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Friday Brain Teaser! How is A related to D?

Read the riddle carefully and leave your answers in the comment section below. Kindly, explain so others can learn from it.

Friday Brain Teaser! How is A related to D?

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Comments (19)

2 weeks ago
AIs the grand daughter to D.
2 weeks ago
A is the grand daughter to D
2 weeks ago
A is D's granddaughter
A is the grand daughter of D. because D is the father of A's mother
2 weeks ago
A is grand daugther to D
2 weeks ago
if A z B's sister. Therefore A nd B re siblings, nd if C happens 2 b B's mother. Therefore she is d mother of both. Den d happens 2 b d fada of C he z hereby grandparents to both.......
2 weeks ago
A abd B are sisters, while B-is the daughter of C, then D-is is a father of c, so we should understand that Aand B are of thesame mother, and that there mother is a daughter of D, so the relationship between A and D is that D-is a grandfather of A.
2 weeks ago
i, mean A AND B,not abd point of correction pls
2 weeks ago
A is the grand daughter to D, since D is the father to C and C is A's mother
2 weeks ago
A is the granddaughter to D
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
D is maternal grand father of A or vice versa
2 weeks ago
A is B's sister and C is B's mother, definitely, C is a mother to two women- A and B. Further more, D is C's father therefore, A is a grand daughter to D. Or D is A's grand father.
1 week ago
D is a grandfather to A

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