September Admission 2019/2020 into Accra Institute of Techonology, Ghana - Undergraduate Programs 3

JAMB 2019 UTME Experience For 15th April - Share Here

For candidates who parctipated in the ongoing 2019 JAMB UTME today April 15th, 2019, this thread is for you to share your experiences. We expect that most of you must have been done with the examination at this time. Share your observations concerning the conduct of the examination just like your colleagues did yesterday. 

Tell us and other candidates yet to take theirs how it all went down.

JAMB 2019 UTME Experience For 15th April - Share Here

- What was the verification process like? 
- Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there? 
- Was it the same set of questions for all candidates ? 
- How many questions were asked in each of the subjects? 
- Was the time enough for you? 
- Did the system shut down automatically (for those whose time elapsed before they were able to finish)? 
-Was there any technical issue you encountered during the examination? 
- What are the things you think are out of place or commendable in this year’s UTME.

Share all of your experiences on the comment box. Remember to keep it as clear as possible.

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Comments (11)

3 months ago
At my center, all the question was the same. And it went well.
I thank God for that
I'm praying for a good score
3 months ago
At My Center All the questions were the same bt wit mixed options.10 question from Sweet Sixteen wic are.........1.what did mr.bello normally call his daughter 2.where did bobo relocate to 3.who was known to have up to 3000 pairs of shoes 4. who told his daughter that everyone will treat her like a queen 5.wic post did aliyah hold in skul 6.wat did aliyah donate to d skul
3 months ago
My exams are nt as easy as expected the questions are all twisted; to me i think jamb is just by luck if u like read heaven ad earth; but bliv me the questions wil stil com like a bomb; anyway i wish the rest of u that are yet to write succes
3 months ago
I really enjoyed my exams yesterday it wasnt as hard asvi expected.
3 months ago
At my center everything went smoothly and fine, am praying for good result

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