JAMB 2019 UTME Registration: What's The Situation Report So Far?

The JAMB UTME registration has been on for two weeks now and is expected to end February 21st, 2019. JAMB had earlier announced guidelines and instructions that candidates are to follow to ensure a smooth registration process. However, we do not know how effective these have been in limiting or eliminating the usual bottlenecks associated with UTME registration.

This thread is for 2019 UTME candidates to share their experiences and give situation report on the whole process so far; both the ones that have been able to complete their registration and those unable to do so due to one issue or the other.

JAMB 2019 UTME Registration: What's The Situation Report So Far?

Were there issues in generating the profile code and how were they resolved?

How easy was it for you getting the registration ePIN?

How much were you charged at the CBT centre to complete the registration process?

Were you given all the extra registration documents including the new Jamb Novel: Sweet Sixteen?

Were there any other issues encountered or observed with the process?

Please share your views and point out any issue you faced or currently facing with regard to the 2019 UTME registration and steps taken to resolve it. You can also share any useful advise or tips based on your experiences that can help other candidates register successfully.

We equally encourage you to specify the state, city or location where you registered or processing the registration. This will help determine how effective the process has been across the states.

This is not an avenue to ask questions about subject combination and courses offered in schools. If you need to check that out, consult the JAMB Brochure.

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Comments (85)

Olanrewaju Abiola
6 months ago
I had registerred and i have no problem throughout the process, just that i forgot to collect the novel.
Firstly, i bought a new sim that i new it won't affect me at all and i sent my name which is on my neco result to 55019 and immediately, i got a message contain 10 digit profile code which i saved to my draft.
I then went to the access bank, i filled the deposit slip with my name, phone number and profile with #4,500 and i wait till i was give my ePin written with pen but i asked them to print it out for me.
I then went to the CBT center and provide the details as they are asking me. Kindly be patient when filling it and be watchful pls. Don't forget to collect the novel and your print out.
I didn't pay any money though, but you might pay to get the novel, i don't know.
That's all.
Josh AJ
6 months ago
I registered in a cbt centre,but bought my e-pin in Union Bank.
When i requested for my book and brochure at the centre,they told me to collect it where i bought e-pin,and the lady at the bank told me to go to jamb office,as they were not supplied.
What do i do now? I live in Ikorodu,and the cost of getting to V.I is more than the book price itself...can i buy at the centre?
6 months ago
R u sure the sim cards are registered@bravekeys
6 months ago
pls my email acct is nt correct nd my date of birth can i change it
Sunday Adeiza
6 months ago
how can i correct a mistake i made in my e-mail (i have registered)
6 months ago
i have registered but the CBT center where i registered didn't upload my olevel result.. they used A/R instead, and this was what everybody else was complaining.
the center needs to be sanctioned.
  • Izu: Not really. Even if they put in the details you still need to scan it and upload it. Since this can't be done during registeration you'll have to do it after the exam hence putting A/R or the actual result maakes no difference as you will still have to do it again after the exam
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • kingvictor: it can be done during registration that is why they have camcorders available. Anyways!
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • EllaChris: they did the same thing for me. it's not a problem
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6 months ago
Pls if someone made a mistake with is gmail account after the registration has been completed,i hope it can be rectify again...? Pls i need a quick respond.
6 months ago
has any one seen their center yet?
6 months ago
Hey guys, I did my JAMB registration succesfuly. Please when and how will someone knows his exams venue, date and time? Because I can't see those details in my registration slip (Sha... I saw some three posible exams venue on my slip)
Umar Abdulrasheed
6 months ago
I could not login my 2019 jamb portal email issure what can i do now pls ?
6 months ago
please someone help o, i used the same phone no that i used last year but my date of birth was not correct when i went for registration, what should i do am confused
6 months ago
I have received the profile code nd the e-pin but the phone no I used was the one I used in 2017.Hope there won't be problem? pls help me
  • harnthonia: It shouldn't be a problem..
    There were lots of people using their old emails and phone numbers at the cenyre i registered.. So go ahead
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  • Sirnath: Thanks
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  • Zaz: It's a big problem. Please use a fresh number and address, else your profile will be tied to the old one.
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  • Endurance: Yh,,i experienced smthing lyk too...bcos d phone nmb n email i used 2017 wz wht i used again n i wz kinda suprised hw all my details were in tact when i havnt even filled d form yet..bt hope its nt a problem
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6 months ago
Am unable to create my profile with my phone, all my efforts proved abortive...At the verge of completing it, an error message will appear that the page am trying to access has been removed, had its name changed or had processing error or is temporary unavailable. What should be done please
6 months ago
During registration i didnt c d option for mock.how can i confirm if i registered for the mock exam?
6 months ago
I hope this doesnt affect when you have ur result ready but you still have to use awaiting because u dont have the print out for them to upload to jamb site...though the guy who register it said it doesnt mean anything but i fibd it hard to believe
  • SARVIC: It doesn't affect.... But be sure to upload it on CAPS wen the admission process of ur school starts
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago

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