House of Rep. Moves to Abolish Payment of Acceptance Fees

The House of Representatives has called for the abolishment of ‘acceptance fees’ paid by newly admitted students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The motion was moved by Emeka Chinedu, PDP-Imo (Ahiazu Mbaise/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency). and was backed by his colleagues

According to him, one of the factors contributing to poor access to tertiary education is the “predatory admission policies being enforced by tertiary institutions, particularly the requirement for payment of non-refundable acceptance fees as a condition for validating candidate's admission”.

House of Rep. Moves to Abolish Payment of Acceptance Fees

He mentioned that  Imo State University charges N70,000 as acceptance fee, University of Ibadan charge 35,000; University of Lagos, 20,000; Ahmadu Bello University, 30,000; Lagos State University, N20,000; University of Uyo, 25,000.

The House in response to the motion, mandated the House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services to investigate the admission policies and practices of tertiary institutions in the country as they relate to the charge of acceptance fees in order to remove all obstacles to accessing tertiary education in the country.

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8 months ago
While is Abia State left out? It should be the no. one on the list. Their acceptance fee is 150,000. Just to accept admission that i sat for the exam and passed. Is this not bribe in disguise?

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