Myschool CBT Challenge Season 5 Has Ended: See Final Winners

We are pleased to announce that the final winners of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 5 have emerged. This equally implies that the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 5 has officially come to an end. Just like the previous weeks winners, the final week winners will be notified and their prizes sent to them between now and Friday. 

To view the list of final week winners, click here. All the winners are to check their Private Messages (PM) for notification on how to get their prizes.

Myschool CBT Challenge Season 5 Has Ended: See Final Winners

We want to equally use this opportunity to appreciate all who partcipated in the CBT challenge and whose contributions made the contest a huge success. Thank you guys!

We would like to also get feedback from you guys concerning the competition. Share with us on the comment section ideas you think can be implemented to make the competition more interesting, competitive, credible and rewarding.

Congratulations to all the Season 5 Winners!

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Comments (25)

D i a m o n d
1 year ago
This is my first time participating in this contest and everything about it is absolutely amazing, thanks for implementing such a great educational event, that's one of the reasons you are yet to be rivalled.

Furthermore, I'll like to comment on few things that I think needs solving, it includes candidates "best score" which is usually recorded as one's first CBT score instead of the highest score in any CBT a candidate takes even if it's the penultimate test, also I think it will be better if everyone takes his/her 4 subjects as the real subjects to be taken in one's JAMB UTME, for example, one who intends to study medicine should be restricted to take 3 other subjects apart from Use Of English which includes either Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Agricultural Science instead of taking IRK, CRK, History because of easy and faster way of accumulation of points as this will enable us get even more familiar with the Q&A and the real JAMB CBT will be walkover to us. And lastly I want to suggest that "if possible" there should be a CBT CHALLENGE around June to August like the November/December to help candidates get prepared for the post - UTME.
  • Muhammadnuru: Yes i also suggest let it be around September / October probably end early November
    Like 1    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Mudathir azeez: It's time to relax and chill with the money won☺
    Thanks myschool for this great opportunity...
    Like 1    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Mukar: Everyone that won is definitely sure he worked tirelessly for it. Kudos to myschool for their benevolence.
    Like 1    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Element320: I really appreciate myschool for this great opportunity given to all the students, as rightly said by Akanbi it is time to relax,chill and enjoy the money won; it is not easy competing with Mukar. Thanks myschool
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Mukar: @element, why na.... You dey whine me ni.... Where are we meeting for the jolification jare boss
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Mubyzz: first of all, My sincere gratitude to Myschool for creating such wonderful competition, this competition will not only enhance aspirants knowledge in preparation for their exams, but will also make aspirants receive incentive which is quite attractive.

    The issue of best score being one's first score instead of one's highest score, which Abigail raised should be solved. Contrary to her second point raised, rather than restricting the subjects one can choose, I believe everyone should be free to select any subject they want to irrespective of their prospective course or discipline, moreover not everyone that participated in this competition is an aspirant, some of us are students.
    Like 2    Dislike 0   1 year ago
1 year ago
Am really happy for this season 5, thanks myschool, may Allah increase you in strength and wealth....
1 year ago
Hello, i want to thank Myschool for the great session ever, I've never participated before this year but to be honest Myschool are the best. I want to say kudo to Myschool staff for tackling the issue of cheat. May Allah continue to bless you and guide you through. Thank you once again
James Sunday
1 year ago
Please, how can I participate in the CBTchallenge?
Obiefula Goodness
1 year ago
I love myschool its a very wounderful site but am not happy because ive been writing with practice mode as my test mode instead of full exam mode, anyway congrats to all the winners. EMMANUEL Phd am sure i did not mention you in my question am more angry than you are so if you dont know or have what to say just keep quite and pass alright tnx
1 year ago
when will season 6 commence
Obiefula Goodness
1 year ago
Pls winners is it for only people who used full exam mode as there test mode

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