Exam Revision for the Novel "Sweet Sixteen" by Bolaji Abdullahi

“Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi is the official novel to be read by every JAMB candidate in the 2020 UTME, irrespective of the course you intend to study. We will therefore be embarking on Exam Revision to study this novel by giving summaries, possible questions and important information that would help you pass every single question set by JAMB from this novel. Please always check this publication for new updates on this revision class.

Every candidate registering for 2020 UTME is entitled to this novel, “Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi, so ensure you demand it at the centre where you are registering for UTME. It is compulsory, and it is your right to have it.

Exam Revision for the Novel

We will use this publication to link important resources, and future links concerning this novel. When we have summaries of the novel, or group of questions that you will find useful, we will be linking them below as we come closer to the exam.

To get JAMB CBT Past Questions, some of which we will include from this novel, through JAMB practice app and software, please get your copy at this link; https://myschool.ng/latest-jamb-cbt-practice-mobile-app-free-download

Here is some basic information from the novel;

Author of Sweet 16: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is Fiction

Number of Pages: Pages is Sweet Sixteen: 53

Publication Year: Sweet sixteen was published on February 1, 2017

Short Desciption: Aliya has to constantly remind her father that she is not a child but ‘a young adult.’ He does not always agree with her.

But now that she is turning sixteen, he is sitting up and taking notice. The expected birthday card from him is replaced by a present and no holds barred letter – a page for each year she has lived.

It chronicles the lessons he has tried to teach her and the wisdom he has attempted to pass to her. It unburdens the burning questions she has about life and sometimes shows through the cluelessness of parental units.

Aliya questions who she is and why she is; with her father as a guide on this journey of discovery. An engaging coming of age guide on life and love for the teenage girl.

Before we really get started, Have you already finished reading the novel? We believe it should take you up to 5 days to thoroughly complete this novel, so we're throwing the flow open for those who have already finished the novel. How would you summarize what you understand from the book so far?

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3 months ago
Godmercy hazard
1 year ago
Lol possible questions wil be much
1 year ago
Please help proffer accurate answers to this questions... Trying to assess kid sister from far away... Couln't get hold of jamb's hardcopy version of it nor the soft copy. But came across these online.

Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi (100 Questions)

(1) Who gave Aliya a valentine gift? (a) Mr Bello (b) Zak (c) Akin (d) Tokunbo

(2) How many bedrooms and sitting rooms are there in the Bello’s house? (a) 5 and 2 (b) 4 and 3 (c) 5 and 4 (d) 5 and 4

(3) What was written on the note that a boy gave to Aliya? (a) I need you (b) I like you (c) I love you (d) I want you

(4) Why was Aliya scared of meeting the principal? (a) She feels he wants to propose to her (b) She feels something bad has happened (c) She feels someone caught her doing bad (d) She feels he needs her help

(5) What was the religion of Rebekah? (a) Islam (b) Christian (c) Catholic (d) Judaism

(6) How many persons were present when Mr Bello narrated his first story? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 4

(7) How many people were present when he narrated his last story? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 4

(8) Which terrorist groups were mentioned in the story? (a) Avengers and Hezbollah (b) Isis and Militants (c) Bandits and Kidnappers (d) Isis and Boko Haram

(9) According to Mr Bello, Hitler is of the ________religion? (a) Islam (b) Jewish (c) Traditional (d) Christian

(10) What was Mr Bello’s favourite weekend breakfast? (a) Akara and coke (b) Tea (c) Pasta (d) Rice and stew

(11) Where did Bobo travel to? (a) England (b) London (c) Ireland (d) Netherlands

(12) Who did Bobo go to the canteen with? (a) Bisi (b) Aliya (c) Grace (d0 Morayo

(13) Which statement is true about the gift Aliya received? (a) She expected it (b) She was shocked (c) She hugged and thanked him (d) She was very happy

(14) What is the occupation of Mrs Bello? (a) Historian (b) Journalist (c) Teacher (d) Lawyer

(15) How many years did it take Mr and Mrs Bello to date before getting married?

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 1⅓ (d) 3

(16) How many children does Mr Bello have? (a) 2 (b) 1 (c) 3 (d) 4

(17) What was Aliya’s present class? (a) Jss1 (b) SS1 (c) SS2 (d) SS3

(18) Why did she change from wanting to be a pilot? (a) She heard about a crash (b) She is scared of height (c) She dislikes pilots (d) She prefers being a sailor

(19) Why did she change from wanting to be a doctor? (a) She is scared of blood (b) She is scared of corpses (c) She hates putting on white (d) She is asthmatic

(20) Why does she want to be a lawyer now? (a) She wants to defend the poor (b) she read about Mahatma Gandhi (c) She read John Grisham’s books (d) She wants to follow Sogo’s dad

(21) Which book did Mr Bello give to her to read? (a) Fela Kuti (b) The Prophet (c) Life of Mahatma Gandhi (d) How to Date Wisely

(22) Why did Aliya envy the hawkers? (a) They appeared more beautiful (b) They are hardworking (c) They appeared free (d) They are rich

(23) How many paged letter did Aliya receive? (a) 15 (b) 16 (c) 17 (d) 12

(24) What other package did Mr Bello give to his kid? (a) A tooth brush and hair brush (b) Beverages (c) Camera and phone (d) Camera and a card

(25) Who wrote the novel? (a) Bello Mayorkun (b) Aisha Ali (c) Bola Audu (d0 Bolaji Abdulahi

(26) How many pages does the book have? (a) 51 (b0 58 (c) 35 (d) 53

(27) What is the title of the book Aliya read when she was 14? (a) Sweet Sixteen (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to my Firstborn (d) Letter to My daughter

(28) How old was Aliya when she received her first birthday card from her father? (a) 12 (b) 13 (c) 14 (d) 16

(29) What name does Mrs Bello call Mr Bello when they settle their differences? (a) Joker (b) babe (c) Honey (d) Sweet

(30) What is the meaning of WAEC? (a) West African Exam council (b) West African Examination Council (c) West African Examining Council (d) West African Examination Corporation

(31) What is Bello’s favourite football club? (a) Liverpool fc (b) Chelsea Fc (c) Barcelona Fc (d) Lyon Fc

(32) Which football player is mentioned in the novel? (a) Drogba (b) Kanu (c) Ronaldo (d) Ali

(33) Miss Saloko teaches what subject? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Math
  • Firstladyfashion: (33) Miss Saloko teaches what subject? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) English Language

    (34) On what day of the week did Aliya turn 16? (a) Monday (b) Tuesday (c) Wednesday (d) Thursday

    (35) Which subject was giving Aliya a challenge? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) Geography

    (36) What was Akin known for? (a) jokes (b) Riddles (c) Proverbs (d) Bullying

    (37) How many persons were in each room of the hostel? (a) 8 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5

    (38) Who was Grace to Aliya? (a) Roomate (b) Elder sister (c) Cousin (d) Best friend

    (39) According to the novel, who is a dumb girl? (a) A girl who cannot talk (b) A girl who hardly talks (c) A girl who always please boys (d) A virgin

    (40) Maya Angelou wrote a book entitled: (a) Letter to My Daughter (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to Aliya (d) Letter to Angela

    (41) Who said fence made your house look like prison? (a) Sweet Mum (b) Big Mummy (c) Mrs bello (d) The police

    (42) Which bar did Aliya and her dad drive to? (a) Aunty Gigis (b) Aunty Gees (c) Aunty jijis (d) Madam Gigis

    (43) Which magazine does Aunty Omolara read? (a)Cosmopolitan (b) Every Woman (c) s*xy babes (d) s*x Slaves

    (44) How many tea bags does Mr Bello like in his tea? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) None

    (45) John Grisham is a _______ (a) Musician (b) Politician (c) Doctor (d) Lawyer

    (44) in what subject did Aliya see a girl cheating? (a) Chemistry (b) Physics (c) Biology (d) Geography

    (45) Which poem is the motto for 2012 Olympics? (a) Ulysses (b) Summer (c) Strive to Win (d) Never Give up

    (46) What is the religion of the Principal of Aliya’s school? (a) Islam (b) Christian (c) Traditional (d) Hinduism

    (47) Khalil Gibran is a ___________ poet (a) Lebanese (b) Congolese (c) Zambian (d) Jewish

    (48) Who was the first prime minister of India? (a) Nehru Jawaharlal (b) Mahatma Gandhi (c) Khalil Gibran (d) Muhammad Aliyu

    (49) What is the full meaning of HAK? (a) Hugs and Kisses (b) Heads and Kisses (c) Hand and Kisses (d) Hurry and Kiss

    (50) What is meaning of KOTL (a) kiss only Ten Ladies (b) Kiss on Toes and Legs (c) Kiss on the Lips (d) kissers Own Tender Lovers
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  • Da Whiz Of Dandano: This questions are really a eye opener. Now i know where to note when reading the novel
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Hor lhar yhemi
1 year ago
thanks for update,also am new here and i need you all help 08082542374 whatsapp, hor_lhar_ yhemi fb username
1 year ago
this group is one in a million
The novel contain the story of ALiya and her father,is the story that contain the reflection ones life when yu are young or an aduct. it's also teach children hw to live their life.
1 year ago
i'm new here and am really enjoying this group
1 year ago
please what's the right literature syllabus for this year's 2019 jamb. there seems to be alot of confusion around my end as to which books to read and my kid sis is stucked in the middle. some are saying women of owu, purple hibiscus and the rest is wrong while others are saying its right. please help my kid sis out.
1 year ago
plz how can I download the sweet sixteen PDF file. I wasn't given because they said it is not available yet.
1 year ago
pls stop posting wrong information here especially the numbers of pages and wrong spellings like Abdulahi instead of Abdulai. all these may help us to fail jamb
Success vera
1 year ago
I have written a summary of the novel. Anyone interested can call me on 08130850520 or 08174124981.
1 year ago
Naaah...!!!. Read the book in a night, quiet fun to read and very lengthy. its really interesting though, like to talk of all the moments she spent in school and at home both with her friends and family, most especially her dad. I've gotta say the writer really tried; being able to cover many areas of life, most especially the teenage life and fitting in talks, sayings and adages that leave the readers with a moral lesson or lessons to learn and actually pass on as he ended the story with a life assignment. And to talk of, I'm actually gonna pass it down to the coming generation as a coming of age story...Lol...!!!. In conclusion; this sweet sixteen and "the last days at forcados high" are like the best Nigerian novels I've ever read. God bless the writers and God bless My School for creating this kind of platform to be able to really express my gratitude. #Thank You all....!!!!!
1 year ago
OK. Is it the computer that is going to mark our script immediately
1 year ago
the I part in the book is better than d PO in the book.
ask me d meaning of d IPO!
This is more of a book of life lessons than a novel

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