure for transforming candidates’ raw scores in the different subjects taken by each candidate to a common scale with uniform metric or units, which is the globally accepted procedure.

“The general public hardly understands nor appreciates why scores should be transformed and this has been generating controversies and throwing up all sorts of unfounded arguments. It is to be noted that some poorly educated professionals consider the transformation of scores as an arbitrary allocation of unmerited scores.

“The issue has been compounded by candidates whose scores of zero were transformed alongside other candidates’ scores of above zero. Transformation is generally across board and was not focused on individual candidates."

The board noted that apart from Oloyede, the panel of experts, which brainstormed on score standardisation,  comprised Prof Boniface Nworgu, Prof Raheem Lawal, Prof Muhammad Yakasai and Dr Omokunmi Popoola.

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Comments (4)

3 months ago
This moves shouldn't finally include cheating those that passed or a reduction to same scale with someone that scored less.

You guys should be sure it applied only to those that score zero.... Or a general same mark addition to everyone that registered.

IF you ask me? What's the use of not letting someone that wrote the exam not score zero?

How will the awarded score help him or her in getting admission?
You will standardize them with a score of 50? Or 80? Or 100? Or 180? Or what?

Many things complicated about your pooty UTME.
  • MarksAlex: Correction pls... Type error

    IF You ask me? What's the use of not letting someone that didn't write the exam to not score zero?
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • Eduali: I wonder if there is any useful need of their awarded score to zero-score candidates.
    If they will not award the score to every candidate despite the high or low marks... then de policy should be abolished!
    that's all I know
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 months ago
  • davy: well its obvious dat dis jamb board are yet to know we are in nigeria why help those with zero marks when u know that d added mark will automatically turn to zero to those who knows about it and thereby subjecting d person to all sort of ridicule and besides is the free mark going to every jambites or to just zero candidates
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 months ago

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