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Cat Found Reading Amidst OAU Students

How funny, a cat was spotted with a book in-between it's paws at the Awo cafe of Obafemi Awolowo University campus.

The student went to the cafe to study, when they saw the a cat on an empty bench, this got them amused, so they took photographs of the cat and posted it on their online platforms.

Cat Found Reading Amidst OAU Students

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Comments (11)

8 months ago
That cat must be feeling like netwon right now.
8 months ago
The cat also come to study
8 months ago
Hmm, don't be surprised that cat could also be human, it must had been one of those witches who failed to transform back to human
Victor isoni
7 months ago
Sai cat
6 months ago
guy wait oo shay una never go for prayers and deliverance becouse that na person oo or that one won still 5billion from ur sch

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