JAMB 2018 UTME 16th March - Live Updates!

You are welcome to Monitor the Nationwide Progress of the 7th Day of JAMB 2018 UTME, this day on, 16th March, 2018. New comments and reports are added every minute. If you want to remain updated, you will need to reload this page as often as you can to check out new comments that have been added.

All JAMB UTME Candidates writing today, Please use the comment section to update us every inch of the way, especially if you encounter any issues during the Exam. This is a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced at your centre during the UTME.

JAMB 2018 UTME 16th March - Live Updates!

We will call on JAMB officials to look into the issues raised on this thread, to enable them try to fix issues as soon as possible.

Let us know of anything that happens right from the moment you get to the exam centre (remember you are to be there 30 minutes before your scheduled time) till the time you are about to step into the examination hall. We understand you won’t be allowed to get in to the hall with your phones, so your real time (Live!) updates may end the moment it’s your turn for the Biometric verification.

When providing us with your update, indicate the State and the name of the exam centre you are reporting from. This will enable JAMB officials and other Candidates to know exactly what centre has issues.

The moment you are done with your exams, please do not also forget to come back to this website, www.myschool.ng to share your experiences on the general conduct of the examination. We will create a thread for experiences later in the day. We will also create another thread for you to share some of the questions you remember, so we can help you find solutions to them.

Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

Just update us as much as you can, and we will appreciate every bit of information you pass across.

All the best! Success is yours.

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Comments (15)

1 year ago
Hi guy, I know this may not be the right place to type this but since there's no suitable place to do it, I'm just gonna dump this here. While y'all here celebrating (which I didn't object to) did did anyone just take a pause and think about the less fortunate.i read about a girl who committed suicide because she scored lower than she expected (of cause there's other back story). I'm directing this message to everyone that make use of this website and especially to you my school developer(still have a bone to pick with you guys) you guys should keep things minimal and try to to acknowledge those that are not as fortunate as you are, it's true that some of us are more intelligent than others but that doesn't mean we should rub it in on their faces, put yourself in their shoes and think of how they'd feel, how they'll think, the pressure they'll feel upon them. When a serious student fail, they don't take it lightly,They tend to think irrationally.the reason why I feel so concerned is because this is not the first case, same thing happened last year, about some dude in lagos. As we celebrate our success, we should also relate to them, interact with them, and console them. And let them know failure is not the end. And back to you myschool developer,last year you guys created a trend asking people to post the lowest score they've seen so far, I was wandering how you expect those people to feel when they see something like that. I'm only making reference to this so that it doesn't repeat itself this year. Instead of you guys to create a trend for orientating, consoling and advising them to keep reading and that failure is not the end of life, you guys are mocking them. It really very inhumane of you to pour salt on the injury. I'm sorry if I happened to step on some toes here but it all just doesn't seem right, we are all after the same goal, some are are gonna get it while some are not gonna be able to(at least it's not everyone that got 230 and above that gained admission last year) but that doesn't mean we should look down on them. Give them hope and make them believe they can be better than this.

I just hope this reaches the right places.
Sorry once again if I ruined this trend
1 year ago
Ftc. ...wish u guys success
1 year ago
U don have any result yet
1 year ago
What you said is actually the trueth,buh what about those that didn't want to prepare? And scored low and those that prepared but still couldn't get a good score?..so as for me sme one mocking me for having a low score is inturn imposing a challenges on my mind so I think for seruis ones that shouldn't make you depressed rather take it up as a challenges..and prove your mettle by bein so dogged.
1 year ago
what happened jamb has not released any other result apart from those of 9th and 10th. Any idea about when they will release others
  • Ayo Oluwaseun: D exam is simple,in English: read ur vowel and consonant sounds also meaning of some dictionary words.in Independent: who is Suleiman's real mother,why did venessa leave dakar.literature: read native son,faceless,Othello. C.R.S:why was David called the man after God's heart.Datz all i can remember.
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  • Ayomi: a friend of mine has seen his result, he wrote on Wednesday by 7
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  • Okonkwo john: 86770498dc. Pls sumone should help me check I wrote on tuesday
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1 year ago
86783471BC,PLS SOMEONE should check MY RESULT FOR ME,I WROTE ON Wednesday.

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