COVID-19 Stay-at-Home CBT and Essay Challenge

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, students have been mandated to stay at home in order to curtail the spread of the virus. We understand how boring this may be for students. Therefore, as a way to engage your minds and keep you all busy, Myschool will be organizing an online competition tagged "COVID-19 Stay-at-home CBT and Essay Challenge" There will be cash prizes to be won. This is our own little way of contributing towards cushioning the effects of this current situation.

The COVID-19 Stay-at-home CBT and Essay Challenge will be a double-edged competition which will comprise essay writing and CBT Challenge and will run from Monday 6th April to Monday 13th April 2020. Participants are advised to ensure they read the requirements, guidelines and other instructions given below;

COVID-19 Stay-at-Home CBT and Essay Challenge


1. The competition is open to all students

2. To participate, a student must have registered as a member of CLICK HERE to create your free membership account. If you are already a member, you do not have to register again, just log in with your existing login credentials. 

3. Students are to write on ONE of the topics below;

  • The Possible Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Nigerian Economy
  • Preventive Measures Against COVID-19: Facts and Fiction
  • The Role of the Nigerian Government and Citizens in Tackling the COVID 19 Crisis

4. Your essay should be between 500 and 1000 words.

5. Only one essay may be submitted per student (Submitting more than one essay even with a different account is not allowed)

6. The essay must be original. Avoid plagiarism, as the essays will be checked for intellectual authenticity.

7. Candidates are to post their essays in the comment section of the post that will be created for that purpose once the competition begins on April 6th. The top 5 essays with the highest number of likes and in line with the other rules of the competition will be declared winners.

8. Participants are free to canvass or solicit for likes by whatever means possible. However, you are not permitted to like your own essay more than once. This means participants should desist from creating different accounts to like their own essays.


1. The competition is open to all students

2. To participate, a student must have registered as a member of CLICK HERE to create your free membership account. If you are already a member, you do not have to register again, just log in with your existing login credentials. 

3. Once the competition begins, participants are to visit the Myschool CBT Exam Page. The direct link is

4. Read instructions on the page, then select the "JAMB SIMULATOR" as the exam option.

5. Students are to participate with only one account, creating different accounts for the purpose of the competition is not allowed.

6. English Language and Mathematics are compulsory. If you intend to qualify to win, you must select English Language and Mathematics and then 2 other preferred subjects. Participants are NOT to choose any of these subjects: Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Arabic, Civic Education, Fine Arts, French, Hausa, History, Home Economics, Igbo, Insurance, IRK, Music, Sweet Sixteen, Yoruba

7. Participants are to ensure they select the "FULL EXAM MODE". Only "full exam mode" is allowed for the contest.

8. You are required to correctly solve the questions given to you by the system, and be among the top 5 students of the CHALLENGE RANKING, as graded by the Myschool CBT Ranking System.

9. The system will automatically collate winners at the end of the competition (April 13th). Once you fall in the top 5, YOU WIN! 

10. Participants are free to write as many exams as possible and to score a high cumulative score, in as many FULL EXAM MODE sessions as possible. Just like in our annual JAMB CBT Challenge, the more FULL EXAM MODE sessions you are able to complete, the higher your chances of winning.


The winners will be declared at the end of the competition i.e April 13th, 2020. Once you are confirmed a winner of any of the prizes, you will be contacted to provide your account details and whatever amount you have won will be duly credited to you.                            

Essay Writing Cash Prizes

1st Winner: N10,000

2nd Winner: N8,000

3rd Winner: N5,000

4th Winner: N4,000

5th Winner: N3,000

CBT Challenge Cash Prizes

1st Winner: N5,000

2nd Winner: N5,000

3rd Winner: N5,000

4th Winner: N5,000

5th Winner: N5,000

Please note that Myschool reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Challenge at any time to ensure fairness to all contestants.

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4 months ago
What a great idea from myschool to keep boredom away from students during this period. They just like giving back to the society as much as they can. I have not seen any other website that cater for students academically and financially free of charge like myschool. You are the best, may you continue to prosper.
  • axiom: Is a good one keep it up.
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  • Gideon edet: my school,you are the best webside i'have ever seen infact a millions thanks to my school for their contribution towards student
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  • Tommy: True
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  • Fajobi: This is really great, I love it
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  • Florence: This challenge will be interesting it will kill boredom
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  • ReaLeo: Hope to be among the living lucky winners.
    Guys help like my essay pls🙏🙏
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  • Frednardo: Its very very unfair to have mathematics compulsory in all your cbt contest..... Is for a few or for every one. 🤷‍♂️
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  • Dcsneh: when should we start posting our essays and is it on here we'll post it
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  • Abdulrazaq Taofeeq: What a great Idea from myschool??
    That is one of the ways that makes it best from other.May you continue with this kind of sensitivity
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  • prexhydo: Good job done,God bless the organizers of the program
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  • Tunz Nicki: wow it's really amazing
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  • 08025772769: interesting one
    I can't miss it
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  • Leemah📿: Can we start now?
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  • ADETUNJI: when will the posting start?
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    COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as ‘2019 novel coronavirus’.
    The COVID-19 virus is a new virus linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory
    Syndrome (SARS) and some types of common cold.
    Symptoms can include fever, cough and shortness of breath. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia or
    breathing difficulties. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. These symptoms are similar to the flu (influenza) or the common cold, which are a lot more than COVID-19.
    The virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person (generated through coughing and sneezing). Individuals can also be infected from and touching surfaces
    contaminated with the virus and touching their face (e.g., eyes, nose, mouth).The COVID-19 virus may survive on surfaces for several hours, but simple disinfectants can kill it.
    Older people, and people with
    chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, appear to be more at risk of developing severe symptoms, it also affects children as this deadly virus does not have age bracket.
    There is no currently available vaccine for COVID-19. However, many of the symptoms can be treated and getting early care from a healthcare provider to make the disease less dangerous.
    While COVID-19 continues to spread it is important that communities take action to prevent further transmission, reduce the impacts of the outbreak and support control measures.
    The protection of children and educational facilities is particularly important. Precautions are necessary to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school settings however, care must also be taken to avoid stigmatizing students and staff who may have been exposed to the virus. It is important to remember that COVID-19 does not differentiate between borders, ethnicities, disability status, age or gender.

    Today, children and young people are global citizens, powerful agents of change and the next generation of caregivers, scientists, and doctors. Any crisis presents the opportunity to help them learn, cultivate compassion and increase resilience while building a safer and more caring community. Having information and facts about COVID-19 will help diminish students’ fears and anxieties around the disease and support their ability to cope with any secondary impacts in their lives. This guidance provides key messages and considerations for engaging school administrators, teachers and staff, parents, caregivers and community members, as well as children themselves in promoting safe and healthy schools.
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  • Abideen: in your selection ok f the subjects, is either you include IRK or you remove CRK. to exclude IRK is like one-sided and a slap to Muslim students to are ready to write IRK aa their favorite subject. Also it's send out the lights of religion ethnicity.
    my take
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  • Tonyhillz: can we start now ?
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  • Abraham: nice
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  • VINNIE: The effect of covid-19 pandemic on Nigeria economy.
    Nigeria, like most countries, will be hit on two fronts. Directly as a result of cases in the country, and indirectly, due to our closeness with - badly hit China, our number one infrastructure financier and trading partner, plus our reliance on global oil prices.

    It is hard for one number to accurately capture the impact, but considering the uncertainties, such as how long the outbreak will last, the effectiveness of current policy measures, and how people and businesses will respond to these measures, there are certain impacts we should understand.For Nigeria, the country is still sluggishly grappling with recovery from the 2016 economic recession which was a fall out of global oil price crash and insufficient foreign exchange earnings to meet imports. In the spirit of economic recovery and growth sustainability, the Nigerian federal budget for the 2020 fiscal year was prepared with significant revenue expectations but with contestable realizations. The approved budget had projected revenue collections at N8.24 Trillion, an increase of about 20% from 2019 figure. The revenue assumptions are premised on increased global oil demand and stable market with oil price benchmark and oil output respectively at $57 per barrel and 2.18 Million Barrels Per Day.
    Nigeria, where revenue from oil production is 31% of the 2020 budget revenue and oil accounts for 90% of foreign exchange - the effect of the sharp and persistent fall in oil price will lead to cuts in government spending and net exports, two critical components of economic output.

    The Minister of Finance already announced that there will be cuts to non-critical capital expenditure. If oil prices don’t stabilize soon enough, critical expenditure like roads could also take a hit. On the private sector end, fewer dollars - normally earned from oil sales - will be available for Nigerians to import goods and services. This is particularly worrisome given the lack of foreign reserves to supply the system. Our dollar reserves at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have dropped from $45 billion last year summer to $35 billion today.As a result of the shortage in foreign exchange earnings, the CBN has "devalued" the naira from an official rate of ₦307 to ₦360 per dollar. The dollar exchange rate for foreign investors was also changed from ₦360 to ₦380.

    The devaluation, or as the CBN called it, realignment, has been praised by experts as it leads to the bossom alignment between Nigeria's multiple exchange rates. It also allows the Nigerian government to earn more naira from its currently low dollar oil sales. One barrel of oil at $30 nows gives the government ₦10.8 billion, an increase from ₦9.2 billion at ₦306.
    Furthermore:The emergence of COVID-19 and its increasing incidence in Nigeria has called for drastic review and changes in the earlier revenue expectations and fiscal projections. Compared to events that led to recession in 2016, the current state of the global economy poses more difficulties ahead as the oil price is currently below US$30 with projections that it will dip further going by the price war among key players in the industry. Unfortunately, the nation has grossly underachieved in setting aside sufficient buffers for rainy days such as it faces in the coming days. In addressing these daunting economic challenges, the current considerations to revise the budget downward is inevitable. However, certain considerations that are expected in the review must not be left out. The assumptions and benchmarks must be based on realizable thresholds and estimates to ensure optimum budget performance, especially on the non-oil revenue components.
    Similarly:cutting expenditures must be done such that the already excluded group and vulnerable are not left to bear the brunt of the economic contraction. The economic and growth recovery program which has the aim of increasing social inclusion by creating jobs and providing support for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society through investments in social programs and providing social amenities will no doubt suffers some setbacks. Besides, the downward review of the budget and contractions in public spending could be devastating on poverty and unemployment. The last unemployment report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) ranks Nigeria 21st among 181 countries with an unemployment rate of about 23.1%. The country has also been rated as the poverty capital of the world with an estimated 87 million people living on less than $2 a day threshold.
    The decision to cut the retail price of gasoline under a price modulation arrangement is a welcome development. The cut is expected to curb rising inflation, especially food price inflation which will mainly benefit the poor. However, rather than the price capping regime introduced, by which it is expected of the Petroleum Products Price Regulation Agency (PPPRA) to constantly issues monthly guide on appropriate pricing regime. It is expected that the government will use this opportunity to completely deregulate the petroleum industry in line with existing suggestions and reports. In the event that the global economy becomes healthier and crude oil prices increases, the government might return to the under-recovery of the oil price shortfall by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). A policy that annually costs the government huge revenue and recurring losses to the NNPC.While this move will reduce the dollar required to meet foreign exchange demands, it also has negative effects on Nigeria’s equity and fixed income markets. With the naira losing value to the dollar, foreign investors are more reluctant to hold naira-denominated assets and as such, more inclined to sell off their naira assets.

    The stock market has already taken a hit as a result of the virus. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) lost ₦2.3 trillion in the three weeks after Nigeria's first case - an 18% drop.
    Moreover: Another big hit to the economy and perhaps, the most direct hit will come from the restrictions on movement around the world and in Nigeria. The shutdown of offices and non-essential businesses will reduce productive effort and output. Take as examples, the closure of a Chinese fabric manufacturing company that produces input for a Nigerian fashion line or the shutdown of bars in Lagos. In both cases, Nigerian businesses will be required to slow down or halt production. As regards to the stay-at-home policies and the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, non-essential commodities will be less sought after.
    Conclusively:Basically, the Nigerian government essentially must lead economic diversification drive. It is one practicable way to saddle through the current economic uncertainties and instabilities. What the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic should further offer the Nigerian economic managers and policymakers, is that the one-tracked, monolithic reliance on oil is failing. Diversification priorities to alternative sectors such as agriculture, solid minerals, manufacturing and services sectors, should be further intensified.
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  • masdanion: pls like my essay in the challenge
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  • Precious: Preventive measures against COVID 19 : facts and fiction.
    It is no news that the corona virus, often referred to as COVID 19 is now the world's major problem. Thousands of people get infected everyday as people die in their hundreds. A lot of attention have been diverted to reduce the number of daily reported cases. The world health organization has reported that the united States of America has the largest death and infected cases. America used to be the world most reliable health facilitator with a balanced technological equipment but is now gradually moving down the trend and is also a course for alarm to developing countries like Nigeria. The truth remains that a lot of people in Nigeria will remain uninfected if and only if certain measures are taken to combat this pandemic.
    Actually, this virus has similar symptoms with a lot of disease among us. Firstly, it starts with an itchy throat resulting to sore throat which gradually moves to cough and then to whizzing. The patient will also have high fever. The intensity of the cough continues to increase as well as the fever. At this stage, coming in contact with body fluids of the patient such as saliva or sweat or being close to the person while coughing can also send you to the same condition. That is why the National center for disease control (NCDC) has pleaded with everyone to report suspected cases of the virus for quarantining. The incubation period for the virus is 14 days.
    As mentioned earlier, a lot of people in Nigeria and the world at large will remain uninfected if the following preventive measures are observed.
    Firstly, everyone should embrace the culture of hand washing under a running water with soap for at least 20 seconds. In a situation where there is no running water available, a hand sanitizer should be as used. It must be noted that sanitizers are the hands only and not for any other part of the body.
    Simultaneously, we must avoid touching our eyes, nose and face with our hands.
    Also,we must learn to cover our mouth while coughing or sneezing with a disposable tissue paper or with the flex elbow.
    Concurrently, we must eat healthy food with great supply of vitamin C in our daily diet. We must feed on alkaline and healthy food because as you know, no disease can survive in an alkaline environment. Fruits such as avocado pear, orange, pineapple, tangerine and many more should be included in our due diet.
    Conclusively, we must keep our environment clean. If all preventive measures are adhered to and the environment is kept clean, we can be assured of a better and safer life. Always remember to stay safe.
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  • David: indeed is no news that the covid 19 pandemic has put to an hold activities.
    people are been restricted to movement up and down and are be confined to their respective homes, so as to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.
    as a result of this, so many things has been unhold such as:
    1. Going to place of worship for christians and muslims
    2. gardering of crowd and so on and so forth
    so to say this pandemic has affected Teachers, Lecturers and Students.
    we hope in no distance time from now this come to an end and everything return to normancy.
    We should abide by the instruction been given so as to avoid been infected
    by washing of our hands and distancing our self from people or the crowd.
    stay safe
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  • Yetunde: Please where are we going to write it?
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    A Great thing has happened.
    The world is experiencing a very fatal condition today known as Covid19 virus which kills like the death season of chicken. It is an airborne disease which is transferred through sneezing and other means. The virus has no cure as of now, so individuals are to stay safe by prevention motive.
    To avoid being infected individuals are :
    1. Wash your hands frequently in a running water
    2. Observe social contact distance
    3. Use alcohol base hand sanitizer. These way, you are sure of 98% free from this deadly virus.
    Stay safe.
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  • Sabiu ishiyaku: Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water. Avoid touching your face & high-contact surfaces to prevent coronavirus spread. Take Responsibility!
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    There is currently no vaccine for Covid 19, and we ought to try our possible best to keep away from this virus because prevention they say is better than cure.
    The whole world is in total chaos because of this bizarre virus that has killed a lot of people in the last few months, this virus as we all know doesn't discriminate between the younger ones or the aged or the first world countries and the developing ones, as a matter of fact, elderly people and people with chronic health problem like asthma, heart failure etc have the tendency to contact this virus and it common symptoms inculde fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. Let us all quarantine ourselves for the period of 14 days as the National center for disease control (NCDC) earlier stated to prevent this virus from further spreading and killing our generation.
    In this period of great chaos, let us all kneeel down and pray to our Creator to heal our land, he alone is the healer of all infirmities, the vaccine to this virus, let us all seek his face and he will made whole the people with the virus and heal our land.
    To prevent this virus from further spreading the following must be observed,
    Wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water and apply the acoholic based hand rub to prevent this virus and apply this method at least every 30 minutes.

    When one coughs or sneeze, one is likely to spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain the virus and if you are too close, you are likely to breath in the liquid droplet which might contain the virus if the person coughing has the virus, so we all are expected to maintain at least 1 metre distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing and make sure your face mask doesn't leave your face.

    Avoid touching your face: this is a very Herculean task as is not possible for a human being not to touch his or her face that is why you are advised to wash your hands always and apply the hand sanitizer so even if you must touch your face ie nose,eyes or mouth, you won't contact the virus because hands touch many surface and can pick up the virus, and once contaminated, hands can easily transfer the virus to your eyes,nose or mouth, from there, the virus can enter your body and make you sick. So to avoid using your hand to make yourself sick, if you must touch your face make sure you wash your hands and sanitizer them to keep your hands in safe condition to touch your face.

    Make sure you, and the people around you maintain good respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze, then dispose of the used tissue immediately, this is because droplets spread virus and by following good respiratory hygiene, you protect the people around you from viruses such as cold, flu and Covid 19.

    Avoid touching door handles when opening the door rather use your elbow to push it open and avoid touching the stair rails when climbing as you might easily get the virus with your hands

    You can keep away from this virus, when you avoid shaking hands with people because this virus can be spread by shaking hands rather greet people with a wave, a nod or a bow. Avoid wearing rubber gloves because regularly washing your bare hands offers more protection against catching Covid 19 than wearing gloves, you can still pick up covid 19 on rubber gloves if you touch your face, the contaminatiom goes from your glove to your face and infect you.

    Protect yourself and the people around you from getting sick by washing your hands after coughing or sneezing, when caring for the sick, before, during and after you prepare food, before eating,after toilet use,when hands are visibly dirty, after handling animals or animal waste, expose yourself to hot temperature, avoid taking cold stuff,drink more of hot water and eat hot food.
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  • Estherinyang: Please like my eassy thanks
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  • Rosie: Hello..
    Trust y'all doing good
    God bless y'all

    Please am soliciting for likes and comments for my essay
    it's on page 30-oldest of the essay site..
    Its the second to the last essay there..

    thanks a lot and God bless you
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  • Rosie:

    this is the link pls...mine is on page 30-oldest
    second to the last essay🙏🙏🙏
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    In the twinkle of an eye the whole world is in turbulence; shouts of happy quarantine fill the air. Corona virus which was tagged with the name COVID- 19, was discovered lately in China, then spreaded into all nations of the world. The cause of this is yet to be found though are laying different ideas as to how it manifested. Some declared it to be man-made while some; spiritual but the fact still remains that virtually no one truly knows the cause of this pandemic. This pandemic is ominous in China, where it was discovered, Italy and the United States of America. It is inauspicious that the nations of the world especially Nigeria lacks the resources to cope in this pandemic.
    To all intents and purposes, the possible effects of the COVID- 19 pandemic on the Nigerian economy are breathtakingly vast.
    So, in the following subsequent paragraphs the possible effects of this pandemic are uncovered.
    To start with, there will be increase dependence on global economies for fisal revenues, foreign exchange in flows, pbysical deficit, funding and capital flows required to sustain the nation's economy. As we all know Nigeria to be a country dependent on other countries, how will she cope in this pandemic? It is obvious that her dependence on other countries will be intensed. There will be no source of generating revenues and incomes.
    Likewise, the greatest means of generating national income and foreign exchange which is crude oil sales, what will become of it when all the major sectors of the economy in which the country depends on is no longer functioning? With this problem, how will the government allocate it's budget? It is obvious that the economy of Nigeria will die since its greatest pillar the oil sector has siezed working. How will Nigeria tide over this pandemic? It is certain that crude oil and petroleum fractions will have upset prices.
    Another effect to look into is the problem of high- mortality rate. Lately, I have heard some people saying "it is not this virus that will kill Nigerians rather it is hunger". When the government established the "no movement" order it did not dawn on them that there were so many people out there who work on daily basis and depend solely on their daily incomes, hence, food should be made available for them. What will become of those people? Majority of the Nigerian citizens will die of hunger and starvation which will lead to increased amount of recorded death. Though the restriction of movement was put in place in our favour and most basically, for the protection of Nigerians but there were no adequate provision facilities put in place to eradicate hunger .
    Also, there will be an increased rate of corruption in the country. Different tactics will be developed by man to survive this pandemic. There will be high rate of assassination, pickpocketing, robbery, etc. In my neighborhood lately, there have been different cases of theft and begging, "man no die , man no rotten and man must chop" slang have been blowing in the air. This implies that by whatsoever means whether good or bad, they must find an alternative. The rate of corruption will be high with chaos everywhere.
    Fall in the standard of education is another effect to put into proper consideration. It has been over two weeks already, yet, students are not going to school. Students are vulnerable to forgetting majority of the knowledge they have acquired; their brains become highly volatile. This COVID- 19 pandemic has greatly affected the education system. The students writing waec this year are living with their hearts in their mouths, the ambitious of many are at stake.
    Also, due to this corona virus pandemic, majority of the fundamental human rights have been deprived. Our right to movement, right to free gathering, right to education, right to liberty, etc. have been denied. The rights of humans have been dragged into the mud and their freedom have been denied of them.
    The outburst of this pandemic can also lead to recession. When there is no production of goods and services, there is certainty that the little commodities available in the market will have upset prices due to the fact that there are high demands chasing fewer goods; it might also lead to hoarding of essential goods. If there is recession, the value of money will depreciate. This pandemic might lead to the scarcity of essential goods and services.
    The possible way to wade off the edfacts of the Corona virus are: provision of essential food facilities adequately by the government, enablement of good health care facilities, proper fumigation of the country, etc.
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  • Adeyemo: COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus first identified in December 2019. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known to cause respiratory infections. There is no vaccine yet to prevent COVID-19, and no specific treatment for it, other than managing the symptoms.
    The roles of the government and citizens in tackling this covid-19 pandemic are stated below.
    One of the roles of the government to do in takling covid-19 pandemic.

    Governments are responsible for providing information necessary for the protection and promotion of rights, including the right to health. The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights regards as a “core obligation” providing “education and access to information concerning the main health problems in the community, including methods of preventing and controlling them.” A rights-respecting response to COVID-19 needs to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information about the virus, access to services, service disruptions, and other aspects of the response to the outbreak is readily available and accessible to all.

    In a number of countries, governments have failed to uphold the right to freedom of expression, taking actions against journalists and healthcare workers.
    Governments should also ensure that financial barriers do not prevent people from accessing testing, preventative care, and treatment for COVID-19.
    In an epidemic, avoidance of medical care not only harms those with the illness but also could lead to increased spread of coronavirus.
    All governments have an obligation to ensure that a serious public health crisis does not also become a human rights crisis because people are unable to access adequate medical care. Governments need to take steps to ensure everyone has affordable and accessible medical care and treatment options.
    Governments should ensure that support for vital humanitarian operations carried out by the UN and other aid agencies does not suffer as a result of COVID-19.
    Government should ensure all citizens are at home to avoid contact with each other
    Which can spread the epidemic.
    The government should ensure the citizens are well feeded because all citizens do not have the right to go out because of the the responsibility of the government is to ensure an organization to give out food to the citizens. To do that the citizens should be ordered to stay inside and will be given food stuff to use for the mean time because it can't cater for them till the end of the lockdown.
    The responsibility of the citizens is to follow the ordered layed down by the government in tackling the covid-19 pandemic: example of that is when they say stay at home there are still some people who will still refuse to go out during the lockdown.
    the citizens should trust their government im tackling the covid-19 pandemic because most people did not believed the virus will be eradicate soon including me.
    when their is trust among the government and rhe citizens,the corporation will be ome of the sword in tackling covid-19 pandemic.
    One of the cause of this epidemic according to my own hypothesis the government are not doing their responsibility to the citizens because the citizens should be the first thought of the government they re the leader.
    To say it in simpler way the citizens should be the government why the government should be the citizens,
    the government are supposed to be looking up to their citizens attached their thoughts and their mind to the citizens.
    who re the government isn't it the citizens
    if there is no citizens in a country who re they ruling.
    The citizen should have the right to free of expression, because who re the government ,who should be governed?.
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4 months ago
Solicit for likes? They ruined everything when they said comment with the highest number of likes is one of the criteria for winning. An introverted individual could never win something like this assuming he had only 5 friends.
  • Dende: Yes, I detest making essay with high number of likes the winner but I believe that won't be the only criteria for winning.
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  • VickStorm: It isn't. There are two criteria for winning: One, the essay must be on either of the three subjects/categories earlier stated. Second, it must be among the highest liked articles. So, assuming you got the first part right, 100% and you had only 3 likes because you didn't have plenty friends, you could never win!
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  • Myschool: If you write well you will get more likes, whether or not you're an introvert.
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  • Ayo527: Highest number of likes????
    This is really disappointing from an online educational institution. I have been on My School for 10 years now and I must say this is the first time I'm being disappointed by their content.

    How can you make having the highest number of votes a criteria for winning an essay contest? The logical deduction from this is that if Mr A's essay is way below the quality of my B's essay but Mr A has more likes, then Mr A will automatically win the essay contest. That is really sad.

    A student will spend days on research in order to produce a top notch essay but at the end of the day loses to someone with a less quality essay because he could not get enough number of likes for his essay.

    To me, this looks more like an avenue to get traffic. It's not a bad thing trying to generate traffic for your site, it's only bad when you're doing it to kill creativity and academic research.

    Why not shortlist the best three essays (after carefully reviewing all the entries) and ask people to vote. Then the essay with the highest number of likes is declared as the winning entry. This way, we know that no matter who emerges winner, their essay was quality work.
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  • Jupiter: A very good idea. I stand behind you on this matter
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  • Leo_Osagie: I have been on myschool for 5 years and the idea of soliciting for likes is rather a disappointing way of commending intellectual property. There are other way to generate traffic and boost the views of your website rather than diminish intellectual efforts and content. Rather let the likes carry 5% of the total scoring if at all.
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  • rafaeldomynck: this is a fantastic initiative at this point in time.. On the comment section i've seen a lot of complains on the issue of winning by likes. Rather than adding more complains, I'd like to suggest a better way to go about this.

    The number of words for the essay can be reduced to maybe 180-250 words(like in most scholarahip essays) so it can be easy to set up a panel of judges to read up every essay uploaded and that would test everyone's abilities to produce a masterpiece with smaller words limit(as it should be)

    We shouldnt have to 'solicit' for likes for our intellectual works, it should be read and appreciated instead rather than people setting up accounts to just like and probably comment on a piece thats not worth it because they didn't read through.

    I understand this might be a way to get more people to register on because you can't like if you dont have an account but please you have to think about our efforts in writing the essay.
    The bottomline is, the essays with the highest likes may probably not be in the top 100 best if checked and compared with others because the persons with the best social media network would win it which is unfair if that eventually happens. Thanks

    Raphael Dominic Jr.
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  • delight: Wow.. This is really a wonderful effort by the myschool crew. Bravo!!. I'll be a part of it😌😌☺
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  • Myschool: @Rafael, thanks for your contribution. We will look into your suggestions, and indeed all suggestions, and come out with the final guidelines by Sunday Midnight.
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  • Godwin Itodo: if you want the competition to be won base on merit, tgen the number og likes shoudn't be a criteria because many people and just like a comment without taking their time to read through may be because the where refered to it by a participant so my suggestion is that you get apanel of judges to judge the work of all tge participant and arrive at a winner.

    on the cbt challenge, i suggest tgat instead of using one account for different exams, why not make it one account one exam?
    a friend who think have scored hight to win the competeition may still go on to use his fellow friend account to write thesame exam and submit mutiple time with the aim of making sure him and his friend will both the first, the second and even to the 5th price.
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  • THECEDAR: Thanks for this initiative. The suggestions are somewhat apposite and should not be discarded.
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  • Costa: the like issue will really be a problem i think because its easy to create multiple accounts or use your friends account to like multiple times. i suggi you should have a board tl just read all the essays and sellect the winner .
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  • Promiseudoekong: This is a very nice idea thanks and God bless u . but what i want add there is the idea of "like" becos this will disappoint people from winning. pls kindly look into that...
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  • Iyaniwura: it a very good idea from my school
    am so excited about this
    and would love to participate 🙏🙏
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  • PAUL ONYEMAECHI GODWIN: I suggest the criteria for a winner to be declared must be based on the quality of the essay, its composition, accurate steps taken to write the essay and points given in the essay and mot number of likes....Pls
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  • XenonF: This is good but i think...mathematics shouldnt be compulsory.
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    Thanks to myschool for this great opportunity.
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    That will help to reduce boredom.
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  • OlaWise: Essay writing
    Topic: The Role of Nigerian Government and Citizens in Tackling the covid 19 Crisis.

    Corona virus also called Covid 19 is an RNA viral disease that affects the respiratory system of human beings. It originated from Wuhan China. The disease was discovered in 2019 and so far there has been no vaccine for it.
    llable panic among the citizens of the county. Some states have recorded cases of this virus like Lagos, Ogun, Kastina, Ekiti, Abuja the Central Capital Territory.
    Amidst this crisis, the government and citizens of Nigerian have major roles to play in order to tackie the covid 19 virus.
    Roles of government to tackle covid 19.
    1. The government should be able to create adequate and reliable medical centres and equipments that are able to test for the virus and control the spread. Equipments like hand sanitizer, nose mask, hospital beds, protective clothing for medical personnels, ventilators and other important equipment including enough quarantine centres during the period of the virus.
    2. Government should be able control the social relationship of citizens by implementing a lock down on social gatherings and unnecessary movement, traveling in and out of the country, and religious gathering to an extent.
    3. During the lockdown, there should be provision of relief material to the citizens in order to help them cope and not suffer starvation. There should be supply of food items and medical items when the citizens are in need.
    Roles of citizens
    1. Citizens should first abide by the regulations and instructions given by the government. This is to proctect them from contacting the disease. They should avoid social gatherings and restrict unnecessary movements.
    2. Citizens should report any suspected case or symptoms of covid 19 to the nearest medical centres and are to also isolate themselves for fourteen days if there is a possible chance of having contact the virus.
    3. Citizens are to keep calm and avoid havoc on properties or should not use the crisis period as a means to steal properties or commit crimes. They should be responsible and well behaved. Lastly to pray upon the country from their various homes.
    All agencies should work hard and citizens should obeg the laws so as to fight this crisis together. We can control this together if we worknin unity and love. One Nigeria One love.
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  • Pharmacognosy: My school officials should say something nah. Should we still abide by the above criteria or you have modifications???
    Myschool is no way different from every business organization whose primary aim is profit making. The 'like' criterion will fly for them since it will help create traffic. Participants too will have to log in innumerable times to monitor their progress. This is not actually too bad provided they put measures in place to avoid multiple likes by one person and other tricks associated with liking. This is my take on this matter tho
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    I'm Shadrach E.A. writing on The role of the Nigerian Government and citizens in tackling the Covid-19 crisis.

    Its a great privilege writing on this. The role of the Nigerian Government and citizens in tackling the Covid-19 crisis.
    Corona Virus Disease commonly known as Covid-19 is a deadly disease from China. It has affected so many lives and also cut so many short.
    Covid-19 as it is called has moved down to other part of the world aside China where it is from.
    Now, writing on the role of the Nigerian government and citizens in tackling the Covid-19 crisis.
    As it is well known to we Nigerians, the virus has gotten to the country, its advisable for we all the citizens to adhere to the Government rules.
    The role of the Nigerian government in tackling this should be as follows :
    First, PUT A STOP TO EVERY GATHERING: No one knows anyone with the virus, mostly unusual gathering can lead to the spread of the virus. For example, wedding ceremonies, this is also a gathering of over 50 persons where people get to meet each other as well. As it is well known we ought to avoid handshakes for now because one can get infected through that. And with this gathering, people will get to shake hands with friends and families not knowing anyone with the virus. Same applies to birthday parties and more of unusual gatherings.
    Second, the Nigerian Government should provide ambulance to each and every states in the country. This is because If anyone seems to posses any or all of the symptoms an ambulance should be ready always to take them to a hospital. Without this, it might lead to an irrelevant gathering as well causing people to touch the person without knowing if he/she has the virus.
    Also, the Nigerian Government should ensure there are available hospitals in each states in the country with little or no charge till the pandemic gets over. This being because there might be people possessing the symptoms and needs to know what's really wrong, hospitals should be made available for such persons. Because not everyone can really afford to pay hospital bills.
    While for we the citizens, its important we play our roles as well in order to tackle the Covid-19 crisis. Some of our roles which are as well the preventive measures to this, and they include :
    - wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
    - cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze.
    - avoid close contact with sick people.
    - stay home and self isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell to avoid spreading illness to others.
    - don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean .
    While for the symptoms of the Covid-19, they include :
    - fever;
    - cough and
    - difficulty breathing.
    Pease If we know of any one with this symptoms, such cases should be reported as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
    Shadrach E.A.
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    The outbreak of the virus which began in Wuhan, China has seen to the deaths of over a million people and about thirty thousand confirmed cases in over 196 countries with new countries confirming their first case from time to time. The covid 19 virus is described as an infection that affects the respiratory system causing acute pain among other symptoms like dry throat,high temperature etc. In the wake of this deadly virus,various countries have taken both preventive and proactive steps in curtailing the further spread on this pandemic. These steps,however have cost countries heavy financial output as it's impacts are already suggesting for a global recession.
    For Nigeria,the situation is no different from other situations around the world. Since Nigeria is a vastly populated country with large resources and an averagely based economy,there are fears that the robust economy might thin out in the eventualies of this pandemic.

    There are evidences already informing the dwindling of our economy as the country continues to feel the impact of COVID 19.

    The foremost impact of the pandemic on the economy of Nigeria is the fall in price of crude oil and it's low demand. Nigeria's IGR has over eighty percent dependency on crude oil. This is certainly not a good time with the low records of sales, Nigeria experiencing her lowest benchmark of the commodity in order to compete with oil producing countries and ultimately the ongoing tussle between Russia and OPEC. This has adversely affected the economic balance of our government as there are already signs suggesting for a national recession if adequate measures are not taken.

    Also, Nigeria's vulnerability to these external shocks can be linked to continued dependencies on foreign exchange inflows and capital flows required to sustain the nation's economy. Nigeria supply chain from advanced countries like USA, China, France etc has been affected as these countries have resorted to closure of their factories, imposing travel ban and total country lock down to prevent the spread of this pandemic. This can give rise to inflation as local goods will automatically skyrocket.

    Nigeria like other countries has adopted the total shutdown of most states. The lockdown has brought untold hardship to the common citizens. Although the government has modalities for palliatives and relief materials, this step is at a snail speed as there are already agitations based on sufferings and hunger.

    In conclusion, the effects of this pandemic has scathing impact on Nigeria economy and if adequate steps are not put into consideration on how the economy can be boosted to regain a gigantic stand, there might be an event worse than economic recession- a mixture of fears,violent protest and retrogression of our economy.
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  • masdanion: how will the money be sent to us?
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  • masdanion: in have lost my chance in the cbt, this idea of likes i dont like it, but i have no choice so i want to beg you all just to like my essay which will soon be posted please, help a bro
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  • Joel123: The Role of the Nigerian Government and Citizens in Tackling the COVID 19 Crisis.

    The Nigerian goverment and its citizens can be able to talkle this deadly diseases names “CORONA VIRUS” by several means but everyone must have to work together with pure heart and one aim if not none of us will be able to come out of this Crisis alive.
    The Government has asked the citizens to stay at home and avoid social gathering that they should’nt go out unless they have a very important and relevant reason to do so but we all are aware that most Nigerians can’t feed themselve nor their family unless they go out everyday so in such critical situation that the country is involved in it would be hard for these people to stay at home because they might not have anybody that will give them money or food items to help them out of this situation that everyone has been asked to stay indoors for them to abide by this law the government is supposed to give out some money or food stuffs to them that will be able to cover the two weeks if not it would be hard for them to obey the law issued out by the government and this will cause alot of problems for the Government and the citizens in a way that most people might even die before the contacting the VIRUS, Military men have been sent out to different part of the country to make sure everyone is indoor but that wont stop people from coming out cus they need to survive but if the government gives support to the Nigeria citizens atleast that would make a great impact and the world itself will know that the Nigerian government do care about its people and wont let them down in this “Trying Times”.

    As for the citizens news and lots of informations has sent out through the media telling everyone to “Sanitize and constantly wash their hands too prevent “COVID19 INFECTION” they should put on their face mask and make sure to avoid social gathering because by doing this it will prevent the spread of “CORONA VIRUS”

    At this point in time the Federal Government needs to focus more on hospitals and provide them with modernlised medical facilities so that if a citizen happens to have the virus the case can be quickly attended to and the person will recover on time because right now anybody can contact the VIRUS whether the rich or poor thats a more reason why drastic measures should be taken to fight against the “VIRUS” if the government pays no attention to it before you know it the all country will be in great danger thats why the Government and the Citizens needs to work together to fight against “COVID19”...

    Most citizens who are marketers and into different businesses this isnt the time for us to inflate prices of goods but we should look for a way to make things more easier for those currently at home, So there is no need for much talk if the Government and the citizens work hand in hand they will be able to kick out “CORONA VIRUS” out of Nigeria.
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  • Shadrach EA: Please help like my essay🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    Corona virus which is well known as covid 19 has been a dreadful disease that
    Has affected the lives of people both national and international.The deadly
    Disease originates from china, and the symthomps of the disease have been
    Made clear which are fever, cough, difficulty in breathing.It has been recorded
    That the deadly disease has no cure or vaccine for its treatment.Currently, the
    Disease has affected some states within the country, and this is where the
    Government and the citizens come to play an important role in tackling the
    Corona virus disease.
    The role of the nigerian government in tackling covid 19 involves securing
    Food supply, Adequate provision of health care facilities, And also Ensuring
    Great support of cash funds to themasses .It is the duty of the government
    To make sure that there is constant food supply to the masses.The law has
    Been passed that everyone should stay indoors or seat at home as the case
    May be In other not to contact the disease.For the disease to be eradicated,
    There is need for the nigerian government to set up teams that will take
    Part in the distribution of food to the masses.
    However, The nigerian government need to take part in the adequate provision
    Of health care facilities.It is the right of the government to make sure that the
    Citizens do not lack medical care by providing the necessary materials such
    As hand sanitizers, nose mask, hospital beds and clothings as well.
    It is of great importance that the nigerian government ensures great support
    Of cash funds to the citizens so as to keep them going in the long term of the

    The Citizens has a major role to play in tackling covid 19 crisis.As citizens ,
    There is need to stand out to this so as to eradicate the corona virus disease
    The role of the citizens in tackling covid 19 involves The frequently washing
    Of hands, Avoilding crowd or maintaining social distancing, Avoild touching
    Of eyes, nose and mouth And always be informed and follow advices given
    By a medical practitioner.

    The citizens need to play there own role in tackling corona virus by frequently
    Washing of hands regularly and also making use of hand sanitizers, nose mask
    And otber essential equipments needed for safety.
    The citizens need to take part to avoild touching of eyes, nose and mouth in other
    Not to contact the disease.
    However, citizens need to always be informed and follow advice given by a medical
    Practitioner.There is a saying that says "if you are not informed, you are deformed".
    Information matters in the life of any individual.citizens are adviced to always obey
    And maintain the rules of the medical practitioners so as to stay safe from the disease.

    In conclusion, The role of nigerian government and the citizens in tackling covid 19 crisis
    Requires togetherness and oneness in the society, there is need for us to stand out together
    Among ourselves so as to prevent the dreadful disease.If there is no oneness among the
    Government and the citizens, prevention of corona virus will be difficult to tackle.The
    Nigerian government and the citizens should maintain and take drastic measures among
    Themselves in other to eradicate the covid 19 crisis.
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    The new Coronavirus (abbreviated as COVID-19) has spread to nearly every country in the world since it first emerged in Wuhan city of China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus are family of viruses that cause illness ranging from common to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The name coronavirus comes from the latin word ‘corona’ meaning crown or halo, under an electron microscope, the looks like it is surrounded by a solar corona.
    According to the WHO, signs and infection include; fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia (an infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs, which may fill with fluid), multiple organ failure and even death. The time between infection and the onset of symptoms range from one to fourteen days, most infected people show symptoms within five to six days. However, infected patients can also be Asymptomatic, meaning they do not display any symptoms despite having the virus in their body systems. Like cold and flu bugs, the virus spread via droplets when a person cough or sneezes, droplets land on surface and picked up on the hands of others and spread further, people catch the virus when they touch their infected hands to their mouth, nose or eyes. In march 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19, a pandemic.
    In Nigeria, the first confirmed cases of the covid-19 pandemic was announced on 27 February 2020, when an Italian citizen in Lagos tested positive for the virus. However, the rise in the number of registered cases is a worrying sign that the authorities must prepare to respond to the worst of the crisis. The Nigerian government has taken some important steps to curb the spread of the virus, including by responding quickly to the country’s first cases and employing extensive efforts to trace other suspected cases or people who may have come in contact with the initial cases. The government also undertook extensive documentation and health checks passengers entering the country before the international travel ban, the authorities in various states and in the Federal Capital Territory began shutting down schools and banning large gathering while the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has rolled out a public health advisory and sensitization campaigns to inform people about the need to practice social distancing and to encourage personal hygiene, including hand washing with running water.
    Beyond the tragic health hazards and human consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, the economic uncertainties disruption that have resulted come at a significant cost to the global economy. Across the world, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has strained health care systems and hit economies hard with few countries expected to merge unscathed by the pandemic financial effect. Nigeria like most countries, will be hit on two fronts. Directly as a result of cases in the county, and indirectly, due to closeness with badly hit China. Therefore, the possible effect of the covid-19 pandemic on Nigerian economy cannot be over emphasize.
    The price of oil hit lowest level in 17 years. In Nigeria, where revenue from oil production is 31% of the 2020 budget revenue and oil accounts for 90% of foreign exchange, the effect of the sharp and persistent fall in oil price will lead to cuts in government spending and not exports, two critical components of economic output. It could lead to cuts non-critical capital expenditure while critical expenditure like roads could also take a hit.
    Consequently, Covid-19 pandemic could slow down the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter of the year which will lead to lose of revenue for companies and individual.
    Another effect could come from the restrictions on movement in Nigeria. The shutdown of offices and non-essential businesses will reduce productive effort and output.
    The stock market has already taken a hit as a result of the virus. The Nigerian stock exchange (NSE) lost #2.3 trillion in the three weeks after Nigeria’s first case- an 18% drop.
    The effect of Covid-19 pandemic could also lead to recession. A shutdown of movement will lead to a massive decline in economic output, income and consumer spending while most recessions are either caused by demand, supply or financial shocks. The stock to demand (restrictions to movement, and uncertainty causing consumers to reduce non-essential spending), to supply (shutdown of factories and factories providers causing a reduction in goods and services produced) and the financial system (disruption in the capital market) could be fatal.
    The impact on Aviation and Tourism sector are a result of the implications of the pandemic as travels discretionary spending by consumers continues to decline, cruise companies and hotels are facing declining in demand and patronage which could cut millions of jobs
    Conclusively, Nigeria has a big economy and a big strong private sector. It is time to draw on the strength of its private sector to combat the virus. Apart form money, the private sector can drive community engagement, communication, procurement and even the manufacturing of drugs and equipment. Consequently, oil price war and the coronavirus pandemic may completely wipe out gains in the Nigerian economy with a growing external debt for Nigeria. Diversification such as agriculture, solid minerals, manufacturing and services sectors, should be further intensified.
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  • Christopher Emmanuel: As many of our countries are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 the strain on our governments is extreme, and the impact on people all over the world continues to grow. At OGP our first steps have been to take proactive measures to protect our own team, and to adjust the timelines and expectations around OGP participation – such as postponing Open Gov Week events to later in the year and replacing the activities planned for May 3-10 with a series of online community events (more details coming soon). We will continue to assess whether we need to take further action as this crisis evolves.
    See Examples of OG Approaches |
    Submit an Example | Read OGP’s Message to the Community on Coronavirus
    We also know that many of us in the open government community are looking for ways to help and to apply the principles of transparency, accountability, and participation to the COVID-19 response. It is in moments of disaster response and relief that the values of open government can come under intense pressure, but can also meaningfully contribute to better outcomes.
    We believe the best role for OGP right now is to help create an open space for the community to share where they see open government approaches to tackling COVID-19 being implemented, either by governments themselves or civil society, citizens or the private sector.
    To get things started, we encourage you to share examples that may cover some of the following categories:
    Citizen-led community responses, including neighborhood volunteer groups and neighborhood associations, clergy, teachers or others helping to inform the public on the risks and needed steps.
    Participatory disaster response strategies, including working with civil society and citizens.
    Building trust between government and citizens, including through strong communications and focusing on reaching vulnerable communities with the information they need.
    Transparency over forecasting models and data that are influencing government’s strategies.
    Digital platforms or apps to keep citizens informed, enable public participation and/or offer open data; Digital tools to enable public participation.
    Digital and/or crowdsourced provision of public and government services.
    Protecting data rights and privacy as corporations help lead the response in many countries.
    Tackling misinformation and disinformation online.
    Publishing proactive information for affected communities, including economic and social support.
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  • Christopher Emmanuel: ESSAY
    Topic: The Role Of The Nigerian Government And Citizens In Tackling The Covid 19 Crisis

    As many of our countries are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 the strain on our governments is extreme, and the impact on people all over the world continues to grow. At OGP our first steps have been to take proactive measures to protect our own team, and to adjust the timelines and expectations around OGP participation – such as postponing Open Gov Week events to later in the year and replacing the activities planned for May 3-10 with a series of online community events (more details coming soon). We will continue to assess whether we need to take further action as this crisis evolves.
    See Examples of OG Approaches |
    Submit an Example | Read OGP’s Message to the Community on Coronavirus
    We also know that many of us in the open government community are looking for ways to help and to apply the principles of transparency, accountability, and participation to the COVID-19 response. It is in moments of disaster response and relief that the values of open government can come under intense pressure, but can also meaningfully contribute to better outcomes.
    We believe the best role for OGP right now is to help create an open space for the community to share where they see open government approaches to tackling COVID-19 being implemented, either by governments themselves or civil society, citizens or the private sector.
    To get things started, we encourage you to share examples that may cover some of the following categories:
    Citizen-led community responses, including neighborhood volunteer groups and neighborhood associations, clergy, teachers or others helping to inform the public on the risks and needed steps.
    Participatory disaster response strategies, including working with civil society and citizens.
    Building trust between government and citizens, including through strong communications and focusing on reaching vulnerable communities with the information they need.
    Transparency over forecasting models and data that are influencing government’s strategies.
    Digital platforms or apps to keep citizens informed, enable public participation and/or offer open data; Digital tools to enable public participation.
    Digital and/or crowdsourced provision of public and government services.
    Protecting data rights and privacy as corporations help lead the response in many countries.
    Tackling misinformation and disinformation online.
    Publishing proactive information for affected communities, including economic and social support.
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  • Danny: Roles of the Government and Citizens of Nigeria in tackling the COVID-19 crisis

    The COVID-19 virus which has in recent times gained ground in Nigeria, following the enormously alarming increase in the number of infected and deceased patients, is a pandemic which until one or two months back was strange and probably unheard of to the average Nigerian. Well, quite unfortunately, it has taken just under that time for an estimated number of Two Hundred and Fifty-Four to be infected, another Six people confirmed dead, and a dismal Forty Four tested negative and subsequently discharged from whatever isolation centre they were being held at. It has also taken just that little while for various articles and publications, most of them bearing false news to spring up and circulate everywhere, amongst the innocent, almost ignorant public, thus spreading scary and unverifiable rumors and instilling fear in the hearts and minds of citizens. Of course, not all news making the rounds are false, but on close observation, its is discover that these false, scary stories tend to be believed more, only for the simple reason that Nigerians feel that any information which doesn't project the worst, and only the worst is aimed at playing down the dangers of the pandemic and putting them off their guard. There are many arguments in favour of this line of reasoning and many more against it, which I would definitely not go into right now, ad it'd be a deviation from the bone of contention, but the fear instilled in citizens by these rumors is a surer, quicker killer than the virus is.
    Having established a few points which I believe is the basis for this piece of writing, I would now go ahead to talk about the roles of the Government and Citizens of Nigeria in successfully combating the COVID-19 crisis. Most, if not all citizens seem to think it is enough to sit at home and let the Government tackle and subdue the crisis arising from the outbreak of the pandemic. Much as these citizens are following directives issued by the Government in order to contain the alarming spread of the virus, it would make a great difference if some or more of them put in efforts towards the eradication of the virus, no matter how little. My point ultimately being that the Government, as well as the citizenry have roles to play in tackling this crisis. These roles, I would briefly talk about in the following sections.

    1. Role of the Government in tackling the COVID-19 crisis

    The Government, much as it is making considerable efforts could actually do better, owing to the fact that before the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria, it had already starting wreaking havoc in certain countries, and other countries which at that point hadn't been attacked yet, should have learnt one or two things regarding either the containment of the virus or the prevention of its spread. That said, I would now list the roles of the Government in tackling the virus which I have divided into three subsections;

    * Roles of the Government in tackling the COVID-19 crisis during the Pre-Corona Era.

    During the period when the pandemic broke out in the Western Countries and the time it broke out in Nigeria, the Government should have done one or all of the following:

    - Borders, Sea and Air Ports, especially International ones should have been shut down. Inbound Vessels and Aircraft, cancelled and/or turned back and immigrants, prevented from gaining access to the country. This would have kept the disease at bay as the Italian who was believed to be the first confirmed case in Nigeria wouldn't have even stepped into the country.

    - Medical Experts, knowledgeable researchers in the fields of biology, disease control and management and any other related fields should have been consulted, given known facts, a conducive work environment, necessary equipments and apparatus and should have been allowed to wrack their brains, share ideas and pool their opinions on how best the situation should have been tackled, right from the start.

    * Roles of the Government in tackling the COVID-19 crisis during the Corona Era.

    After the outbreak, which the Government was unable to prevent due to their lack of foresight, low level of preparedness and their belated prevention measures, the Government should have or should be doing the following to contain further spread of the virus:

    - Awareness and Enlightenment programs should be organized on a very large scale. The citizens should be educated on what the corona virus actually is, the facts and fictions following it, how it could be contracted and how contraction can be prevented. These programs should be taken to all parts of the country, especially to those in the rural parts who may not have Television sets and Radio sets to enable them pick up broadcasts and the likes

    - Isolation Centres should be set up in every state and IG possible, at least, two or more in every state, strategically placed to effectively cover all parts of the state, attend to the teeming populace and at the same time, prevent overcrowding in the centres, thus ensuring that every patient who finds him or herself in these centres receives the utmost care and attention

    - Relief materials which would help the citizens stay comfortably at home without starving should be provided for and evenly distributed amongst the citizens. In recent times, gory videos of men and women being beaten and chased around by armed men of the various enforcement agencies because they were seen out on the streets, in defiance to the self-isolation, stay-at-home order have filled the internet, begging the questions; 'Are the armed law enforcement agents trying to bring death upon the citizens before the virus does that?' and; 'Do citizens not like their lives enough to stay in their houses in order to prevent them from being infected with the virus?'. Well, the answers to both questions are; 'No' and 'No'. But in a situation where citizens are asked to stay at home, shut off from their means of livelihood, with no source of income and no efforts being made by the issuers of these orders to provide relief materials to help support the citizens, you find out that they tend to leave the shelter of their homes in search of ways and means of feeding their families, thus inviting the wrath of the armed enforcement agents, who following instructions to keep citizens off the streets, descend on them none too easily. This simple explanation is the reason for both occurrences mentioned above and the answer to both questions, the simple solution being the provision of food stuff, toiletries and basic amenities which the citizens have been shut off from, at least, for the period of the self-isolation and stay-at-home exercise.

    - Health and disease-containment experts should still be consulted, provided with good working environment where they would either try to find a cure or develop a vaccine. Their advice which I'd consider sound, due to the many years spent in and out of med. school, taking classes, doing research, carrying out experiments and generally practicing, should be strictly adhered to for the quick and efficient eradication of the virus.

    - Lastly for this section, the Government should not neglect the rich variety and endowments of the Nigerian Forests. The Senior Pastor, Dominion City Worldwide once said, and I quote; 'There is no ailment whose cure and/or prevention can't be found in a Nigerian forest or bush'. Herbs, Leave, Roots and Spices are so often ignored in deference to the western tablets, suspensions and capsules, when in fact, our redemption might actually lie in those ignored herbs, which many deem unhealthy. Botanists and Herbalist should also be taken into the employ of the Government and given same conducive work environment to try and invent a cure or at the very least, a prevention against the virus, which I do not consider an impossible task, given the very intelligent and highly talented citizens with which this country has been blessed.

    * Roles of the Government in tackling the COVID-19 crisis during the Post-Corona Era.

    Here, there are very few points I'd make and all would be directed at preventing such pandemics as the COVID-19 or anything as bad from occurring again.

    - First, medical screening should always be carried out on foreigners seeking to gain entrance into the country, especially immigrants who intend staying a while. Although this would seem a herculean task, it is achievable. This is where the brains of those in the science and technological fields are employed and harvested. Today, there are varieties of machines, used at air and sea ports by the customs and check-in officials. Some of these machines have the capability to scan for and find incriminating materials on the person of a traveller in under thirty seconds, or a minute at most, while some others can scan the bags of travellers and detect objects or substances not permitted to be brought into or taken out of the country in even less time. With the right brains, essential infrastructure and the needed equipments and apparatus, I believe a few modifications can be made to such machines to enable them scan for and find harmful and dangerous diseases lurking inside d bodies of travellers in a matter of seconds. This and other inventions like it would enable the Nigerian Government to keep the borders open, yet, relatively safe, while also putting the country on the world map, increasing its economic, social and indeed, intellectual rating amongst other countries. And I dare say it would be worth whatever it costs; financially, infrastructurally and otherwise.

    - The already established isolation centres, if possible should be retained, properly managed and kept effective. This would help to very quickly contain such diseases, should they by any means, at any time break out again. In this way, the spread would be controlled and then there would be no need to put up new isolation centres, thus reducing the delay in response to another outbreak... Always providing that there is another outbreak.

    - Finally; free, periodic health test should be organized by the Government, drugs prescribed and severe cases admitted to hospitals and treated accordingly... At no cost to the citizens.
    All of these seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved by a determined, corrupt-free government and a cooperative citizenry.

    Very briefly now, I'm gonna talk about the roles of the citizens, which are not as much as those of the Government but which are equally as important, necessary and quite effective... In my opinion, the word 'citizen' is broad and all encompassing. It doesn't just refer to the general public or the families making up the communities that make up the many regions that eventually make up this country. Members of the Governing bodies, both at the Federal and State level, members of the law enforcement agencies and members of the many religious bodies, are all citizens. This fact having been established, I would like to point out the fact that much as the singular, run-of-the-mill working class citizen, the student, the trader or the old and retired have roles to play in combating the virus, the religious bodies, the N.G.O's and indeed every other organization, profitable or otherwise situated in this country has a role to play in effectively tackling the virus.
    In the case of the regular citizens as mentioned above, good personal hygiene is the best he or she can do for him or herself, his or her family and for the country at large. Regular hand washing, sneezing into bended elbows, use of hand sanitizers, keeping ones hands away from the vital orga s of the face, social distancing and self isolation are the basic principles of keeping oneself safe from the pandemic. Also, citizens should desist from sharing fake, unverifiable rumors on social media platforms, either by write-ups, false, edited, made-up videos, untrue voice notes and the likes that tend to instil fear in and mislead other innocent, unsuspecting citizens. Citizens should also try as much as possible to adhere to instructions issued by the Government, despite how difficult adherence may seem and Citizens should try not to get into heated arguments and/or fights with Government officials, especially the armed law enforcement agents. Better safe than sorry, you know? So to avoid mayhem and loss of life and property not caused by the pandemic, citizens should try their best to he obedient and show conformity to instructions. This is also time for the church, the NGO's and every other humanitarian organization of one form or the other to live what they preach. Churches on lockdown with spacious auditoriums could donate their spaces to the Government for use as isolation and quarantine centres, at least, until the lockdown is called off and the ban on movements and gatherings lifted. The more prosperous churches could Aldo assist in the provision of relief materials. They could start from their members and spread the love outwards to others. These are very trying times and we all have to pool our resources together and ensure that we as well as others survive these times. All hand should be on deck and all tendencies of laziness, corruption and/or selfishness should be put aside in order for the country to pull through.
    In conclusion, I'd like to commend the Government and Citizens of this great country for their endurance and longsuffering in these times. I'd also like to appreciate the Government for all of its efforts in combating the pandemic and at the same time, remind them that a little foresight would have saved the country a lot of all this stress, but to keep up the good work as their efforts would be rewarded soon. I would also love to thank the MySchool Team and use this medium provided by them to encourage both the Government and Citizens alike and enjoin everyone to do as much as they can, as long as it is within their power, to ensure that this thing is brought under wraps.
    Its is my belief and I'm sure, the belief of every citizen of this Nation that soon, these times would be just another entry in our history books... Thank You
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  • Gbemyye: can i participate in the essay competition only or i must take the quiz also?
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  • Rosie:

    Please like my essay on page 30-oldest
    It's the second ro the last essay on the page
    That's the link above pls🙏🙏🙏
    Thanks alot and God bless you
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  • kendella01: has it occured to the management of that most times 'likes' are bought? Desperate contestants could go extra miles to acquire likes and that could result in unhealthy competitions among contestants.
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4 months ago
It's a very good idea, but myschool, remember that we are totally discouraged by the idea of winning by number of likes. My question is, how will you know when someone used multiple accounts just to like his/her own essay? Many of us will not even participate, lest their time, energy and resources will not drain down. You are suppose to judge, or choose contestants for us to vote. Please think about it.

Secondly, I suggest MATHEMATICS be optional with PHYSICS, especially for the sake of many of the science students.
Please myschool, take action.
  • julius: i have been on my school for almost 5years now and i can say this is a great idea at this season o covid-19 pandemic but please kindly look into the issue of soliciting for likes
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  • Oluwwasheun: All of us were taught Mathematics in Secondary @Jupiter.
    That should not be a problem
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  • CapitalistAbdussalamolamilekan: I can't access the quiz competition. please how do i ?
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  • sonia: @oluwwasheun, I agree that we all did mathematics in school but some of us didn't just finish secondary school, for some it has been years now. And we are more conversant with other science subjects and can only remember maths at a basic level. So I think @Myschool should really rethink maths being compulsory
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4 months ago
I would like to say "i love myschool"
your indifatigable approach towards educational elevation is laudatory
it would really be of your interest that many pens have risen to materialise the inscription beyond.
But why would number of likes be their dehorter?
is there no other measure besides 'number of likes'..
like my friends above,the collation of top 5 best articles by myschool would be a great induction towards achieving an even-handed conclusion,then could their be an avenue for voting the collated files..
please think about that myschool..
let us not leave so many hearts dissappointed after much efforts exhausted..
God bless myschool and all optimistic members in this forum..
more grace..
  • Leo_Osagie: What are you saying? In the quest to use verbose english, you must be sure you are communicating. Your sentences do not add up to sense.
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  • Superb: Wow.....! People has turn up my word over there. Thank you all your suggestions. My own may still be amend but I will not exclude it. I will say this on my own that,an individual is allow to participate in either competition not both.
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4 months ago
Emeka izukanne
4 months ago
Yes o, am fully ready for this competition... Please is one allowed to participate in both the essay and the quiz?
4 months ago
This is a very nice initiative by My question is, does the essay submission start on Monday 6th? About the quiz, is it that you can write as many full mode exams at different times to get high marks?
4 months ago
This is a very nice initiative.

Myschol, I'll like to appeal to you guys to make Mathematics Optional, especially for students that are in the biological sciences.
Please, Let's Write Physics in place of maths.
Nice idea myschool
God bless us
PC's dvice
4 months ago
Myschool please substitute maths for the sake of some students who didn't specialize in that area during their UTME.
4 months ago
Wow, this'll be interesting
4 months ago
Nice initiative from myschool👌👌
this is good but myschool how can one will get more likes since everybody is stroggling to partispate on it.
i want to call on myschool to change the system of this programme please
  • Taiye: This is really a great idea, it'll keep many of we student busy, competitive and at the same time create unity among the youth... Thanks to you, but pls reconsider the issue of determining the winner with the numbers of likes..
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ella sani
4 months ago
ummm hi all when are we to submit our essays and where
  • Rosie: Read the's states that the competition will commence by 6th April....a platform will be provided by Myschool for the posting of essays

    Just stay tuned👍
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  • Rosie: Read the's states that the competition will commence by 6th April....a platform will be provided by Myschool for the submission of essays

    Just stay tuned
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  • oreva: should we start posting
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  • manifestor27: this is really a good thing
    pls guys pls vote for me
    vote by clicking like on my essaywhich i post thanks
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  • Princess Isabel: please how do i get to the cbt competition link;is it through the app....?, please i need response as soon as possible.... thanks and please vote for me
    thanks lovelies 😍😊😊
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4 months ago
Wow this amazing thanks to myschool when can we start to submit the essay?
Second 🔡 i had problem with myschool accout i cant remember my password again.
  • ella sani: same how do we do it now
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  • Favy: Emmanuella,when logging in you would see "forget password"click on it
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  • Pharmacognosy: Click forgot password in order to reset your password
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  • Pharmacognosy: Pls how do we get the Airtel 500 mb???
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  • Kizito: Pls how can we get the free 500 MB
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  • Noah d.kulguy: HISTORY
    covid-19 is an infection disease caused by severe acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS-COV-2). The disease was first identified in December 2019in Wuhan, the capital of China Hubei province, and has since spread globally, resulting in the ongoing 2019-20 covid-19 pandemic.
    Total confirmed cases- 1,475,978
    Death- 86,979
    NIGERIA 🇳🇬
    Total confirmed cases- 276
    Death- 6
    Mode of transmission
    The virus is mainly spread during close contact and by small droplets produced when those infected cough, sneeze or talk. Those droplets may also be produced during breathing; however they rapidly fall to the ground or surface and are not generally spread through the air over large distance.But this doesn't mean
    People can't contact this virus through contact with contaminated objects and direct touching to the eye, nose or mouth.This virus can survive on an object surface for 72 hours
    Shortness of breath

    Viral sepsis.
    Acute Respiratory distress
    Kidney failure
    The virus incubation period is
    2-14 days
    Travel, viral exposure via contact
    Hand washing

    Quarantine if you are aware of your contact or recent travel
    I will implore us all to keep to this protective measures
    Ensure social distancing of about 6ft away from the next person
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  • Victoria Echens: The Role of the Nigerian Government and Citizens in Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis.

    The world is in great discord from meltdowns to shutdowns, isolation to quarantines; you name it. A global pandemic accelerating rapidly across the cosmopolitan, cleaving swiftly through the air and taking with it a fraction of the earth. Nigeria as we know is not exempted as She recorded her first case on the 27th February, 2020. However, one can not over emphasize the havoc nor panic this virus has incurred not just on citizens but also on Government to be proactive.
    Apparently, this is not as simple as the virus usually associated with computers or devices, hence; a call for prompt action by every individual lest it spreads. With pandemics comes frantic decisions championed by fear, some of which are widespread like wildfire on the internet. They include;
    * Intake of Garlic or Ginger
    * Consumption of Hot water
    * Consumption of certain drugs like chloroquine and many others.

    The prospect is systemic approach to curbing the virus and protecting lives. This essay encompasses roles to be carried out by both the Citizens and Government with clear outline that separates these two, although when collectively followed produces greater result.

    >Enactment of Precautionary Policies- self isolation as recommended to be one of the precautionary step tends to be problematic, as stalls are still open and petty trades are ongoing. But making movements with surgical masks and continuous washing of hands and encouraging social distancing, we can be protected. Also safe guarding borders, sea ports etc following proper scrutiny.

    >Provision of Amenities and Aids-mostly targeted at rural or impoverished areas, they include; *Constant power supply.
    *Effective dispensation of water from water board to deficient areas.
    *Equal distribution of consumables or cash tokens as need be.
    *Provision of relief materials like mask, sanitizers etc.

    >Facilitate the Electronic sector- due to the lockdown, physical gatherings are limited which affected corporations, churches and even education. Promoting the electronic sector by lowering tariffs on network, maintaining daily online transactions carried out by banks and encouraging online education can restrain citizens from always going out.

    >Observing Human Rights- following the languid response of some citizens to comply with the new rules which have resulted to harassment from officers and even extorting as seen in Cross river state. On the 8th of April the state had a death case where a man was seriously beaten by officials.
    >PRICE GOUGING- following the lockdown, goods are now on the rice for ridiculous amount. Government can help lower or subsidise this inflation by making consumables readily available.
    Most importantly, the Government needs to keep the citizens "abosom" of news and should be accountable to citizens as well as disseminate rightful information. Although, it is quite unfortunate with the fire outbreak from the accountant generals' office and as such trillions of naira can't be accountable for leaving distrust in at the hearts of citizens.

    >Citizens should adhere to rules and follow precautionary steps.
    >Practice and promote good respiratory hygiene. Avoid smoking.
    >Social distancing:- as the virus travels through a short distance before landing, one and half distance is recommended.
    >ALWAYS WASH HANDS especially after touching certain surfaces. Use an alcohol based sanitizer as well and avoid contact with the eyes, nose or face.
    >Self isolate especially when unwell. Be informed at all times.
    >Contact NCDC (Nigerian Centre for Disease Control) when necessary.

    As a moving force, i would want to encourage all Nigerians to "join online campaigns" aimed at sensitizing citizens and shunning fake news.
    Let's stay Safe, for a better Nigeria.
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  • Victoria Echens: i just hope its seen and liked
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    Never has the world witnessed this type of pandemic that affects not only one part of the world but the entire world, and of the 185 countries that have been affected by this pandemic, Nigeria, the giant of Africa has its share of the cake as it has begun to record its own cases. This pandemic has not come only to kill, it has also come to destroy, and by implication, the Nigerian economy. Not being a silent killer, this pandemic has begun to show signs of the measures it is going to take in successfully disrupting the growth of the Nigerian economy. The pathways are none other than the oil sector, the workers’ wages and the poverty crisis.
    Nigeria’s economy is solely dependent on the oil sector. The plan of fully diversifying the economy has not been successful and with the oil sector being Nigeria’s main source of income, any blow to the oil sector will be a greater blow to the economy. Where now does the COVID 19 pandemic come in? With the rise of this pandemic, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), had come together to cut the production of oil as demand and price had begun to fall. Nigeria’s $57 per barrel has now dropped to $27 per barrel with speculations coming up that the price per barrel may still drop to $10. Nigeria’s expectation for 2020 has become unreachable and now instead of claiming ‘the economy will be back on its feet immediately the pandemic is gone’, why not ask ‘what is meant to spur the economy growth when the oil sector collapses?’. The presence of this pandemic has done nothing but to throw the economy of the country into a state of distress.
    Before the arrival of this pandemic, the minimum wage for workers in Nigeria was N18,000 but then an increase was demanded by the workers who felt like they were underpaid for their respective jobs. The wage rate then increased to N30,000. This new minimum wage to many was a blessing, but this pandemic has painted it into less of a blessing. As mentioned earlier, this pandemic brought about a reduction in oil demand and price. The question now is ‘how are the workers supposed to survive when the country’s main source of income has been incapacitated by the pandemic?’. Wouldn’t it have been better if the minimum wage was still N18,000? At least then, workers would have the assurance that they still had something to live by irrespective of how little it was. The presence of this pandemic has also led to the presence of outrageous prices for goods. Its now hard to get a quantity of goods for the same price it was being bought before the arrival of the COVID-19. How much these workers especially those who earn on a daily basis would have loved if the virus didn’t have any effect on their wages but in reality, it has effect on everything no matter how important.
    Nigeria is known for one of its popularly known championship; the headquarter of poverty. This pandemic has made sure not to let this detail pass. With over 195 million persons, it is not news that the government is finding it hard to increase the standard of living of the people. In Nigeria, its now a confirmed fact that the people find it hard to get the necessary three-square meal required for survivor, and those who get it, have to toil day and night to put food on the table. The cost of living in Nigeria is very high so is the cost of surviving. It takes two to tango, so as much as it’s the fault of some of the lazy Nigerian citizens, the government who have turned the citizens to slave in their own country also has a hand in this unpleasant situation the citizens find themselves in as they also neglect their responsibilities as leaders in the pursuit of their own selfish interest. Why then would the COVID-19 not affect the country’s economy when in truth, the poverty level has served as the John the Baptist to this pandemic. As a precautionary measure taken by the government to prevent the spread of the virus, the restriction of the entry of goods and persons by air as appeared has one of the means through which the pandemic is carrying out its destructive mission on the economy. With this restriction, the citizens are left with no choice other than making do with what is available. With a galloping population, this method of eating what you make is proving futile. The food production is being strained with little to no solution. This pandemic has definitely made a right move by using the poverty level to its advantage thereby causing a lot harm to the economy.
    Insecurity has always been an issue the Nigerian government have failed in tackling. This insecurity has come up in the faces of many Nigerians as now we not only have the pandemic to deal with, we now have to deal with hungry and desperate citizens who believe that robbery is their only saving grace. One can definitely say that this issue that is once again serving as a threat to the security of the Nigerian citizens is all thanks to the pandemic.
    This pandemic I believe is more than the eyes meet, it will affect the economy in diverse ways one can’t comprehend. The GDP of the country would gradually decrease, the stock market would wither little by little, the lives of the citizens would be in grave danger and at the end of this whole crisis, the Nigerian economy would be a laughing stock to other countries.
    If we can’t stop the virus, we should stop the other forms it takes
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