Final Week Winners: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6

We are pleased to announce the final winners of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6. This officially brings the Season 6 of the CBT Challenge to an end. We appreciate everyone who participated in the CBT challenge and whose contributions made the contest a success.

Just like in previous weeks of the competition, if your name is among the first 30 on the Myschool CBT Ranking and you played by the rules of the competition, you will be rewarded accordingly. 

Final Week Winners: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6

To view the names of the final week winners, visit this link:

While we look foward to Season 7 of the competition next year, we would like to get feedback on how the competition has fared so far and what other ideas you think can be implemented to make it more interesting, competitive, credible and rewarding.

Prize Collection For Final Winners

Instructions to Cash Prize Winners

The cash prize winners (1st -10th) will be contacted by "Myschool Paul", via Private Messages (PM) on their Myschool Account Dashboard. Please respond as quickly as you can, so we can credit all winners with their cash before Friday. Make sure you check your PMs and follow the instructions given.

Instructions to Activation Code + Airtime Winners

Those that won free Activation codes for the Myschool CBT Mobile App or Myschool CBT Software are to send a Private Message to "Myschool Paul" and indicate their choice for either the Mobile app activation code or the Computer Software activation code. They will then get a response with an activation code to be used to activate their chosen device. As for their airtime, they can follow the instructions for airtime winners below;

Instructions to Airtime Winners

The airtime for all winners is sponsored by On their website, you can buy airtime online from, and get 10% discount on MTN airtime for data, calls & bonus bundles. This means you can save up to N2000 daily, buying MTN airtime from them. All airtime winners are to proceed with the following steps;

  1. Visit AirtimePay Website at this link;
  2. Click on Packages, and select to "Buy Now" or "Book" for the next available date, the N1,000 MTN airtime. Only MTN lines will be credited at this time.
  3. Select the network (MTN), and enter the MTN line to be credited, and click "Next".
  4. On the next page, enter Your Full Name as a combination of both your "Myschool Username" "Myschool". For example, assuming the username of an airtime winner on is "Eben", the full name to enter should be "Eben Myschool"
  5. Enter your email address, which should also match the email address used on your myschool profile.
  6. Then select "Bank Payment", and click "Buy Now". You will be provided bank information to make payment. Just ignore it, and send a PM to "Myschool", alerting us that your airtime request has been made on Airtime pay.
  7. Your provided line will be credited within an hour of checking your details.

Please note that only MTN numbers can be credited via airtimepay, so ensure you provide a valid number.

Congratulations to all the Season 6 winners!

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Comments (29)

7 months ago
Thank You, Myschool

It was very competitive and I learnt a lot of lessons which I'll put into Good use Towards next year's edition.

Congratulations to all those that won

7 months ago
Someone leapt-frog me into top 10. The sad thing is that, the person participated in just two days, scoring ridiculosuly high scores and completing an exam within 6 minutes which is quite humanly IMPOSSIBLE without some special forms of cheat. My gut tells me the person is M.brain masqurading with multiple accounts.
Myschool, it will be unfair to take the prize for the 10th position away from me who participated from day 1 to the last day, and give it to someone who participated for just two days using sophisticated cheats. Of course, you and I know it is impossible to compete for just two days (last two days of the competition) and still be among top 10. Unless we want to live in denial...
  • Emma368: You just spoke my mind bro

    It's very painful
    Like 1    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Spivey: You are right
    It not possible

    Even if it is combined effort
    It will take more time ... Considering other factors.

    Even jamb will never give exact score ...

    This is what happens when the host in disguise take their price back ... There is no mbrain it is the host .... I already knew ... Nobody will be able to win that 20k ...

    Take heart @umartins @adewole @hannah1122

    Next time you guys should waste your time in more rewarding things ... Not this sham called contest .. Using innocent Nigerians time and energy to make money.
    Like 1    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Hannah1122: I'm cool, Jondan has said 60% of my mind
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
7 months ago
Congratulations to the winners including myself
You are trying myschool but I must be sincere, there are lot of irregularities in this year edition. People are not discouraged and perplexed when other people outshone them, but they are when they are outshoned in the seemly impossible way.
I will advice you curb the issue of cheating ahead next year probably with the help of computer gurus or other ways.
May God continue to strengthen the myschool team, airtimepay, and bless you all. May God bless all the participants who strive in the right way.
7 months ago
Myschool programmed the questions such that if one fails a question in a previous CBT & View Explanation, in the next CBT that question will be repeated thereby making one to click the right option (I bow ๐Ÿ™‡ 4 una 4 dis 1,its amaysin)... I have every right to fully say is the best to consult for any tertiary institution aspirant & even graduates & undergraduates

Secondly, here are my humble request and suggestions for the rankings:
1. Please change it back to wk1 or.....
2. Modify the current ranking system such that the milestone extends to nth CBT as can be taken by a candidate (e go too sweet, even Mbrain will enjoy it). CBT CHALLENGE is different from JAMB UTME, Since the new rankings demands that ONLY 400/400 91 times will all but guarantee top spot - how can this be challenging and competitive ๐Ÿ˜,, I was deceived (so to say) when it was published that "THE MORE YOU PRACTICE = MORE POINTS" but annoyingly it stops at the 91st CBT after which there is no more boost, since I noticed that the score boosted by 20 points at the 91st CBT, it encouraged me to proceed with the hope that the next milestone wiil see my score boost by at least 30 more points, I was sad to find out that the last boost was at the 91st CBT,, what I'm trying to infer in this #2 is that the Ranking System should be programed in such a way that the score keeps boosting at every 10 CBT or so continuously even up to 1 million CBT (though ain't possible but'll b fun).

Making mathematics Compulsory and restricting other subjects didn't help sir, especially in this wicked ranking system, up till now I can remember majority of the answers in I. R. K. (though I'm a Christian) & History & adding 1000+ questions to them won't deter me from studying them.
Congrats to all winners anyway, though I have planned to gather my school fees for next session from this season 6 but at last na I gained 0 Naira...

Let's anticipate the Christmas Gift they advertise in the original season 6 advert...

Mr. Mudathir Azeez, Mbrain, Viai pls reason ur inbox
Ghost u too come alive and check ur inbox.
  • Mudathir azeez: The box will tick one dayโœ…, don't get defeated by panic monster.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Mudathir azeez: It's not easy competing with mbrain..... With all my sleepless nights trying to read many textbooks from lamlad to essential textbook and scholastical further maths, and someone is here cheating the system..
    Like 1    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Mudathir azeez: Not bad sha, i won 25k this year...
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Hannah1122: Have you now realised Mbrain used a systematic cheat,, he encoded it such that it'll be extremely difficult for MySchool to decipher, mathematics questions alone will make you spend 10 minutes despite being fasr enough, not to talk more of other 3 subjects & he'll now say it's hard work, the most painful thing now is that, as an Igbo guy he has used he Igboic wisdom to cart away myschool money in their presence fah.... After taking the highest number of CBT wetin I gain? MySchool don't appreciate Statistics which is not appealing at all even if I'm mad ill be able to know that this is the first & last myschool challenge I'll take part as far as that ranking system remains as it is....... I don't have problem with Mbrain at all, what I have problem with is the ranking that made me submit 220 times, being the highest & not among the top ten or top 3, which also allowed Mbrain to use multiple accounts. I regret my actions of taking part anyway, a change in the system will make me compete again
    Like 1    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • MR.SOCIAL: Its a nice challenge tho i did not participate cos of one thing and the other but i just want to say a very big congratulations to the winners out there...

    see u guys in season 7
    Like 1    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • Ruemu: how can i participate?
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
7 months ago
Hello.. Myschool
You said that after the CBT challenge that other challenges will still come up till December Christmas.

I haven't seen any yet
7 months ago
Hello Myschool, competition was awesome.
Trying to send PM to get my airtime but the recipient name "Myschool" isn't working o
  • Antis: Me too , I have sent a pm to "myschool" and I am yet to receive the airtime for this week and last week. Tho my dashboard was credited for last week for last week airtime. What is going on ????
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Jessezams: Couldnt even send the pm. What did you use as the receipient name.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • Antis: i think you need to enable "connect to me" on your profile first.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
6 months ago
Its a nice challenge tho i did not participate cos of one thing and the other but i just want to say a very big congratulations to the winners out there...

see u guys in season 7
6 months ago

I am not meant to do this but I have no other choice. I was one of the week 3 winners at this year CBTchallenge. To be precise I ranked 14th but am yet to receive my reward (Mtn airtime and activation code) despite following all neccessary procedures so as to claim my reward.

I have sent mails, private messaged Myschool Paul many times regarding this issue but all to no avail. I am appealing to you guys to kindly resolve this.

6 months ago
How far, myschool. Even airtime for last week, I never see am. Make una wire me my 2k airtime na

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