JAMB 2017 Pre-Registration Begins - 1st Step - Create Your Profile

JAMB 2017 Pre-Registration Begins - 1st Step - Create Your Profile

As long as you intend to write the 2017 JAMB UTME, you MUST create a profile on the JAMB Portal. Myschool will now walk you through the easy steps of achieving this vital procedure, before the actual registration begins.

Please note that this procedure and service is FREE! You don't need to pay any money to get your JAMB profile.

If you already have a Profile

If you have already successfully created a profile on the official JAMB portal, you don't need to create another profile.

To become a JAMB CBT Software Agent, Click Here

To Create a New Profile

You can leave this page open, while you create your profile in another window, and use this as a guide.

NOTE: If you are to create this profile, we advise you use a COMPUTER SYSTEM to do so. If you would like to use your mobile device, please DO NOT USE OPERA MINI.

To successfully overcome the first step, you need to have a valid email. If you don't have a working email, remember Myschool created an earlier publication on this topic? So create a free email using this guide.

See how to download: JAMB CBT Practice Mobile App 2017 - Free Download.

How to create JAMB Profile


1.1: The first step is to validate your email address on the JAMB portal. To do this, click here.

1.2: Fill in your email in the first two spaces provided, then select a question and type a secret answer in the last 2 spaces. The secret question and answer will be required if you forget your password to your profile on the JAMB portal, so ensure you always remember your selected question and the corresponding answer you typed.

1.3: Then click "Verify Email". A link will be sent to your email.

1.4: Open your email and find an email sent from "[email protected]". The email should be titled "eMail Address Confirmation".

1.5: Open the email and click the link that says "Click here to continue your Profile Creation". If you are unable to click on the link, ensure the email is not in your SPAM/JUNK folder. If it is, move it into your inbox to access the link.

1.6: PLEASE NOTE: There is also a UNIQUE CODE that was sent to you in that email. Please ensure you do not delete that email or you can copy the unique code to somewhere safe. You will be needing this code when you go to register at the CBT Centre.

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Once you click the link in step one, step 2 provides you with a form to fill in your personal information

2.1: Fill in all the information as provided by the form. Your surname, first name, middle name, date of birth (day, month & year), your phone number, nationality, state, LGA and Password to your profile.

2.2: Please ensure you crosscheck all the above information, because if you don't, it may cost you to change it in future.

2.3: Once you are sure of all the above information, click on "Sign Up".

2.4: That's all, your profile will be created immediately. You should see a message that says "Your Account Creation Was Successful."

2.5: You can click on "Proceed to Login" to access your new profile.

See how to Practice JAMB CBT 2017 - Free Online, Software & App‎. To begin, click here. Agents/Resellers/Bulk Purchase can also click here.

Please note that registration is yet to begin. When it finally begins, you can come back to this website (www.myschool.com.ng) to get detailed step by step procedure on what to do.

If you have any issues, use the comment box below to post it so that either an Admin or Myschooler will help you resolve your issue.

Have a great day!

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Comments (147)

10 months ago
10 months ago
Is the pre registration free
Emelife Uc
10 months ago

So I just registered via Uc mini on my mobile phone but I can't log into my account.
  • Myschool: So what happens when you try to login? What's the response. That should help you find out where the issue is coming from.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Emelife Uc: No response.. it boots and goes back to displaying only my account details without really entering into it.. I still get to see the already inpute email and password.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Myschool: If you are sure you followed all our instructions and you successfully created the profile, then close the browser entirely, clear it from task, open the browser again and try to login via this link: http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Emelife Uc: Done that...

    But the problem persists. I'm quite sure of the password also. Or is it the email's password they are requesting for? It should be the profile's and that's what I filled in. I'm very close to panicking.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Myschool: It may be an issue with the JAMB portal. You should try again later.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Emelife Uc: Problem solved.. logged into it using another browser.

    So I kinda checked my profile, and I find the State of Origin/LGA column empty.. Tried editing it but I can't click on it.. Any possible way to correct that? And if there is none will it affect my registration in the future? I hope it doesn't tho.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • DNaijaguy: Use a better browser like Firefox
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • NUELSTAR: you don't use uc mini or opera mini for cyber registration
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
  • Vasquez: I registered with Uc web browser and I can login perfectly.... Just check that email,it may contain error or spaces between the letters. Check it well and retry
    Like 0    Dislike 0   10 months ago
10 months ago
PLS whch site can i use sinc we shldnt use operamini
10 months ago
Plz I've been trying to create a profile for my friend but d local govt isn't showing
Heinrich Himmler
10 months ago
@Myschool ..anywhere I opened my account Last year for checking admission status ..I didn't receive any Unique code whatsoever... but as u know ..u can't use the same E-mail twice.
10 months ago
Wat if u already created an account last year
10 months ago
What is the address to create your jamb profile
Francis 01
10 months ago
pls forward the link to create my

jamb profile
Haryormedey dave
10 months ago
I created my profile last year but i can't remember my password what should i do
10 months ago
@Myschool, what if i have used opera mini to create the profile already, and it was succesfully created. Any problem with that?
10 months ago
Pls, where is jamb site will use to create the acct. ?
10 months ago
Or do i have to create another profile
t bright
10 months ago
I open an acct last year and I was not sent any code, and I can't open anoda one with my email. This jamb pple are just confusing some one. Any way it is well with us.
10 months ago
My advice for myschoolers, is to use computer system to create jamb profile. And if u are to use ur phone, don't use Opera mini, Use Google chrome, Firefox or Ur Phone browser.

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