Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6 - N300,000 Worth of Prizes To Be Won!

We are pleased to announce Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6. This competition is held by Myschool every year, and this is one of the biggest online students’ contests in Nigeria, where students get to win cash prizes every week. This year, we will be giving out Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300, 000) to the best students in the contest. So if you think you're are a smart student, this is an opportunity to prove it and win prize money.

This year, we will be offering N100,000 worth of MTN airtime to winners. This gesture has been made possible by our brand new competition sponsors, You can buy airtime online from, and get 10% discount on any airtime you recharge. This means you can save up to N2000 daily from buying airtime from them. Check them out at

Myschool CBT Challenge Season 6 - N300,000 Worth of Prizes To Be Won!

The Contest
The aim of the Challenge is to promote learning among Nigerian students and reward academic excellence. It offers students the opportunity to learn, have fun and win awesome cash prizes. This is also our way of giving back to the Nigerian Students, who have been with us over the years. That's as good as it gets.

We specifically urge candidates preparing for external exams like JAMB, WAEC and NECO, to be part of this Challenge as it will help them to easily cover past questions, as well as gain relevant experience and confidence needed to do well in the exam, while also winning cash prizes. Trust me, it's really fun.

We like to share out money to as many students as possible, so each week of the Challenge, cash prizes worth Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000), Activation PINS worth N10,000, and MTN Airtime worth N20,000 will be given out to 30 participants, who will emerge highest scorers in the Full Examination Mode of the Myschool CBT classroom. Once you make it to the Top 30 at the end of each week, you are sure of winning something from Myschool. Better still, if you are among the top 10, you are sure of smiling to the bank. We don't tell stories, ask previous winners.


When Is The Challenge Starting?
The contest will begin 1:00AM Monday, Nov. 4th, 2019 and will last until 12:59AM Monday, Dec. 2nd, 2019. That is, a total of Four (4) weeks. That's not all. Myschool is known to always hold competitions until very close to Christmas, so since the CBT Competition is ending on 2nd Dec, we will be introducing new competitions to ensure more people get prizes until Christmas day. Keep following this website for more updates about the new competitions.


Who is Eligible to Participate?
This Challenge is open to every Nigerian student and it’s 100% free. This means you do not need to pay anything to be part of this. All you need to do is become a member of Click here and Join for free. You need the account to access the Myschool CBT Classroom Exam. But if you are already a member, then you are good to go.


Weekly Cash Prizes
1st Prize – N10, 000 Cash!
2nd Prize – N8, 000 Cash!
3rd Prize – N6, 000 Cash!
4th Prize – N6, 000 Cash!
5th Prize – N4,000 Cash!
6th prize - N4,000 Cash!
7th prize - N3,000 Cash!
8th prize – N3,000 Cash!
9th prize – N3,000 Cash!
10th prize – N3,000 Cash!
11th - 20th prize - Free Activation Code for either Myschool CBT Android App or Myschool CBT Computer Software (Which you can sell to any one, if you wish) + N1,000 Free MTN Airtime, courtesy
21st - 30th prize - N1,000 Free MTN Airtime, courtesy


How To Win

1. Visit the Myschool CBT Exam Page. The direct link is

2. Read instructions on the page, then Select the "JAMB SIMULATOR" as the exam option.

3. This year, MATHEMATICS is compulsory. If you intend to qualify to win, you must select MATHEMATICS. Select your 2 other preferred subjects, and select the "FULL EXAM MODE". Only "full exam mode" is allowed for the contest.

4. Correctly solve the questions given to you by the system, and be among the top 10 students of the CHALLENGE RANKING, as graded by the Myschool CBT Ranking System.

The system collates winners for a particular week at exactly 12:59AM on Monday of the following week. Once you fall in the top 10 at that time, YOU WIN! If you are still writing at the time the system collates winners, you automatically fall into the new week.


Eligible Subjects for the Competition
The only subjects allowed for selection, only for the purpose of this year's Myschool CBT Challenge, are as follows;

  1. English Language (Compulsory)
  2. Mathematics (Compulsory)
  3. Accounts - Principles of Accounts
  4. Further Mathematics
  5. Literature in English
  6. Agricultural Science
  7. Commerce
  8. Geography
  9. Economics
  10. Government
  11. Biology
  12. Physics
  13. Chemistry
  14. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)


The Trick!
The ultimate trick to be among the winners for each week is to write as many Exams as possible and to score a high cumulative score, in as many FULL EXAM MODE sessions as possible. The more FULL EXAM MODE sessions you are able to complete, the higher your chances of winning. This simply means that you gain additional points for each time you practice.

For instance, if contestant A scores 90 points at one try and relaxes but contestant B scores 50 at first try and then proceeds to practice again and again, contestant B will accumulate more points and may eventually topple contestant A. So the trick is, keep practicing!


Getting Your Prize
Once you are confirmed a winner of any of the prizes, your Earnings on the Myschool Dashboard will be credited. Once you have reached the Payout Threshold, you can then proceed to provide your bank account details, and request directly to that account when ready.


The Myschool App & Software Advantage;
Oh yes, those who have the activated version of the Myschool CBT Mobile App and Myschool CBT Computer Software can participate too. In fact, they have an advantage! A lot of winners emerge from the app and software because these tools are faster during the exam as you don't require the internet to load questions. This gives you more time to practice, and better time advantage. You only require minimal internet to send your scores to the website. So if you have the app, feel free to activate it if you need this advantage.


What To Do Now?
While we wait for the Challenge to begin, you can start preparing by practicing the Myschool CBT Questions. If you are yet to sign up or create a free account, click here now to do so and Join the Myschool CBT Classroom. If you already have an account, what are you waiting for? Click here to start getting ready right away.

Myschool reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Challenge at any time to ensure fairness to all contestants.

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Comments (88)

8 months ago This compulsory Mathematics is a thing óò, that would be time consuming
And also, hope you are not being partial by excluding Islamic studies and including CRS.
  • Myschool: No sir, we're not being partial. We simply don't have as many Islamic Studies Questions as we would have wanted for the competition.
    Like 0    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • Mukar: Okay, your excuse is reasonable. I look forward to being winner this season 6
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Mukar: please try and block tricky ways this year cos last year was barred with malpractice
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Myschool: We'll try our best.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Olatunbosun: Myschool pls can i av ur number coz i want ask u some question which i can't tell u on this.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Myschool: We don't work on weekends. So you can only reach us as from Monday. Call Hours: 9am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)
    You can also send a PM to this account and you will be replied accordingly...
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Olatunbosun: Ok thanks myschool
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Victorvan1: @Myschool

    The only way cheating could be prevented in this contest is, Setting a deterrent for all participants... Meaning that, there should be a limit for daily participation.
    A candidate who has practiced for about 5 times a day should not have access to the Exam page for that particular day.

    So therefore, if a candidate can only sit for the cbt exam just 5 times in a day, I want to see how such person will get 20000 points.

    The MATHEMATICS idea is quite Ok, No one is paying for this contest, if possible make all the mathematics questions be F-Math.

    That's the only way it can work....

    If I've made sense please support my view.
    Like 2    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Olatunbosun: Of course, ur opinion is reasonable.
    Like 1    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Precious: Pls myschool,when will the quiz start
    Like 0    Dislike 0   8 months ago
  • Cleftic: nice one am happy you are encouraging younger ones
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 months ago
  • sirleem: how can i check my point
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • Ikusemiya: Wen are we goin to start it
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • King: My school wen are we going to start
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • adetoun: i am not participating in the competion and i have been blocked from seeing answers to questions. is there a way i could still see the answers pls? i need them to study for my exams
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
Tony Iyke
8 months ago
I wrote the exams on the 14th of september and i havent gotten creditted my score was 217 and i was graded 9th in the challange and first on daily challange and 4thon weekly chanllege... till now i havent seen any money yet ... what is the issue

victor alfred
7 months ago
hello, speaking on this maths issue, everybody knows what an exam is all about, just to test your ability. After all we all offered maths in our secondary school days, so if it happens to come up in this years exam, its up to you, that the challenge, face it!. It can never be called an exam if you knew everything, so do your best and leave the rest to god!
6 months ago
Pls how do i start the exam, i can't find the exam room.
6 months ago
Pls how do i start the exam, i can't find the exam link
7 months ago
when is ibadan poly ND addmision list will be out
  • jieneral: Ehm... According to the cbt practice competition ah we using our phone for de competition
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • Daniel Michael: This stuff is nonsense jor imagine i did 7 CBT's today scored very high but to post it to my rank it is showing no internet connection even when the network is very strong it that there are no any other important things to do nonsense ....done with this waste of time stuff myschool sha look into it so that it wont affect others
    Like 1    Dislike 0   6 months ago
  • Godday: highly frustrating
    just wasted my 2hours writing an exam that I can't submit my scores
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 months ago
8 months ago
My school pls how can i apply for the competition
Mudathir azeez
8 months ago
Please myschool, i can't find further mathematics on myschool app
6 months ago
please my myschool is activated do i need internet to sart the exam mode as soon as the competition begins
6 months ago
How do we register for the exam
7 months ago
Can I participate in the challenge via app without activating it?
Olagunju Jamiu
7 months ago
This is a good development,so how sure is it that the money will be paid to the winner and mode of payment.
6 months ago
please, what is the threshold payout
8 months ago
Please, from which time to what time will the challenge start during the competition period?
And will you give us notifications whem the challenge starts? @Myschool.
8 months ago
My school I am very interested.
Pls don't forget to message me when the time comes.
Thank you

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