After 2020 JAMB UTME, What's Next? Here's What Every Candidate Should Do

With the conclusion of the 2020 JAMB UTME, some candidates are counting their gains, while others are counting their losses. Whichever category you fall in, it is important to know that a high JAMB score is not an automatic ticket to higher institutions neither does a low JAMB score automatically disqualify you for admission.

We have seen candidates with high JAMB scores who failed to secure admission into any institution and had to retake JAMB and we have equally seen candidates with low JAMB Scores (Less than 200) who gained admission without having to wait for another JAMB.

After 2020 JAMB UTME, What's Next? Here's What Every Candidate Should Do

So basically, a low or high JAMB score is not the ultimate determinant of who gains and who doesn't gain admission. 

So at this point, what we expect all 2020 JAMB candidates to do is to ask the following critical questions?

>> What was my school's cut-off mark last year?

>> What was the cut-off mark for my intended course of study?

>> Do I need a change of course/institution? (Note: Change of course/institution has not commenced)

>> What's the school's Post-UTME Screening like?

>> How Can I prepare adequately for my school's Post-UTME Screening?

The answers to these critical questions will help you know what next step to take towards successfully securing admission this year.

If going by your score, you stand a better chance of gaining admission in a polytechnic, by all means, go for it. Unless of course, you don't mind patronizing JAMB next year. 

Another advise is this; do not wait for your school of choice to announce sales of Post-UTME form before you start preparing for it. We have made available the Post-UTME Past Questions for various schools. Do well to get yours now by visiting this link.

Finally, do not also forget Myschool will be here for you all through the journey. So ensure you visit regularly for updates regarding the 2020/2021 Admission exercise.

Admission Success to you all!

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#Elisha Anukolom
3 months ago
so guys be aware that getting high score in jamb is never enough to be successful or to gain admission, but be wise and smart
3 months ago
Indeed, blessed score is more essential, not the magnitude. I pray 283 should be the last utme in my life. May we all secure admission to our various courses and institutions.
Favour Ifechukwu
3 months ago
For those who applied school with post utme, please study as if you're going for a second JAMB because your post utme score determines s your chances..
Do not relent o, otherwise your fine Jamb score would just splash!!!
For instance, you have 300 as Jamb score, 270 as post utme score, your average become 285
Then another candidate gets 280 in Jamb and 310 in post utme , the average becomes 295 which places him or her above you with higher Jamb score.
Overtaking is allowed, don't allow anybody to overtake just like that!!!
Study well and remember to pray to your creator because only him can make everything possible...
Wishing us all the very best....
  • Favour Ifechukwu: For those with school with no post utme, who are yet to sit for waec/neck or any equivalent, try your best to get As and Bs because Cs don't give admission o
    I had somebody who got 305 but couldn't get admission just because his olevel was Cs.
    Pray for the Almighty's help because only him can make the impossible possible
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  • Mallam: you seem versatile.. what course n school aspirant are you?
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Malam
    that what life makes one to be...
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  • Ayobami: what of someone that have c conbine with b @favour
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: Depends on the subjects with the Cs
    Like for sciences, major subjects in olevel result are ;
    In this five subjects, one should have like 4 Bs. If not....
    In some schools, A = 10
    C6=5 marks
    So you can calculate it by yourself.
    Imagine candidate A having a jamb score of 310
    Olevel result with;
    To get the the olevel result which is supposed to be over 400;
    36*8= 288
    Average would now be (Jamb+Olevel)/2
    I.e 310+288=299

    Compare it with another candidate with jamb score of 285 with Olevel of ;
    Olevel now become 376
    Average now becomes 328

    So, you can see that candidate B stands a very good chance that candidate A, even though candidate A has a very high jamb score....
    In conclusion, if your Olevel result is not As and Bs, please quickly change to an institution where post utme is conducted.... Unless you want to become Jamb customer ........
    Wishing us all the very best....
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  • Jupiter: @Favour, I just have to compliment you with the above wishes and information. You are a high flyer. I wish your parents will welcome favour, the pharmacist they will ever be proud of. More grace...
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  • sms4great: Indeed she is, very smart of you. Thanks for inspiration and prayer
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  • Mallam: @Favour do you stay in Jos?
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  • Tblaze: I score 191 in jamb
    Course. Economics
    University of ibadan
    Please any chances of getting admission
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  • Jahne: Pls schools are not making use of that system of using scores for Olevel result. It was a suggestion some years ago but never implemented.
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  • Jahne: The only thing is that while schools allow 5 credits at 2 sittings, certain courses like medicine and law insist on having all the credits at one sitting regardless of your jamb score
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Jupiter
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Sms
    You're welcome
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Kenechukwu
    Am aspiring...
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Jahne
    Please don't be deceived because that's how schools without written post utme do. It is only school that take written post utme that don't use that method...
    I am writing this from what I know..
    I had somebody who got 305 but was not admitted, not even to a lower course. He took Jamb the following year and got 325 and took waec for better grades.
    Thank God that he realized where the problem was from...
    He got As and Bs and got admitted to the course he applied, which is MBBS. He told me that there are some of his class mates had 280 but were admitted. Why???
    According to him, their Olevel na only As and Bs.
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  • Favour Ifechukwu: @Mallam
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  • Mallam: @Favour can I send you a mail?
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  • Mallam: @Favour Done!
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  • kelvin saawuan: thanks
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  • maganazuru: my score is 229 radiography any chance
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3 months ago

3 months ago
JAMB: 237.
Any hope for law - NIGER DELTA UNIVERSITY.
  • don-allen afaha: Dear Collins,I just got confirmed report this morning,that for one to study law in a federal university in this country,you must have scored at least 250 in JAMB first of all.In addition to that,your admission into faculty of law depends solely on the school's POST UTME agregate;of which you must score at least 60% in all. Other than that,you have either one of the following options;>(1) You can try a private university they will surely accept you with 237,provided you have the cash to pay the tuition fee.(2) You can try your own state university that is cotrolled by your state govt.,they might give you a waver with that score,mostly if you have a senior personale in govt.,or politician to vouch for you.(3) You are from an educationaly less advantage state;that is when a federal university will consider you with 237 for law. (4) Pick a Deploma form in law in any university of your choice,& after 2years apply for direct entry into faculty of law.(5)You can go 4 International Relations & Deplomacy. Ok.StaySafe.
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3 months ago
what can i do.... jamb 164 and am waiting for screening
Guy what can i do
3 months ago
I score 180 which can i gain admission to
2 months ago
Hey guys. pls help like my essay. Check newest comments on
2 months ago
With 221 can i study microbiology in OAU

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