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JAMB 2019 Mock Exam Experience - Share Here

The JAMB 2019 Mock exam is done and dusted. From the feedback we got on the JAMB 2019 Mock Exam Live Updates not much changed from what it was last year. If you have been practicing JAMB Past questions with the Myschool JAMB CBT Software or the Myschool CBT Mobile App, you won't find the main exam difficult as the lay out is quite similar.

Many candidates confessed they came across a good number of past questions on the  Myschool JAMB CBT Software or the Myschool CBT Mobile App. In as much as that was the case, we would still like to get first-hand experience on how the mock exam actually went in the various centres from candidates that participated in the exam.

JAMB 2019 Mock Exam Experience - Share Here

- What was the verification process like? 
- Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there? 
- How many questions were asked in each of the subjects? 
- Did the system shut down automatically (for those their time elapsed before they were able to finish)? 
- Was there any technical issue you encountered during the examination? 
- Are there some irregularities you observed with the process and the exam itself
- What are the other things you think candidates that did not particpate in the mock exam should know?

Post all your experiences on the comment section. Please do keep it as a real as possible. Thanks.

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Comments (53)

6 months ago
hi all,
i participated in mock exam that was held 1st april. there are some experiences i'd like to share here with u.
1. pls take note of the rules abiding the jamb utme exams. no working sheet is gonna be given to any candidate in the exam hall. so u are advice to come with pencils only and a blank sheet for rough work for those writing mathematics.
2. ensure to come with ur printing slip for u will be ask to log in to ur account by filling in ur registration number.
3. the system automatically sign out as soon as u run out of time. is advisable u dont spend to much time on a question u understand.
4. there were no tachnical problems faced by any candidate for the system were working perfectly
5. the four subjects are display at the top of ur screen, u can start with any subject know best.
6. 2 hours count down time for 180 questions. 60 in english and 40 questions in other subject.
7. finally a minimum of 10 questions were from the novel SWEET SIXTEEN.
6 months ago
Please someone should help me check my slip. my browser is nt going. (
God bless as u do
6 months ago
. I wrote in mountain top mfm. We were not allowed with pencils, we were also told to remove our earrings nd they didn't allow us with extra slip. All the same it was still kinda ok

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