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How is A related to D?

How Smart Are You?

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3 weeks ago
D is a's great grandma
3 weeks ago
D is the grandfather of A
3 weeks ago
Lets assume "A", and "B" are both females. And it is agreed that "A" (lets say that's me) is "B" sister's (probably the same parent)
... And it is also established that "C" is "B" mother (automatically under the assumption, she is also my mother).
"D" here they say is "C" father that is to say "D" is my mother's father.
Therefore since "D" is my mother's father, that makes him my grand father
.... Forget about "E" it's just there to confuse you.
So therefore "A" is the grandson of "D" that's the relationship.
1 week ago
A is the grand daughter of D

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