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JAMB 2019 UTME 15th April - Live Updates!

You are welcome to Monitor the Nationwide Progress of the 4th Day of JAMB 2019 UTME, this day on, 15th April, 2019. New comments and reports are added every minute. If you want to remain updated, you will need to reload this page as often as you can to check out new comments that have been added.

All JAMB UTME Candidates writing today, Please use the comment section to update us every inch of the way, especially if you encounter any issues during the Exam. This is a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced at your centre or during the UTME.

JAMB 2019 UTME 15th April - Live Updates!

We will call on JAMB officials to look into the issues raised on this thread, to enable them try to fix issues as soon as possible.

Let us know of anything that happens right from the moment you get to the exam centre (remember you are to be there 30 minutes before your scheduled time) till the time you are about to step into the examination hall. We understand you won’t be allowed to get in to the hall with your phones, so your real time (Live!) updates may end the moment it’s your turn for the Biometric verification.

When providing us with your update, indicate the State and the name of the exam centre you are reporting from. This will enable JAMB officials and other Candidates to know exactly what centre has issues.

The moment you are done with your exams, please do not also forget to come back to this website, www.myschool.ng to share your experiences on the general conduct of the examination. We will create a thread for experiences later in the day. We will also create another thread for you to share some of the questions you remember, so we can help you find solutions to them.

Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

For those that are yet to write, you may consider getting your own JAMB CBT Mobile App or the JAMB CBT Computer Software to carry out final preparations before your own exams. If you order now, we will deliver in a few minutes.

Just update us as much as you can, and we will appreciate every bit of information you pass across.

All the best! Success is yours.

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Comments (90)

2 months ago
good luck to those writing JAMB today
2 months ago
Good morning guys, hope you all are preparing very well for your exams? May this be our last jamb in Jesus name(Amen)
wish you all the best, writing mine this morning 7am ebute Ikorodu Lagos
2 months ago
presently coming out from the hall,I did English,literature, government and CRS.... meh the exam was coll except government that was some how.... read parliamentary system of government, presidential.... in fact study more on system of governments and about Anthony something sha, I can't remember his surname..... for crs , stay safe its easy, literature was cool but know more on your figures of speech, as for English ABC( so easy )... wish you guys the best of luck and sweet results ..... amen
  • sammy: in addition to what I wrote, my center was mad, the system was tripping @11-30 event hall solebo junction ebute Ikorodu Lagos... it delayed my exam for about 20 mins but thank God we all wrote well.. to pass 50% of literature, study the 2016 past question very well.... good luck
    Like 1    Dislike 0   2 months ago
  • Brightideas: bro, we are on the same poo. did you say Government? thanks for the heads up. come Tuesday 7:00 i ready pass the word ready
    Like 0    Dislike 0   2 months ago
  • Tosin: please do you remember the questions for each subject. thank you
    Like 1    Dislike 0   2 months ago
2 months ago
GOD help all of us writing tomorrow ooo
best of luck
2 months ago
Amen God will see us through
2 months ago
V-6 and K-miss-3 wasn't friendly @ all. Buh I thank God for Eng. & Bio. But I believe in God dat He will help us out... May dx year admission not pass us by... Amen..!
2 months ago
God go do am for everybody way dey write today. my own na tomorrow at 7:00 i just pray say na my last be this.
2 months ago
Hi guys! I write jamb today, 1:30. It was relatively easy... the english was simple (just majority of them, the rest few were confusing)... the economics was 85% easy for me, the literature was cool and the government was a bit hard but in all we thank God...
For economics, I remember these few questions: the kind of tax in which tax rate is the same as tax base is-? What are the characteristics of perfect competition-? The median of a given set of numbers can either be arranged? (The answer is ascending or descending order)... Short term revenue for the government can be generated through what means-? I was asked to calculate the marginal cost of a given set of data also...

Best of luck to those writing tomorrow
2 months ago
I wish you all the success and confidence for those taking their exams today
God will guide you through
2 months ago
Thank you lord for a successful exam.
may we all testify with good result.
Busy guy
2 months ago
Hello guyz i am now in my cent.
2 months ago
Hello friends I just took my own exam today and it was very tough.
Science students please obey physics oooo. Extremely hard.
2 months ago
Please oo students with the following subject combination should please post some questions they can remember for reference purpose.
Accounts And
2 months ago
So grateful to God for today's experience. The Exam was a bomb. English, Crs, and Lit was easy going Government was a bit Complicated. Am expecting the best. Sweet Sixteen (10) question. Tokunbo's full name, Mr Bello football club, was quite easy. Country known for loving fat women. Ans Mauritania.
1. When was Councilor portfolio created.
2. Nigeria had how many states in 1996
3.Organ that has a binding decision in UNO
How Old was FoFo? 14 years.
Streetism was displayed by? Ans. Odarley.
Crs. What do people say I am? Which came first?
Elijah, John the Baptist or the prophets.
Jesus behavior towards the law of Moses - Confrontational or Complimentary.
English. Stress on con-vo-CA-tion, ma-TRI-cu-la-tion.
2 months ago
please....i just got to paragon city and that's my center and am not seeing anyone

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